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InStitchu - Tailor Made Suits and Shirts $50 off When You Spend $150


Have bought a Made-to-Measure suit and shirt from them before. The fit is pretty good. Also great service (free beer/drink while getting measured).

However, make you sure you get measured at store to avoid problems with incorrect self-measurement.

Their suit collection is reasonably priced (500-700$) for 100% wool suits. Expect fast shipping. Shirts are good but not as much a bargain.

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  • Exactly the same deal you posted that expired last week. Is it a deal if its always on? Are you associated to the business and not declaring?

  • Regardless of spamming or not, might be worth adding the Amex deal running until end of March? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/358918

  • I posted this comment last time. I'll post it again. Note that all their positive reviews online are FAKE.

    Will not go anywhere near this brand. I ordered a suit from them once (silly me). Not only did they not make it in the style I was after, when I called them up, they said that the style was not possible and so they went ahead and changed it up themselves. (it was a shawl lapel with pick stitching, not a standard design, but they offered it on their website design UI). They wouldn't offer a refund even though the product was not as described, the sizing was off (measured in their pop up) and would only offer a partial credit note. This was after I spent over $400 with them and they offered me a $200 credit note.

    Not to mention their higher quality fabric is absolute horrible quality anyway. Stay away.

    • I'd tend to agree. Here's an excerpt I posted back in August last year:

      No, No, No, No - Absolutely not. I can't fault them for their customer service, but the product me and a few others received for a private event were horrendous. Here's a breakdown of our experience:

      1. The initial measurements were off for 2 out of 3 suits ordered

      • My "custom" jacket was off by a few CM in the width, meaning I couldn't button up the jacket without significant creases showing up

      • One of the guest's shirt, jacket AND vest were off - Again very obvious when he tried the garments on. It was at this point that we referred to an alternative professional tailor for advice and, as he was quick to point out due to the folds of fabric and creasing, the vest and jacket were imbalanced post-production.

      • One of the guest's shirt made him look so stiff, you might've mistaken him as a human paper cutout

      2. They misplaced the photo they initially took of me with someone else - I flagged this across to them in the case notes but it was never acknowledged

      3. Upon picking up one of the suits, the guests met up with a different consultant from our initial specialist, who said the following when he tried his garments on:

      Did you get measured here?

      And you know what's worse? Because we deferred to the experience and knowledge of these so called professionals, we accepted their praises and complements when we tried the suits on, despite the obvious creases, rigid body postures we had to adopt and, to some degree, sucking in some gut to even get pieces on. They didn't even bother to raise any concerns that the suits needed serious adjustments, as they all had faults.

  • To be brutally honest, the suits from these guys aren't that flash (for the money you pay). It's all made overseas (to order). If they stuff it up, you have to get it altered.

    You can get cheaper (and often better) stuff from MJ Bale during their sales.

    If you still want to go ahead with it, Amex have a better offer.

    • That wouldn't be brutal honesty. That would be run off the mill honest, like pointing at a dog and going "that's a dog". Just like pointing at this company and going "they make lousy suits"

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    suit collection is reasonably priced (500-700$)

    buy a return ticket to vietnam and get some suits made whilst there (and have a holiday)

    • Not sure why you were downvoted - you can get some half decent suits in HCM or Hoi An for less, and get there for around $300..