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Intel 4-Core i7 7700K 4.5GHz 8GB 1TB GTX 1080 8GB $1519.20 Gaming Computer Delivered @ PC Byte eBay


For the Intel Fans out there - nice alternative to the AMD 6-Core Ryzen 5 1600 for only ~$110 more.

Original 20% off Selected Sellers at eBay Deal Post

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  • I spent a log more than this building my oen system in the past month just because I want iTX. This is a great price to performance machine.

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          @lostn: Sure is. But his comparison was stupid.

  • looks better priced than it is because they jacked the cpu price for this ebay….event

  • PC byte were nice enough to beef up the AMD build for ozb maybe they will become kind enough to do the same here.

    I wonder if it is worth holding out till the 2080 drops?

    • Rumours are the 2080 will be around 1500.. given the amount of them being sold to miners and shortage… Seems like it could happen.

      • I guess the 1080Ti is the way to go then if you can snag one of these cheap build.
        Wanting a rig that will last me another 5-6 years like my current one has.

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          Do what i do with computers, by all top range parts except for graphics card, go mid range for that and then upgrade the gpu after 3yrs.

        • @daleyboy79: This is what I do, it works out cheaper in the long run as when I buy an expensive card I feel I need to use it for much longer.

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      Not really related but are they name jumping to 20xx? Not 11xx?

  • Seems like a good little rig for the money.

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    7700k with stock cooler
    2133MHz ram
    550w psu
    hideous case
    with few upgrades itll be mint

    • Bronze PSU too.. and I find the lack of SSD disturbing.

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        lmao unless you plan on running the PC at maximum capacity the PSU doesn't matter all that much.

        • Lower efficiency GPU's tend to be made out of cheaper components, which is why most people scrutinise over the rating.
          Don't want to fry your hardware a year down the track cos the PSU is garbage.

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          @enceladus94: Warranty is a thing.

          I had 2 PC's that were bronze (Current one is platinum) and they were used heavily for 3 years each.
          Both ran absolutely fine.
          Only stopped using them due to moving and getting offered brand new cpu+GPU for free.

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          @Originality: But who wants to make multiple warranty claims and have no PC because their PSU took down other parts with it.
          Sure they're not all bad, but it's an indicator and some aren't willing to risk it.
          As a teen I probably had three PSU's explode on me because I couldn't afford better ones, and it's not nice when they short other things on their way out. Granted things now are probably better quality in general.

  • How do you know what brand each component is?

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      You don't, they give you a list of possible brands eg for storage: (Toshiba / Hitachi / Seagate / Western Digital / HGST ). But it will almost always be the cheapest brand to offload unwanted stock.

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        That's what's stopping me from buying. I want to know exactly what I'm getting.

  • Good price. Cant get it much cheaper just by building it

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    I dont know why you would get this over the Ryzen.

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      Well the 7700 is faster than the Ryzen for gaming. According to benchmarks, equal in some, much faster in other games

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        $110 worth though?

        With a corrupt company like intel

        • I guess for me personally yes. $110 for an improvement in something I do probably 2-3 hours a day, isn't all that much. Now regarding the corruptness of Intel, that is another story. Lots of corrupt companies out there. You cannot avoid all of them ;)

        • @zhuang281: Better off putting that $110 towards an SSD or more ram or something.

          I can try to avoid them all :P

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        It really just depends on personal preference, whether you support team Blue or Red

        I personally have a 7700K with a GTX 1080 for general gaming and a Ryzen 7 for running large amounts of EvE Online clients

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    Any chance we can upgrade to a 8700k?

    Not to mention the AMD build got a few more upgrades with things like the free case, free 600watt psu, and higher 2400Mhz ram, so if this gets the same treatment happy to pull the trigger today and pay a little extra for the i7 8700k.

    Any reps about?

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    The Computer package has now been updated with a new default case and a 600W Power Supply
    We have also bumped the RAM up to 2400MHz

    • Wicked! Thanks so much.

      Is there a similar system with a i7 8700k? I understand you'd need a new motherboard but again, happy to pay a little bit extra. Loving the deals from you guys so far! Appreciate yas.

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        We have just released our i7 8700K with 120gb SSD and 1080 here: for $1775.20 after the 20% promotion code

        • You've got yourself a sale man, Appreciate yas!

          10/10 Customer support and feedback.

        • Would have bought this one if it had been around yesterday…and chance I can cancel and rebuy?

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          Please PM me your username and we can cancel your order

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          Hey PC Byte, I'll pay you $159.20 for this which is rightfully 20% off the RRP not the $250+ you're trying to rip people off for

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          Buy it from somewhere else, this is not the advertised bargain, off topic

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          Related to the same eBay price jack and same seller.

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          Fair point but can you prove the price jack?
          Was the price cheaper before the sale? have you got price history?

          They sell it for $249 on their website

          $262 before discount on ebay, but the ebay item includes 'Fast and free shipping' as opposed to the $9.95 flat rate shipping for buying it from website

          JW Computers sell the item for $199 on their website and $219 on their ebay store

          It's only misleading or an ACCC issue if the prices are being manipulated specifically for the "sales"
          Apart from this retailers can charge whatever margin they wish for items, it's how they turn a profit, and if they have razor thin margins on EVERY item they'll go out of business

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          Wow, that's good. But can you organise the 1080 ti version of this?

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          We can try but 1080Ti Prices aren't great at the moment

        • If I don’t give 2 hoots about the SSD (already got one I can reuse) do you guys think this upgrade would be worth the extra money? Is the CPU THAT much better?

        • @PCByte: Thanks, am aware of this. If the 20% makes it worthwhile, I'll consider.

        • @PCByte:

          Howdy, still holding out for a 1080TI build.
          Looks like the prices have come back a bit, any chance on a 7700K 1080Ti deal?

  • im hanging out for a 1080ti deal also

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