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Vivid Wireless Unlimited 4G Modem $149 + 2 Month Free Service ($90/Month) @ The Good Guys eBay


Hi all,

First time posting. just think that this is a good deal

1 free month from the friend referral code
combine with
1 free month from buying the modem through physical retailer, either TGG or Harvey Norman

Free access will be applied the following month. Still have to pay for the first month.
12 mbps download and 1mbps upload

Please check if it's available in your area first before buying the modem!

I signed up for vividwireless using random referral code from ozbargain and bought the physical modem from TGG during the 20% off ebay sales on Nov/Dec. This will bring the RRP modem price from $148 (exc shiping) to $118.4 + $5.04 shipping (to Sydney)
Don' forget ebay 1% cashrewards :)

I can confirm that I get 2 months free access credit on Jan and Feb, eventhough vividwireless does specify that the retailer free month offer can't be combined with other offers. Can attach my invoice if needed.

Vivid wireless OzB referral API here
Beware that many of the referral codes have expired.
Feel free to comment/pm if you have questions regarding setup or anything.

Edit: Thanks to konholyoh
Check the exact tower location here
(select Optus towers and it needs to be 2300 MHz spectrum)

Mod: Referral solicitation not permitted

Modem is Huawei B315s
Mwave price $198
Modem appears to be locked based on some comments from previous deals

Vivid Wireless

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  • Hi Mod, I'm not sure how to attach the vivdiwireless referral API to this post

    And really I have tried 7 different code from the API above in the past and they all got rejected because they have expired. Any solutions to this?

  • Can I put a normal Optus mobile broadband sim into this machine ?
    I wonder what model this modem is , what bands it support , and whether it is locked?

    • +1

      I have limited knowledge on this but I can confirm that physically changing the SIM card of the modem itself is pretty simple.

      As for the modem, it is Huawei B315s according to their website. Some specs here
      "This SIM card cannot be used with any other modem or on another network." No mention of modem being locked

      Mwave price on the similar model is $198

      • Are you sure the inbuilt SIM can easily be removed?

        • +1

          Yes. Mine wasn't actually inbuilt at all. Had to insert the SIM card myself during installation

          There is a cover that can be opened on the side of the modem. I can take pics once I get home

        • Yes there's a cover on the side which you just slide open.

  • How long would it take to upload 20tb of data non-stop?

    • +18

      A bit longer than 19TB but quicker than 21TB.

    • -1

      Two weeks.

      • Shweet just going to order later

    • Did you mean 20 Tons of paper? Didn't know centrelink has so much data to upload. Didn't they always ask for physical copy of everything

      • Ey I ran a multi million dollar business and I need to upload 20tb to a cloud server. Me need it in case house fire else mah business go ka-put all in one go

        • You need to move to Wollongong, Australia's first Gigatown, by MyRepublic.

          At best case, using NBN uplink of 40mbps, you achieve 4MB/s. 20TB = 20x1024x1024MB. You need about 61days.

        • @ausdday: You forgot to mention how many files, in case of upload one-by-one or a folders with sub-folders also how fast can they do a mouse 'click' or 'drag and drop', which could result of more time than the upload itself, for more detail please see terms and conditions in the OS or FTP or App manual or visit Double-u Double-u Double-u dot USERMANUAL dot com.

        • @ausdday: NBN is hopeless : (

        • konholyoh 43 min ago new
          1mbps upload speed unfortunately.

          So vivid wireless is 40 times slower than NBN on uplink. I stand corrected.

          so you need 6.68 years (61 x 40 days) to upload 20tb using vividwireless.

    • +2

      Just be aware it's only 12/1mbps.

      I have this plan, it's fine for streaming stuff but uploading anything is excruciatingly slow

      • really? 12Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload?

        It is much better than my crappy ADSL TPG, with 1.5-2 Mbps for download and 0.5 Mbps for upload

  • +1

    I signed up a few weeks ago, getting a solid 12mbps which is a huge improvement over my ADSL2+ at 3mbps!

    Anyway, we can refer our codes up to 12 times and receive a month free each time!

    Edit: removed referral info.

  • +4

    Vividwireless has been great for me over the past year.

    Solid 12mbps download speeds with very few dropouts in Melbourne eastern suburbs.

    Check your coverage with the Vividwireless link below.

    If you want to be picky, you can see the exact tower location link below.
    (select Optus towers and it needs to be 2300 MHz spectrum)

    If anyone has any questions regarding this just PM me :D

    • what is the uplink speed ?

      • +1

        1mbps upload speed unfortunately.

  • +1

    Wish I'd gotten this deal. Signed up last week and ended up paying $199 to Optus & only got one month free because I didn't know there were referral codes for this on ozbargain at the time. So I could have been $140 better off!

    • Have people been successfully posting their referral codes on ozbargain and is it allowed? I keep seeing 'Comment unpublished. (Referral solicitation in comments is not allowed)'.

      • If you've signed up to OzBargain to post your referral, then no :)

      • +1

        You put your referral codes in your profile and they are randomly assigned to people who request them through the feature in a deal. See the link to the referral codes for vividwireless in the original post.

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    Got mine for $35 using 30% off home networking a few month ago, 20% deposit partial payment with $20 code and stacked multiple $20 store credit when I picked it up plus got $10 click and collect credit

    The modem honestly isn't worth that much, owned one before and paid full price

  • Does anyone know if we can buy this deal and activate in 3 months? I'm moving house soon and already have internet at the current house.

    • Afaik, both are long running deals. But I'd suggest for you to wait for another TGG sale nearer to your moving out date. There is bound to be other TGG deals by that time haha

  • How are the download speeds with vivid? I average 7mbs download on a good day on ADSL 2. How is that compared to vivid speeds.

    • i get 10 but only because i live near a tower

  • Can you use this wherever there are reception and power points?

    • no. only specific towers

  • +1

    Note this is only 12mpbs down.

    If you don't need a lot of download you're far better getting the Optus BYO data sim for $70 for 100GB month to month or 140GB for a 12 month contract at 4G max speed.

  • Does anyone know the range of the wifi in the modem? I looked at the website but i don't speak tech…

  • Does this include the SIM? Only buy this modem and activate and use?

    • +1

      Yes has the sim preinstalled.