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Sony WH-1000XM2 $279.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


I saw this at Costco Moorabbin, VIC on Thursday 8th March 2018. It is their regular price and looks like plenty in stock.

It is the cheapest I've seen.


edit: Alt image link.

Mod: Spotted in other states (NSW & ACT at least). However stock is selling quickly.

Update: Sold out in VIC

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  • +9

    So glad I didn't get the gold colour yesterday

  • Don't have a membership or live in Vic :/

    • If you really wanted I think they let you cancel the membership for a refund.

      • Yeah you can. I know this person who used to cancel their membership a month before expirey and get full refund.

        • +8

          That's pretty low.

          I canceled it the same day I made the membership (didn't buy anything but I could have). I was banned for 2 years from making another membership.

        • @lostn:

          why would they ban you for 2 years? i thought you allowed to cancel?

        • @godofpizza: You're allowed to cancel. They don't want people abusing it by buying membership, and canceling it, then next time they want to buy something, buy it again and cancel it again. You can effectively shop whenever you want without ever giving up your $60 if you keep doing that. So they put a limit in place to prevent this abuse. But I do think 2 years is a bit long of a ban. 1 year seems long enough.

    • Do you have relos or mates in VIC?
      With Costco membership, you get ~8-10c discount off fuel vs non Costco servos, so the Membership fee pays for itself with petrol savings alone.

      • Fuel savings are OK, but local stations usually price match. In fact it is cheaper to buy diesel in North Road servos as opposed to driving to Moorabbin…….

        • Depends where on north road.
          It only takes 15mins in the morning to get there from north/Warrigal Rd intersection and 10cents cheaper is far better for diesel than any other servos

      • what are the queues like for getting petrol during busy times?

      • 7-11 app for fuel lock is better than Costco fuel pricing

  • I don’t live in VIC and don’t quite understand how Costco works. Would I be able to price match in WA? Is there any way for me to get my hands on some?

    • -2

      Try and let us know

      • +1

        Costco is a membership-only store. They don't publish prices on their website nor can they give pricing over the phone, you need to come into the stores. That said, not sure how you'd go with price matching Costco.

        • +2

          Most would say no on the basis that it requires a membership in order to get that price/is a warehouse

        • -1

          @kerfuffle: What if you tell them you already have a membership?

        • +4

          @lostn: They still won't price match as not everyone is able to get that price i.e. only members can get the price.

        • -2

          @kerfuffle: But you're a member.. you're not asking them to sell at that price to everyone, only those who ask for it and can prove they have a membership.

        • @lostn: The price isn't accessible to everyone. And second of all, it's a warehouse. End of story.

          Feel free to try get other stores to price match Costco's price though (and let us know if you're successful)

        • -2

          @kerfuffle: It's a warehouse that's also a point of sale. Don't understand what difference that makes. It's not the same as JB's warehouse, which you can't go inside and pick things off the shelf.

          The price isn't accessible to everyone, but again, they're not price matching for everyone, so it shouldn't have to be.

          I get a feeling it will depend who you speak to. I don't expect it to work, but if you're lucky and get someone nice it might. Some people already reported they were successful.

          I'm not going to bother because I bought my pair in december already.

        • +2

          @lostn: Because they don't have the same overheads. In JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman for example, you can actually get a sales assistant to answer your twenty thousand and one questions about the headphones over the course of forty minutes. You can't do that in Costco.

        • +2

          @lostn: retail stores consider Costco as a wholesaler, so that's why they cannot price match.

        • +1


          Bunnings did price match for me a few years ago. 😁

        • @mmcs: With Costco? Well technically, Bunnings is also a warehouse haha

        • +1

          It was costco at docklands.

        • @kerfuffle:

          havery norman: most of the sales person there don't even know about the product their selling beside reading of the back of the box.

          and with both stores getting service during busy hours is almost non-existence. i don'r endorse costco as it too far for me to drive down there to 'save'. You need to do your own research.

    • thanks guys
      Would anyone be willing to ship out one or two pairs to WA?

    • +1
    • +5

      They're opening near Perth airport. This deal may not be on by the time construction finishes, but still.

    • No need for price match. It's the same price in all Costco stores by the looks of it

  • All of the image links on this post are dead. Can you reup to imgur or some other non-sucky site?

  • Are the mk3's coming or something?

    • +17

      More like Sony and Bose have figured out that they can still make a huge profit margin keeping their top tier NC headphones on almost a perpetual sale, but keep the RRP to inflate the perceived value.

  • +1

    Could you buy $20.01 worth of say chocolates and bring those along to qualify for TRS refund?

    • +2

      yes you can..you can even combined few receipts if you have shopped in the same shop within 2 months.

    • +6

      yes,but you shall not consume the chocolate until you pass the TRS

      • +1

        It's for a client!

    • Awesome, thanks to you both 👌

  • +1

    Fun fact: The cost price for these headphones at Harvey Norman in Dec, 2017 was $260.

    • -2
      • Think he means cost to HN

        • Oh, right right right

  • What’s the chances of getting a price match at jbhifi?

    • Unless someone can upload a Costco receipt, not sure how you could prove to JB otherwise that this is the current price at Costco.

      • +5

        Regardless of receipt/proof of price, not gonna happen due to Costco being a paid membership store.

        • Yes I figured that might be an issue also however proving the price is the first hurdle, in case you are lucky enough to get a jb staff member to overlook the membership aspect.

    • I've had Myer and Northlakes price match Costco. They just rang and confirmed the price and it was all good. So it would have to be a JB store quite close to Costco.

      • How can they confirm the price when there's no stock?

        • Rekt

        • I had not gotten to the out of stock part, but was mainly replying to everyone saying that other shops won't price match Costco.

  • Is this the upgrade from the MDR-1000x?

    • +5

      Yeah, but as far as I gather the upgrades are this:
      1. Apparently fixes the sometimes cracking problem with the MDRs by changing materials of headband
      2. Has Google Assistant/Siri shortcut built-in
      3. atmospheric sensor for NC especially for travellers in the airplane… i think it's to stop your ears feeling pressure during NC.
      4. There's an app to control the amount of ambient sound
      5. trim is now plastic instead of leather so it is harder to damage (boooooo!)
      6. Possibly better Noise Cancelling (extra external microphone?)
      7. Longer Battery life

      $279 is a great price

      • Yeah awesome, had the MDR1000x, but had the headband cracking issue. So def keen to jump on this as they shat on the QC35's I moved over to because of that problem. Not a fan of Bose and their sound drivers sounding like a blanket has been put over them.

        • +1

          seeing as the updates are pretty minimal, if you still have your MDRs I think Sony has accepted responsbility for the headband cracking issues (apparently is was only a small batch of them that were prone) they were doing replacements.

          It's worth a shot to try and get your other ones fixed/replaced for free!

        • +1

          @Droz: I already had them refunded at JB, then replaced them with the QC35s. Might sell these and get the Sony again, much prefered them.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this is available in Sydney?

  • +1

    Can someone upload a receipt for all of us. We would be eternally gratefull

  • +16

    Hi, this is also available in black at the Auburn store. Staff is just setting this up right now but I'll take a photo of the docket soon

  • +1

    Went to jbhifi hopper crossing, they said they don't price match Costco…same with harvey norman hopper crossing.

    • +1

      Jb Melton priced matched

      • Any idea of how to get it work at other JBs?

        • +1

          Get a pic of receipt from JB Melton?

        • there is some receipts on here from shops to use for price match

        • Highly unlikely they will price match, but doesn't hurt to try.

        • I rang four jbs today in order to pricematch costco show pictur of price they will price match
          $279.99 + they want $60 on top members fee so I’m getting four pairs for $295 each
          280 x 4 = 1120 +. $60 = 295 each

      • +2

        Hey, I went to JB and they assured me that if I can get a photo of a JB receipt they will sell for $279.99. Could you upload your receipt? Thanks a million

  • Oh.. why don't they price match?

    • as per the comment above

      djkelly69 57 min ago
      Regardless of receipt/proof of price, not gonna happen due to Costco being a paid membership store.

      • ok, thats for that zinger :)

        • -1

          Basically, excuses excuses excuses! Amazon's operations in Australia are ramping up… I hope they give these uncompetitive stores a run for their money.

  • Damn, Nice deal…and I only got the ones I ordered from HN 2 weeks ago today..

  • +1

    Does Costco have selling limits to ward off evil Brodens?

    • Not that I've seen in Moorabin at least. When the nintendo switch came out guy in front of me had 20 in his trolley.

      • +3

        You should've gone "Broden MAH MAAAN" and given them a hi 5 to see their reaction

    • +2

      Costco is meant for Brodening. I mean bulk purchasing.

  • +1

    A new record low it seems. Should make the choice between it and QC35 easier.

  • anyone know if costco at Brisbane would be the same price?

    • +3

      I'll be checking either this evening or tomorrow morning, will report findings unless somebody else gets there first. :)

    • +2

      Confirmed at Costco Brisbane :)

  • +2

    Just went out to Costco Canberra with a colleague and we got a pair each at this price.

    They told me that had 6 more pairs in stock. This was at about 3pm today.

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