expired Tiger Airways $30*off Your Next Flight Voucher


use coupon code " WHISKERS" to get $30 discount per person when purchasing a qualified roundtrip journey .
Travel period - 3rd May 2011 to 23rd June 2011

use link - http://booking.tigerairways.com/skylights/cgi-bin/skylights....

This voucher expires midnight 31 December 2010. This offer is valid for travel on the flight dates listed below. Once the promotional code is entered, fares displayed will automatically reflect a promotional discount of AU$15 off each way for a total discount of AU$30* per person when purchasing a qualified roundtrip journey. This voucher and unused credit is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash and booking are subject to prevailing terms and conditions period. Only available for Tiger Airways destinations operated by Airline code TT. Discount voucher only offsets airfare and taxes portion. Any additional charges and fees are to be borne by the passenger upon booking available on the Tiger Airways website. Vouchers must be redeemed within the expiry

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  • +4 votes

    After i bad experience with Tiger, I wouldnt use them if you paid me.

    Same situation with Virgin blue, they took care of me.

  • +7 votes

    Yeah, $30 off "Full price flights", come back in a month and they will be on sale for less than this.

    Another Tiger marketing scam. Freebie??

  • +3 votes

    No melb to syd thats BS

  • +3 votes

    NEVER fly Tiger unless you're saving at least 50% on your fare. You will wish you had paid that extra 40 or 50 dollars when you are left sitting at the airport with nothing to do for 2 hours.


    Having never been on a non Qantas flight (in Aus) is Jetstar just as bad as tiger. I'm flying with them next year.

  • -1 vote

    I have flown Tiger Airways many times and find them to be one of the most comfortable airlines with regards to cabin temperature. Many other airlines tend to set the temp way too low. With Tiger Airways it is invariably spot on, no need to drape yourself in blankets or freeze to death. Also, if flying internationally through Singapore, the Budget Terminal is simple but practical. Unlike Australian airports, they actually provide free drinking water on the departure side rather than gouging you $$ for a bottle of water!


    Tiger airline?
    I would say no after several terrible experiences with them.
    The delay, the cancellation…… money could not buy time back.

  • -2 votes

    One of the worst airline, wouldn't fly with them if they were free….


    When Tiger first started in Australia they were great. They were open with their prices and seemed to be reliable. Now they have implemented so many stupid things that now I avoid them, such as:

    • 'Stripes' membership club to get access to specials 2 days before everyone else. What a sad way earn some more $$.
    • I hate having to be on the ball clicking 'NO' or 'CANCEL' to travel insurance, seat selection, priority boarding, baggage etc etc etc. They have become like RyanAir in the UK where they are attempting to trick people into paying for something they actually don't want. I don't like being tricked into paying for an extra I didn't want, that's just rude.
    • Charging for airport checkin. Another RyanAir copy. Might work in the UK, but not here. They now say you are 'saving' $20 by checking in online, but it is just another cashgrab technique.

    I used to fly Tiger quite a few times per year, but due to the points above (along with their on-time performance) I wouldn't bother booking with them unless the flights were WAY cheaper than the other options.

    Its good that they provide competition to Australian travel industry and I hope they stick around, so prices stay low.


    What's a 'qualifying roundtrip journey'?

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