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Honda Lawn Mower HRU197M Mulch & Catch $839 + Shipping or Free Pickup in Store (NSW) @ All Mowers


Aussie Aussie Aussie Gday Guys OZ Bargain Honda HRU197M Mulch & Catch Lawn Mower 190cc 6.5HP engine alloy base with 4 Year Warranty Backed by Allmowers Dee Why and Honda Australia only 10 coupons Available “oioioi” $240 saving off RRP $30 shipping Sydney surround. Use ship calculator at cart for Australia wide shipping. Cheers guys Allmowers

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    Gday Guys first I first dressed on this OZ Bargain
    first in first dressed

    First in, best dressed

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    first in first dressed

    Last in last to dress.

  • Hey mate how are the service intervals on this mowers?

    Also i have to mow up a hill how is the oil delivered to the engine?


      Should get any petrol mower serviced once a year mate if you’ve got Hill Honda is in as long as not over 45deg

      • Will the warranty be void if I change the oil myself and not get it “serviced” by a lawn mower shop?

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          No when you buy from us I register warranty and 4 year warranty does not require service with service agent you should change oil every 25 hours use.

  • Rubber band OHC fan belt, FAIL


      Never had any probs with overhead cam belt failing mate have sold hundreds over the years

  • How difficult is it to start the engine without a primer bulb?


      Mate Mower has Auto choke starts very easy.

      • There’s many complains in forums that the auto choke for this engine always get stuck preventing it from starting.

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          We have had very few probs with Honda Auto choke Briggs and Stratton fail with dust but very few prob with Honda mate

  • It is expensive though, what is everyone's advice for a budget of $500 for a mower? thank you!

    • gumtree second hand

    • Here ya'go, UNDER $499! with code, 21 inch AND self propelled with mulched

      COMMERCIAL GRADE OHV engine, even Honda state that



      • I see why that's cheaper. Because it's a Honda 160CC motor but with a chassis not made by Honda. Whereas this one in this thread is a Honda 190CC with a genuine Honda chassis. It's 100% Honda made. That makes a difference in price.

        • Go Google it and get back to us, MILES of diff's, commercial v domestic, superior air filter system, heavy crank, cast iron bore etc etc

          Here is a quick visual, check out the difference between the starter assym., ones is a very light duty plastic with thin rope, the 160cc is steel with 5mm starter cord, built to work and last

          Yes, the engine is made in HONDA's own factory in China, its bulletproof.


          FYI most Honda engines are made in its Thailand factory.

          This mower is a steal, no doubt about it, if i did'nt have so many mowers in my garage i would grab one.




        We only sell quality mowers with back up service that’s why we’ve been in business over 28 years this genuine Hone the Hru197 is 100% genuine Honda Product

      • THIS IS A STEAL!

        Those things are powered by Chondahs, Chinese Hondas.

        Won't be covered by local warranty and no dealer will touch them.

        There's a reason why they're cheaper.

        • Its a genuine Made In China Honda GXV 160cc, the importer will cover the warranty [u wont have any issues], i use to sell these, they went out the door they NEVER came back, the body and rest of the mower will fall to bits before the engine, be the last mower you will need to buy.

          They are super easy to service and maintain yourself if you are even bothered, ANY mower shop can service it for you

          Not really that cheap, the clone/chonda is $350

          Just shows how much H U G E profit Honda MPE are making in AUS

      • PLUS, I assume you can take this through the Maccas drive through and get service since it's self propelled and has "2 Cup Holder", that makes it a vehicle right?

  • Are you on commission for every 'mate', or are you just going with the theme of the post?

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      No I’m the director of the business Alllmowers and proud of being an Aussie MATE

      • What do you direct?


          I’m the Director of My Company Allmowers Out Door Power Equipment. We are honest loyal and hardworking and Strive to do the right thing and look after the Australian community . So I guess the Answer to you your question mate I direct my Company Allmowers and you’d be hard up to find a bad word about us champ.
          This is a great mower at a great price any questions on the mower I will answer or if you have questions on other products we Stock brands include Husqvarna Echo shindaiwa EGO 56V battery’s Tools Masport Hansa Silky Wolf .

        • @Allmowers:

          I have plenty of bad things to say about EGO. Worst product of any kind that I have ever owned, and I don't say that lightly.

        • @tromboc: Care to share?

        • @ca6leguy:

          Sure, the frame is plastic, which flexes and bends, it's somewhat lighter than a steel frame but when you are pressing up a hill and the front catches on ANYTHING (including grass) the force is enough to flex the chassis downwards pushing the blades into the grass and stalling the motor as well as cutting the grass way too short in patches.

          The motor can't handle typical healthy couch grass. Stalls upwards of 50 times during my backyard mowing. The front yard doesn't stall at all because the grass is more spindly out there.

          Mulching plug is completely useless.

          Won't do an average backyard on a single charge, takes 3 charges to do my whole yard. That's a good few hours charging in between mows.

          Blade is fixed so if it hits anything it doesn't like it stalls the motor. Also makes blades more expensive to replace

          Safety features on a key fob, which is VERY hard to replace if lost, I ended up hotwiring mine, also on the pull-start handle which is fine and also on the upright length adjusters, which if they aren't locked in properly the mower won't go. These have been fiddly where you can't work out why the mower won't start and it was those safety switches playing up. Fiddle with them in and out a few times and it goes again. Not fun on a sunny summer afternoon when you just want the bloody mower to work.

          If it overheats from working too much it just stops and flashes its red light at you. You can't do anything until it cools down. Happens quite a bit in summer.

          Another bug bear is the chassis is HUGE compared to the cutting width but that's not an "issue" just bad design.

          Zero aftersale support. Mower shops laugh at you when you call. Accessories are priced through the roof. Everything about it is very poorly/cheaply made and all plastic beside the motor and blade.

          Overall, the biggest single issue is the flexing frame. It makes it almost useless to push uphill in any sort of grass as it catches on the frame, pushes the blades into the grass and stalls. Every time I mow I vow to myself I'll buy a new mower but I'm too poor for that.

          If you're wondering why I own one, I got it cheap when Masters was going out and now I know why it was still there after all the previous sales….

  • is it a automatic one? or does it come with someone to use it too?

  • I've had a Honda HRU19D for 15+ years, it's only ever been "serviced" twice when still under warranty and I change the oil at the beginning of summer every year. I upgraded the filter to the dual element type because I use it in a harsh environment and it's working fine.

  • Had an earlier version of this mower and got 17 years out of it with reliable starting. And I have a big lawn that takes a couple of hours to mow. All flat fortunately. And a teenage son these days (sips cool drink while watching slave).

    Anyhow liked it so much I got a similar HRU197 model with a solid catcher, but i paid $1100 as I recall. But when you need a mower urgently, you are happy with the old one’s performance and you can’t wait for a bargain.

  • Any sale for the ego lawnmowers?

  • I dont know about the price as havent researched it, but just saying I got an earlier version of this (HRU196D) in 2010 and it cost $880. A good price at the time.

    The mower is great. Nver had it serviced by the shop, do my own, and really only blades, oil change , air cleaner, etc.

    Looks like the price is keen as well.

    Looks a good deal to me if you want a decent mower.

  • Is it worth buying an used mower HRU197D for $300?

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