My Cousins Dog Chewed up My Shoes, What Should I Do?

Hi all,

Long story short, went to my family's house to visit them and at the front door my cousin told me to bring my shoes inside but I just put my shoes on the shoe rack with the other 20 pairs already there. Other relatives leave early and he noticed that his dog had chewed my shoes and put them higher after they were torn and carried on inside and didn't tell me about it. When I was leaving I noticed that my shoes were extremely wet and were curious why as it was dark. I look at my shoes under the light and they have been chewed and torn. They aren't expensive shoes but not cheap either (Converses).

Now I am in the dilemma of what to do? He didn't say anything to me but I am upset as I only purchased my shoes about two months ago and I am the type of person that likes to take care of their belongings. I don't know what to do as he did tell me to bring my shoes inside but since there were another 20 pairs already there I thought heck why am I the only one that has to bring my shoes inside.

Should I just cop it and disregard it as it will create an awkward tension between me and him or let him know that I am upset about it?

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    FFS, buy a new pair and move on with your life. Stupid sh$t like this is why you might lose a friendship for the sake of $50?

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      I was just asking for general advice. Never been in this position and don't know how to proceed, shoes cost $120 not $50.
      No need to be a profanity

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        Yes, because we are professionals in having our shoes eaten by dogs.

        I've personally been in this position no less than 63 times this calendar year alone!

        PM me for details.

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        Is your relationship with them worth $120 ?

        While its wrong they hid the damage and should pay you gotta make the decision to push it or not ?

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          Thanks for the advise qwerty, will not push it

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          Eye for eye, tooth for tooth…

          I say go back to your cousin's place and you personally bite, claw, and chew his shoes.
          Then pee on them to make them wet, and place them high.
          I mean that's what you came here for?


          @Kangal: Eye for eye, tooth for tooth? Then he should bite and pee on the dog, not his cousin. :)

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          Exactly, was gonna be my suggestion too… I mean the dog was putting its scent on his shoes, might be some attraction here. I say reciprocate and see if you get a happy ending..

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        Who would pay $120 for Converse…, let alone anyone on this site.

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        Never been in this position and don't know how to proceed,

        1. Wear other shoes.
        2. Go to store.
        3. Buy better shoes for less.
        4. Thank dog for improving your wardrobe.
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        Member for 4 years. $120 for converse shoes?
        Your Ozbargain membership has been revoked

        Seriously OP you must be really young. There are waaay more difficult decisions ahead in life. This is nothing
        Good luck!

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        shoes cost $120 not $50.

        Well in that case, definitely demand restitution.

        No family member is worth $120!!

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        Hail the King!

        They probably tried to hid from you because they know you're a Tight Ass (no offense)

        Please accept the title as the new king of Oz Bargain!


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        Don't worry Ilikethis124, some people in this forum are plain mean which is why I don't make threads anymore and very rarely comment on them. Sometimes I have the energy to shove it right back up their arse other times I don't regardless though, it's a waste of time.

        I also think it's ok to bring it up, just be polite and calm about it. "So on the way home, my feet felt wet and breezy, it's probably an accident but did your dog chew my shoes?" or whatever your style is.


        i too are a profanity, problem?

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      Couldn't have said it any better!

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      the converse should also apply, what about him paying $50 for the sake of a friendship?


      Here is a similar situation:

      During a visit to my wife’s cousins house a few years back, my shoes were stolen because I left them out the front upon my wife’s cousins request. Upon entry to the house, I said they may get stolen being so close to the street. She said “no, nothing will happen.” I said, “You sure? I’ve had a pair stolen before.” “Nah it will be fine,” she said. Brand new Adidas shoes from a sample sale, so not replaceable. She offered to pay for them, but out of courtesy I said don’t worry about. So she handed me a pair of old thongs and off I went, not happy of course.

      You were asked to bring them inside and you left them outside. I didn’t ask for them to be replaced because it would be impolite to ask the host to replace the item just because she used incorrect judgement. Move on it’s a pair of shoes.

      Man I loved those shoes…

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        shit situation. she knows you cant possibly accept her money, and u probably couldnt find the same pair anyway.i would forever hold it against her…secretly

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    what is this kindergarten? just ask him to pay for the shoes. geeze thread closed.

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      just ask him to pay for the shoes.

      OP should buy his own shoes. He was told to put his shoes inside but he didn't.

      But really, regardless of who's wrong, it's a pair of shoes… and it's not some random business or stranger - it's family!

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    Even the score. Invite him over and get your dog to chew up his shoes.

    Or invite the dog over and chew up its paws. Whatever.

    These threads get better all the time. :)

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      Time for a site rename?


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      I can see a few problems with that, what if OP doesn't have a dog or how can you even make sure that it chews his cousins shoes?

      What I think would be a better way of getting back at him. Next time he goes to his cousins house, whenever he gets the opportunity just step outside the house pick up one of his cousins shoes and have at it.

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        I'm sure that by racking the brain with paws for thought, OP can cobble up some responses and chews an appropriate one. Otherwise the injustice will dog OP.


          It's not that difficult…

          Little bit of mince meat stuffed under the inner soles will do the trick.

          Cousin will be the Pied Piper of the neighbourhood dogs.

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      If you don't have a dog, chew up his shoes yourself, while he is drinking a coffee you just served him.
      I know it's disgusting but this will be the only appropriate revenge.

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      I bought an investment car, but not sure if I should get it professionally cleaned. While picking up the car I found $1000 at the dealership, returned it to the register, but did not get a finder's fee.

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    Should have listened to him. He told you for a reason.

    Bin the shoes and buy a new pair.

    'Ya done now' - big shaq

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    He's a family member. I wouldn't bother. Just move on. Why is this a thread?


    Get revenge and do a Julian O'Neil to their shoes

    We're the shoes brand new and now a write off? But if we're me I'd make them pay halves for new ones, they sound pretty rude to not say anything

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    I'm pretty sure if you were the type of person 'who likes to take care of their belongings', then your shoes wouldn't have ended up as a dog's dinner.


      How does that make any sense?

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        It makes sense because you said that you are the type of person who likes to take care of your belongings….. if that was true your shoes would not have got munched (because you would have looked after them better).

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          Me putting my shoes on the shoe rack with other shoes makes me not someone that takes care of their belongings, right.

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          Yes. That’s right.

          You knew there was a dog.
          Your cuz told you to take your shoes inside.

          Anyone who is the type of person who takes care of their things…. would not have left their shoes out with a dog.

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          Valuable lesson is dogs chew shoes - especially puppies.

          Yes, you May think that as others are there, yours will be fine. However, that dog chose your shoes because of a reason - whatever that is no one knows.

          Learn the lesson and be more careful next time. You were warned - though he wasn’t Specific . Dog owners sometimes forget others are not used to these behaviours - and there were obviously other guests and thus things on tir cousin’s mind.

          This hosting responsibility may also account for their forgetting to tell you. He did put them in a safer position. So just move on - unless he is always causing you grief.

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          Yeah man you were warned, case closed really.


      Any comment that contains "dogs dinner" gets a ➕ from me 😂

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    If you can still wear them you should keep wearing them.

    If you can not wear them anymore then do not wear them.

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      What if he can only wear one? Omg this is killing me, I wouldn't know what to do.

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        Post up a thread and ask…

        “Cousins dog chewed my left shoe, right shoe is fine. Can I wear just one shoe or do I need to wear a pair? Please help….”

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        wonder if he can contact converse Australia directly, and if he explains this awful situation he's been left in, maybe they will help him out by shipping him 1x shoe (the one which was "destroyed".


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        What if he can only wear one? Omg this is killing me, I wouldn't know what to do.


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    Civil suit. Lawyer up.

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    Payback time… ambush & chew the dog back.

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    Jeez it's only Monday and we have these types of threads already

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    Is the dog available for hire? Having some issues with my homework and need a good excuse


    Get even and bite the sh*t out of your cousin's dog's paws.

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    The only thing you can do in this scenario is to get your dog to chew his shoes. If you dont have a dog, then the responsibility for the chewing rests with you.


    I only purchased my shoes about two months ago

    there were another 20 pairs already there I thought heck why am I the only one that has to bring my shoes inside.

    did they still have the new shoe smell? the dog probably ate your shoes out of the 20 pairs because they didn't smell like old cheese.

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      More like they had odorous foot smell. Dogs go for the smelliest shoes first, they can't help it, will just seem to them like the best ones to play with if there are no other dogs around. Teenage boys shoes are the first to get chosen as they have the worst feet due to hormones and learning about washing, removing dead skin, etc.

      Just scrub a layer of the dead skin off your feet and keep doing weekly, use cotton socks and don't keep your shoes on during the day, take them off whenever you can. Even if you don't notice, others will, esp. females and dogs. Then your feet will be fine and you can leave the shoes in your cousins rack.

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        Even if you don't notice, others will, esp. females and dogs.

        Did you just liken females to dogs!!?


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          One is fascinated by the smell of bacterial activity, whilst the other is full of it and never misses a chance to comment on it ;-)

          But both are certainly hopelessly obsessed.

          'What's wrong, I used Palmolive Gold (the new improved one with extra Chlorine and added Uranium oxide), just last week!'

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    at the front door my cousin told me to bring my shoes inside but I just put my shoes on the shoe rack

    It's your fault, they told you to bring them in.

    End of thread.


      why did the cousin have a shoe rack outside if the dog likes chewing shoes ?

      Seems strange to leave temptation… its like having a rack to charge your phone outdoors…

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        That's irrelevant because the cousin warned him to bring his shoes in.

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          You missed the point, i was nt referring to this particular incident, im simply questioning the wisdom of having a shoe rack which makes shoes available to the dog.

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          @ninetyNineCents: Not really. Maybe the dog only likes strangers shoes because of the new smell? Maybe the had the shoe rack before the dog started chewing the shoes and they just can't be stuffed getting rid of the rack? Maybe they are trying to train the dog out of it? The point is the OP was warned not to leave the shoes out there and they did. OP is an adult I assume. It shouldn't be "tempting" to leave shoes out where there's a chance for a dog to chew them especially if they were warned. I know I sure as hell would've brought them in.

          It's like if the cousin had a dodgey balcony and warned the OP not to go on it as it might collapse. Then the OP goes out on it and it collapses because the night air was just too "tempting".



          and if the cousin proceeded to let and have other friends and family on the balcony, it would be mighty confusinh=g.


        it was probably due to the new smells of his shoes that the dog went for it. Im guessing the dog normally leaves them alone

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      To ACA the OP needs to go. Tracy what's her face will have a field day with this story.

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    YES - i was hoping a stupid post like this would come up soon

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      It's either this or another 'I'm completely full of myself, AMA so I can spout some BS' thread.

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    Thank you for your post on Australia's foremost bargains website. PJC would like to see a price in the title, bargains have prices.


    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Maybe your cousin didn't notice they were chewed on either.

    $120 for Converse shoes!?

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    Buy $10 Dunlop Volleys and get over it,

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    This is your cousin and it's only a pair of shoes. Let it go.

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