expired Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360G (4G/LTE, 4.5", 5MP) - Sliver | White $139 (Was $179) Delivered @ Mobileciti


Found these ones at very decent price… Couldn't find cheaper in ebay or elsewhere. if you do pls let me know i will update
Good reviews too Good to grab if anyone is looking for good cheap phones.

$138.5 - Silver @ eBay Thanks to Stuhtb

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    If you're after the white version, then it's slightly cheaper on their eBay store with code PICK5/PAY5LESS;

    And if you're quick enough as there's only one in stock, then you can get this for $123.99 shipped w/PRINT.

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    According to the spec, this is running kitkat? I don't think I would want to buy a phone running kitkat in 2018. Thats a 2013 version of Android. Developers will start to target newer versions of Android as the minimum for their apps and that means newer app versions won't run on kitkat. That might be a while away, but it will happen. You can pick up budget phones running marshmallow or newer versions of Android. That gives you a couple of years longer support in theory.

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      Some of the freebies on OzB have been requiring Android 7 lately. Wouldn't touch this with a barge pole.


    Android 4.4… rofl. No longer even supported. The specs on that phone are very obsolete - sounds like something from 2012-era.

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    My wife owns a Core Prime, which she used for a while after killing a Galaxy S4. Nice loud speaker. (She has hearing issues). Can't say anything else nice for it. Bought a second one as a spare for $30 I think at Aus Post. when they were clearing them out. It's the smartphone you have when you're not having a smartphone. I wouldn't buy it at this price in 2018.

    Wife now has a Galaxy S7 btw which she loves.


    If you have $148 available, you're better off getting a ZTE Blade 7 from Officeworks. This is a good phone at $188 (what my 14yo paid for it), even better at $148…

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