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35% off Europe/South America/Asia 12GB Data Travel SIM Card: 3000 Mins Calls + 3000 Texts to UK + EU - $39 @


Hey There Ozbargainers: Dont forget to use the discount code: OZB35 upon checkout to claim your discount

WE ARE FINALLY BACK IN STOCK!!! As most of you were aware of our previous post mentioning we will be back in stock on 7th March we had experienced a delay in italy which unfortunately delayed our new stock arrival!

Our Best Selling Three AIO 20 SIM card is now Available for 35% off !Demand for these SIM Cards are very high, because the data allowance is generous including the destinations it covers! You can purchase your SIM card in advance for your Coming trip as these SIM cards do not have an expiry date, so as long as you do not activate the SIM before your Trip

What it comes with:

12GB of 3.5G & 4G LTE data (for use in 71 Destinations) - 12GB of Data is offered for Europe now - (previously was capped at 9GB)
3000 minutes calls (uk + europe numbers only)
3000 texts (uk + europe numbers only)
manufactured in a triple cut sim that fits all phones. (3g and 4g devices only)
Things you should know:
- sim can be activated and used in 71 countries (click here( to see countries)
- bundle has a validity of 1 month
- sim card expires after 12 months if not recharged after activation
- pop out the right sized sim card out of your 3-in-1 sim pack
- insert the sim into your mobile device and turn it on
- switch "Data Roaming" "on" in your phone settings to use your data abroad at no extra cost!
- no id, no long process, super easy!

you must switch on "data roaming" in your phone to be able to use the data from your bundle within the 71 countries it can be used in.
For your reference, I have included the destinations the SIM cards work in:

South America: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Guadalupe

South East Asia: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore

Europe: All Of The European Union is Covered.


Full list of countries supported here:

Please feel free to reach out directly to me if you have any queries at [email protected] :)

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  • For Any questions at all please do not hesitate to reply to this thread and I will be more than happy to help out :)

    Sometimes, I don't get notified from OZB of customer comments so if you can reply to this thread that will be great!

    All the best Ozbargainers.

    • Amanda
    • When activating in the US do we still get texted with a number?

      • The number gets provided to you on the back of the sim pack :)

    • What is the expiry of these sims are they valid for say the next 12-18months or need to be activated within the next 3-6months only.

  • Check out their Facebook reviews first many negative ones there

    • Even more positive reviews 🧐

    • Hi psylence

      our review chasing process is very hard!

      the majority of our customers who use our service forget to leave a good review so we would have way more good reviews than negative ones if that was the case. We have been advertising on ozbargain for over a year now and have had many happy customers

      • Positive review here. Purchased, activated before leaving to make sure it was working and used without issue in Singapore, UK and Iceland. Just another thing you can sort out before you leave rather then organising when you get there. Also knowing the UK number before we left so we could let people over there know how to contact us.

  • Need one for North America.

    • Fingers crossed it comes out next week :)

    • This covers the USA. I think it uses the T-Mobile network.

  • Any USA deals?

  • Hi Amanda, how long is the shipping to WA 6163? can it be activated in Germany?

    • Hi there

      Shipping to WA on worst case scenarios comes in a maximum of 5 working days. Some of our WA customers receive the SIM card before hand but it's highly dependent on Australia Post

  • REP: the image on your website of the SIM packet doesn't list the Asian and South American countries you have stated in this post. Why?

    Also, the website for "3" shows two Feel at Home products, and seems to say that the World product cannot be used for calls/texts to destinations other than the UK. Please clarify, as that's not what your post says.

    • -1

      Hi there bloomer and thanks for the response.

      The images we have for the three AIO 20 Pack will be uploaded tomorrow :)

      Regarding the SIM working in those destinations. They 100% do and you can check for yourself at the following link:

      Regarding the calls and texts. That allowance is only allowed for when you are in the UK & EUROPE and is excluded for the other feel at home destinations.

      Apologies for the misunderstanding. Hope that clears it up :)

  • Just a question - Can you make calls with the sim card to non EU/UK numbers? EG if you're in SE Asia?

    • Hi there .

      Unfortunately, the calls and text allowance is only available for the UK AND EU

  • This SIM work in Kazakhstan? Going there in august

    • +1

      Sorry unfortunately not :(

  • +2

    I ordered from them previously but never received the sim or any tracking info. They ignored all follow up emails. I had to lodge a Paypal dispute to get a refund. They didn’t even bother to reply to PayPal .

    • Hi there ddd

      Could you please provide us with your order number because we didnt have any PayPal cases against us this month ???

  • Is there a reason this deal is better than purchasing directly from three themselves?

    • I don't think you can purchase directly from Three as you're not in the UK.

      • I see. I'll get my old man to buy them and post them on, but i guess not everyone has that option!

    • Hi there.

      The advantages of getting this SIM before you fly is because they activate in all of FEEL AT HOME destinations. Meaning you don't need to visit the UK or go to a three store to collect this SIM.

  • So can I use this when i am in the Uk to call Ireland and when in Ireland call the uk?

  • Is there any way I could have it by Monday evening in Sydney CBD?

    • Hi

      I would recommend purchasing express postage so we can have your item shipped out tomorrow. So you should receive it tomorrow evening :)

  • If I buy 2 of these can they be used to call each other whilst in Europe using the free call allowance?

  • Post heading states 3000 minutes but the packaging picture has 300? Typo?

  • I recommended my friend to purchase this as I have done so from another website and it was perfect for our travels. She purchased one and had her credit card details hacked ever since. Word of warning to everyone

    • What was the website (so we make sure we don't use it)?

      • it was the website linked to this deal (i.e.
        Not sure if coincidence or not, thought it would be worthwhile posting to see if anyone else had the same problem. The transactions were falsely shown as "uber receipts", even though my friend hadn't used uber in a long time.

  • Hi So Easy Travel,

    I made a purchased on 26th Feb from the previous deal, and until now I still haven't got the item nor the tracking number. And no reply to your support email at [email protected] It seems that here is the only place to get your attention. Please have at look at my order (Order #3199), and get it resolved as soon as possible.


  • I had issue with them to but was resolved. They had left me out of their initial comms and they didn't respond to emails etc. It looks like they are more responsive to emails now. There could be a couple of days late in reply at times.

    Some of the cards they gave out were ones where people needed cards fast but soeasy didn't have the right ones in stock and tried to accommodate. This is where it went wrong.

    The ones they sent me were the right ones - the AIO ones at that work straight away when i was in europe - italy, switzerland.

    Works good for google searches, maps and emails and other apps not requiring intensive data. In Rome maps was slow to update though but other parts of italy was fine and switzerland was better than Italy.

    The topup option was easy to get activated but confusing in knowing if top up worked. Had chat to 3 live chat and they saud the top up is there but will only come into effect when exisitng is used up. I had no notification when it finished but it does send you sms from time to time about useage. BTW, this is all on 3G.

    So make sure when you receive the card that it looks like the one pictured.

  • Hi, I also ordered around three weeks ago and have not received my sim cards. It doenst seem to have shipped yet either.

    Order #3737

    Have other people had issues too?

  • I am still waiting on my SIMs. Sent emails & PM but no response at all.
    Rep - I would really appreciate some contact about what is going on or if I shoudl just raise a Paypal dispute.

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