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[VIC] Ozito Power X Hedge Trimmer and 1.5ah Battery with Charger $50 @ Bunnings Hoppers Crossing


Hey all. Saw this hedge trimmer kit at bunnings hoppers crossing, Vic on sale. Price not the same on website so could he here only. This kit is normally $129 I believe, and the trimmer skin in normally $89, so great value at this price.

I have this and it works great on trimming branches up to about 1.5cm thick.


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    • 3 that’s what warranty is for

    • with 5 years warranty, as long as you keep the receipt intact it's worth the money :)

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        is it really worth going back to the store, hopefully getting a replacement of the same crappy model, and repeating? sure they can replace it, but using, my mower in my case, was a pain from the beginning. that being said, i have a ryobi whippersnipper and its also crap.

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          @tomkun01: Is it really worth going back? Well that's your call but for me absolutely and is why I like Ozito's 5yr warranty. Can't go wrong!
          Replacement = If you don't want one, they will give you Store Credit to spedn on something else.
          Sidenote; I have an Ozito electric mower (not battery powered) and it hasn't missed a beat in 7 years and I have a fairly large back lawn. Only thing I dislike are the springs on the wheels which often pop to next one down on occasion so need to check. Perhaps I am lucky?

        • @Borg: thats probably the same mower as mine. the handles are bent and the engine overheats after 3 mins of use. bunnings is a good 1.5 hr drive away for me and i have no idea where the receipt is. not happy jan

        • [@tomkun01]: well thats faulty, so return it. I can run mine for over an hour with occasional 30 sec breaks while emptying grass from box. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another (myself) when the time comes as it does a decent job……and 7 years of hard use. Great value.

        • I was very hesitant to commit to Ozito and the warranty finally convinced me. No problems yet.

  • Picked up one from Keysborough VIC earlier today normally sold for 79 but will scan 50 now. Can't go wrong with 5 year warranty.

    They did not know about the specials.
    Few are still available and stashed at the top of the shelf.
    Seems older 1.5amp version that some stores may have. New ones are 2amp.

  • Manly qld have 7 left, on the top shelf above the new one. Scanned up at $50

  • 11 left at North Penrith in NSW. They were up on top of the shelves so need to ask for trolley lift to get down.

  • None at Oakleigh South.

    8 left at Moorabbin at 5pm. On a pallet at the entrance.

  • +1

    Look up above the 2.0 amp hr $129 models for a yellow label on the older 1.5A model. They arent advertised at all, but was $50 at checkout. There were none on floor level but a quick climb above saw 30+ units. SA store (Mile End).

    • Just want to thank you for posting this mate, picked one up this morning. They have put loads down on display as well.

      • +1

        No probs. Glad you got one!

    • I grabbed one from Gawler.
      At the front only, hidden behind some 3-in one Ozito boxes.
      No price displayed, but scanned at $50.

  • Any available at DURAL nsw it castle hills at $50?

  • Browns Plains QLD, dozen or more left, Scans @ $50

  • Waiting for the drill and impact driver combo to come down!

  • Thanks OP got one. Seem to be plenty left at Melville WA, out front of gardening power tools isle.

  • I think it's nationwide but only a few stores have stock. Even some big stores don't have it. Use the item number 3380871 to get staff to check. If you get the wrong one it'll come up as $129.

  • Has anyone known about running time with 1.5ah battery?
    Thank you in advance.

    • The Trimmers are nowhere near as hard on batteries as say a blower or battery drill so under normal circumstances i'd say you will be fine.
      Worst case buy 2 for the spare battery but unless u have acreage or plan on mowing your yard with it I think the one will be sufficient :)

  • Not marked on special at Bunnings Altona. Didn't bother price checking at a register as was just walking through not after one.

  • Just got one from Stafford QLD. Heaps left: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/67715/57269/20180319_0... Not in the normal spot though, these have the 1.5Ah battery and the yellow triangle on the box. They're up against the front wall to the right when you pass the greeter at the door. The others have the 2Ah battery and are still $129.

  • They're down the garden tools aisle at bunnings rocklea. Looked like 4-6 left when I bought one. They're marked at $50

  • this vs roybi one version quality wise?

    • Also vs the Aldi $59 units (cutting capacity and battery life).

  • +1

    Picked one up from Bunnings Southport QLD close to a dozen left

    • Cheers - hopefully i can get one.

      • It’s located on the floor in the aisle garden tool aisle opposite the ozito hedge trimmers 2.0ah

        • Thanks, did eventually find them. I see that it has a different charger than the previous trimmer blower kit.

        • +1

          @ricodbn: Yeah, just comes with the 'Eco' charger which is the basic version.

    • Still many remaining at 3pm.

  • $50 @Tuggeranong, ACT

  • I saw plenty of them @Carseldine, QLD yesterday

  • +2

    $50 at Bunnings SA Mile End. At least 20 on an upper pallet.

    • +1

      I went there at lunch and got one, only 5 left. The attendant was asking me why I wanted one from above compared to the more expensive ones below.. haha

  • 12 Left at Kingston Bunnings Tasmania ($50 Confirmed)

  • 2 more at Seven hills, NSW

  • +1

    FYI : 47 just arrived at Marion SA currently in receiving … well there were 48 😜

  • 7 left at Nowra, atthe end of the garden power tools aisle.
    Thanks OP - hubby will be happy!

  • Bunnings at Oxley had these in stock for that price. Not sure how many they have left

  • Still 36 on this pallet at alexandria nswthx op as this hits the sweet spot for the amount of use i will get out of it 👍

  • Thanks OP grabbed one @ Marsden Park, NSW. Only 2 left on the pallet.

  • Thanks - Bunnings in Mulgrave still have a few left

  • Frankston store in Victoria has plenty. $50 for those who like to pay

  • Newcastle Area
    Glendale 19
    Belmont 5
    Kotara None

  • Thanks OP

  • I picked 1 up in Armadale (WA) special is over here also.

  • Fountain gate has 48 left but it will be available from tomorrow as they need to bring it down from top shelf

    Cranbourne has 36 left on floor pallets in area with bulk tools

    As I was told by staff member, tomorrow is the last day for this promotional price..

    • Funny how they kept this promotion so secret

      • Guys in fountain gate was completely unaware and shocked when he saw the price on his device. They have 2 pallets and didn't even bother to put it on the floor

      • Dup

  • Thank you, OP. Craigieburn had 9 at around 6pm.

  • Dup

  • Picked up one from Melville today and still a lot of stocks left.

  • Just popped into Windsor Gardens in SA and they have a pallet full of them just to the right of the elevator with the $50 sign in front of them.

  • Morisset has 7 left 11.38am PROMO ends today… Lakehaven has none.
    Thanks OP :)

  • Hi, can anyone please provide the Item number or Bunnings fineline number for this? My local store is having trouble finding it in their system. It may be on your receipt?

    • As per previous comments, the fineline is 3380871

    • +1

      The bar code on the box is 9319510014669 (same as on the docket/invoice)…when I quoted the 3380871 skew number there was nothing found…then he had a look under Promotions and found it, he then called over another staff member who had an iPod (? It looked more like a phone) and looked up the other stores, Morisset was supposed to have 34, they only had 9 out, West Gosford -3 and Tuggerah 11…Lakehaven on the Central Coast didn't get any to start with :(

  • Picked one up from Box Hill this morning, there's plenty left on the pallet.

  • None at Brunswick. The CSR said they missed ouy on the promo as they were a small store.

  • 7 left in Geelong Waurn Ponds. On top shelf. Have to ask to get down. Just bought one.

  • Went to buy this. Rep convinced me to get the more powerful ryobi with larger teeth but corded for 140. Just tried it out cut through my hedges like butter. Unless maybe they’re all this good.

  • Still a lot of on the ground in Browns Plains store. No price label, make sure it's 1.5A battery, it should be $50.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one. 5 left at Kent Town SA. No price label but scanned at $50.

  • Rang OPs store + one more to confirm. Apparently the promo ended yesterday. Now scanning at $99.

  • scanning at 99 at Marion SA now :(

  • Could someone from nsw post a copy of their receipt pls. Its scanning up as $99 now. Hopefully i can get the price matched. Thanks.

  • About 15 on the capping at warn ponds today but scans as $99 wouldn't price match.

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