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Free Changi Dollar Voucher (SGD $20) for Transiting Passengers in Singapore Travelling on SQ, MI or NZ Airlines


As previously predicted, free S$20 (~A$19.70) voucher offer has been extended to 30 September 2018 (and possibly thereafter - watch this space).

Too many conditions to list again - can all be found here in this excellent post from Mister Miser https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/301477

Happy shopping….. yippee!

EDIT: It appears there have been some changes to the T&Cs listed in the Mister Miser link. Suggest you refer to current T&Cs.

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  • Would strongly recommend taking a copy or a link to this site

    I went about a year ago and I went to the information desk and they had absolutely no idea of the deal, they did say I was elgibile for $20 if I was on Singapore air only, which I was on jetstar transit
    unfortuantely I couldnt find the link

    • So link or not they were still correct in your case you were flying Jetstar

      My last flight through there was codeshare was a Singapore airlines flight codeshare with virgin and it was booked as a virgin ticket so ineligible on the way out, return was booked as Singapore Air so i could use it on the way home.

      E tickets must be start with: 618, 629 or 086. Passengers must be travelling on flights operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, both into and out of Singapore. Any connecting flight into or out of Singapore that is not operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir must be operated by Air New Zealand, specifically flight numbers SQ4281, SQ4282, NZ281 or NZ282 or Scoot, specifically flight numbers TR596 or TR597.

      Don't get frustrated with them if it seems you're being given the runaround, I've seen them deny eligible tickets because passengers were acting like entitled children. If you seem like you are getting nowhere goto Lounge or Singapore air service desk they will put you right even if they have to walk you back there to the collection centre and get it sorted for you themselves.

      • My original deal had the promotion applicable for any airline. It was on ozbargain. But I can't find it anymore

        Obviously if the original deal said Singapore Airlines only obliviously I'm not going to try.

        Ill see if I can find the original

        Edit: found it


        This one included jetstar

        • That makes more sense as they are used to anything SQ being valid and never have too many issues. We travelled march so would have missed that one too.

          It's rare i've been in Changi longer than an hour, We were in there for just under 5 hours once because flight from Oz was late so missed first connection we were given vouchers and crap by qantas and put on the next flight which was BA, Just as we got settled in the Qantas lounge they kicked us out, they close it in the evening now since they stopped manning it 24/7, almost everywhere now including here. So we thought we wold try BA it was still open, turned out to be 24/7, they scanned our cards which got us into the first class lounge the guy asked for all our tickets to double check everything was fine on our connections knowing we had been moved on the first connection so the rest was as good as it could be. He walked over 10 mins later with all new tickets upgraded all of our flights so minimum was premium economy NY to Malaysia which was 15 hours and the only one he couldn't push into business, it was a last minute decision to do a round the world trip so we were flying economy keeping money for the trip itself. so we went from a delayed flight and picking from stale biscuits at qantas lounge to a mostly round the world business class ticket, made to order food, whatever you wanted to eat or drink, it's kinda disappointing that another Airline did more for us than our own. So now we always goto partner airline lounges first unfortunately you get treated better than Qantas do for you in our experience.

        • @Toons:
          I guess it depends on which staff member you get. Hit and miss.
          Especially in Asian countries.

          I've found changi food to be quite cheap so missing out on the $20 wasn't a big deal. Thank God I'm not a big drinker given alcohol prices in Singapore!

          Over the years I've actually become more willing to pay for lounge entry if it's around $30.

          Have some food and a drink and it's almost $15 to $30.
          Especially if it's a transit

        • @Toons:

          they close it in the evening now since they stopped manning it 24/7

          I don't ever recall it being 24/7, at least not since it was redesigned a few years back. It opens at 2:30PM and closes around 11PM, just before QF's last flight out.

          That said, I was there once until 2AM as the flights had been delayed and they kept the lounge open to accomondate this, but that's obviously an exception

  • Just to confirm - voucher is only available for Singapore Air, SilkAir and Air New Zealand flights.

    Vouchers are collected from the iShopChangi Collection Centres only - see location details on the main link, top right.

  • It should be free 40SGD as you get 2 vouchers, though the second voucher can only be used on cosmetics/liquor/perfume.

    • Only if your flight originates from Mainland China.

      From the T&Cs:

      You will receive two CDVs worth S$20 each if your point of origin is:

      China (Mainland)

      • My bad, I got two last time when I transferred at Changi for China - never knew it was for China only. Was trying to find that additional T&C before… but was hiding in the pop up

        • it changes all the time

          several years ago it was $40 from Aus and about 15 other countries, over time that has changed. I got $20 once from USA, and $20 when originating from Vietnam. They used to not check correctly, so i would book one way tickets PER/SIN/SGN/SIN/PER with points, get $40 on the way over and $20 on the way back.

          these days are long gone, but it was good while it lasted.

    • @Zackyis, why do you think it should be SIN40 instead of 20? Would that be for a return fare?


      I tried this last week on my SQ flights to Hong Kong and Melbourne. Got a $20 voucher on the way to Hong Kong, but on the way back, they denied my other $20 saying 'you already redeemed only one redemption per round trip', which is BS as I transited twice.

      • as my comment above, they used to not check this, but they do now. the T&C has changed to reflect this. you also need a full 'return' ticket now, previously it was claimable using a single one-way through SIN.


          Thanks for the clarifications with the T&Cs. It makes sense now, I thought they were making it up at T3 last week. In any case, it shaved $40 (2x vouchers between 2 passengers) off a Burberry scarf, not bad :)

  • Can you use this voucher to buy the Starhub prepaid travel sim? That would be awesome if you can do that.

  • Currently in India and I flew Singapore Airlines, last week. It's really easy to get the 20 voucher. In T3 just go to the TRS area, it's next to the LV store.

  • What does this mean in the exclusions "Both public and transit areas: All dining outlets (e.g quick bite kioks, cafes, food courts, restuarants and bars), all supermarkets and convenience stores". Is that a different area to the main transit areas? I should be eligible for 4x vouchers when travelling with my family in July which would be great for our duty free if one person is able to use all 4 vouchers at once?

    • …if one person is able to use all 4 vouchers at once?

      From "Other Terms and Conditions":

      Multiple CDVs may be used for payment.

  • yeah I have used it before. You can even use it for the food court.

    • Apparently not. Refer to "Exclusions".

      • Strange because I was there and I used it back in Feb. You use the voucher to exchange with a prepaid food court card.

        Only catch is, you can't refund if you didn't used all the funds in the card.

        They allowed for the normal food court but not burger king.

    • Depends on the sales person at the counter. Wife used $40 of the vouchers buying cosmetics and they let her.

  • Perfect. Will be there in a month’s time.

  • I used quite a few that I had collected over a few trips just before NYE.

    Used some at Uniqlo at T1 and my wife used 4-5 at Zara in T3.

    Used to be $40/person for everyone but reduced to $20 a year or 2 ago

  • Thanks OP. I've availed of this offer once before (about 3 years ago IIRC), and will be using this again in July.

    EDIT: I'm travelling on SQ metal for all my 4 flights but it's a VA ticket so the e-ticket number starts with 795, which is not valid for a CDV. Dang.

  • is it SGD20 per transit? so on a return trip from and to Aus you'd get two of them per person?

    • CDVs can only be claimed once, on either leg of the passenger's itinerary.- E.g. A passenger who has separate e-tickets issued for his itinerary “Ho Chi Minh City – Singapore – Sydney vv”, he can claim his CDVs either upon his arrival in Singapore from Ho Chi Minh City OR upon his arrival in Singapore back from Sydney.

  • Oh man I wish I knew about this in December during my last trip overseas! Looks like I was indeed eligible :(

  • We used it for a swim in the roof top pool when traveling to Sweden. It made a nice break and we got a drink too.

  • used on duty free liqour

  • I got the vouchers when flying to INDIA last year. Worked out great

  • Will I be eligible if traveling from Australia to Singapore flying Singapore Airlines and then driving to Malaysia, driving back to Singapore and flying Singapore Airlines back to Australia?

    • It looks like you could be. From the T & Cs "Eligibility":

      Passengers who are on transit in Changi Airport for only one leg of their journey, it must be a round trip within a single e-ticket where >passenger travels by land or sea from Singapore to the next country or vice versa (to show proof), as well as originates and returns to the same >country by air via Changi Airport. Instances would be that;

      >“Mumbai – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Mumbai” AND Singapore – Kuala Lumpur is by land/sea AND in a single e-ticket, is eligible.
    • no, as you do not have a airline ticket that arrives/departs singapore airport and leaves to another country on the same fare/ticket number.

      stop-over fares might be ok, but they would need a 'third' country to be visited in the middle also between stops in Singapore.

      ** edited, as above, that sounds like it could work, i'd allow a decent amount of time to explain/prove to the voucher people of your trip

      • Thanks for the reply. I couldn't make much sense of the T&C's. I'll give it a go once I get there.

  • No scoot connection from Malaysia. :(

    • There is. I'm flying Scoot from Kuala Lumpur to Perth. Although passengers on Scoot Airlines aren't eligible for this voucher.

  • I remember the day.. where you could collect on both transits…

    I collected $80 and combined it to get a nice bag which was also on special.

  • Can anyone confirm if those food kiosks are also excluded from the deal? I could redeem food souvenirs (kaya jam from Yakun toast) last year but looks like they’ve put on a blanket F&B exclusion clause this time around.

  • Ahhh I'm going in December! Is there a chance they will extend it? :)

  • I am going to Singapore and Japan in Oct. I hope they will extend the offer. My trip is Syd - Singapore - Tokyo - Sydney. Do you guys know if I will be eligible?

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