Brought My Car for Service to Honda and Got Some Mind Boggling Quotes

Erh so… this was supposed to be a minor service ( maybe around $200 - $250 ) but I just received a phone call that made me had to sit down.

Basically, these are the things that the sales guy are trying to get me do:

$286 - Machine all 4 brake disc rotors
$665 - Replace all 4 tyres with Bridgestone EP25 + wheel alignment
$288 - Flush & replace auto transmission oil ( apparently my Jazz needs 8 litres of this? )
$58 - Replace Air Filter
$99 - Clean up Throttle Body
$359 - Replace passenger side fender tray + under tray + fitting

PLUS the service itself - $300

Honestly I was expecting to pay a bit more when I drove in today ( maybe around the $300 - $350 mark ) but yeah, wow.

Are the prices above quite reasonable? I have zero knowledge re: car parts so maybe I can pick some of your brains out re: these?

Thanks so much in advance.

Note: See update from OP


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      I'd also vouch for Hanny's in Smithfield.

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      Second to top one at Arncliffe. I've got my Honda CRV then Odessey, then now an Elgrand serviced with them. Super honest owner and you won't ever pay that kind of prices anymore.

  • $285 for just an oil change and safety check with mazda for a new mazda 3 10k service.

    • Capped price?

      • Pretty sure it is… $300 is okay, but they should do a bit more not just an oil change imo. My mom's car and I have told her a local mechanic is cheaper and still keeps her warranty.

  • Similar deal with our local Mazda dealer, wanted $250 just to do and oil change on a Mazda 3 (and with us supplying the oil). Said no thanks and took it to an independent guy. Some of those items (transmission oil and the air filter would be listed on your service schedule (check the glovebox) if they needed doing).

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    Hahaha… Holy shit! It's so unfathomable that it almost comes off as a troll if it wasn't to tragically plausable.

    This is just a car of blatant dealer up-selling and theivery. I don't know how many times I have to say it on this forum, but, take your car in, say "no thanks" to everything they quote you for. Tell them to itemise everything that your car requires… Then take it somewhere else.

    Machine rotors? Why machine and not replace pads??

    How much for 4 tyres? Tell them they're dreaming.

    Auto flush??? 8 litres?? Was it listed as a service item? Pure snake oil

    Air filter? I can get a K&N filter for less than that. Get a Ryco one from supercheap.

    Throttle body clean??? 3 squirts of spray up the intake tube with some contact cleaner is $99??? I'm in the wrong field of work.

    Fender tray! Oh look out, that's the most important part of the car!

    It's shit like this that makes me glad I got out of working for stealerships. Then they have the hide to wonder why people have no respect and a hatred for these places when they pull this shit on a regular basis…

    • To be fair, those small trannies do depend heavily on the transmission fluid and generally require constant replacement. Thankfully, the fluids tend to be cheap stuff (but that doesn't stop the stealerships from a hefty markup).

      Actually, I'm thinking of the diff.

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        You're not thinking of the diff! For most cars (i.e. rwd's where the diff has it's own oil supply), the diff oil will never be changed in the life of the car. Certainly not outside of the warranty period, anyway.

        • Huh. My mate's Micra seems to have the front (obviously) diff oil changed every 2 years or so.

          I have very little interest in a Micra (or any budget micro car) but it is definitely the diff oil according to the service report.

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          @tshow: The diff on your mate's micra is integral to the gearbox and shares the same oil supply as the gearbox.

        • @Osprey06:
          Cool. Now I'm interested in pulling it apart for a look see.

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          The hole on the right hand side of the image @ 0:03 is the output shaft from the differential (one of the driveshaft slides in here and drives one of the wheels). The really big gear that you can see @ 1:04 is the differential/crown gear assembly.

        • @Osprey06:
          That is the most adorable gearbox I have seen.

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    Genuine Honda CVT fluid is expensive. Depending if it is normal CVT fluid, or the newer CVT-H. That and I believe it is recommended to do a flush every 40k KMs. YMMV

    • Have an Accord Euro - yep it is.

      Also for a proper flush means more than just a fill.

      • Did the Accord Euro have CVT? I thought DW-1 was used in Accord Euro which is equally as expensive.

        • It's DW1

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    Last time I went for service, they called me and said I needed to change my windscreen wipers. I just changed it 1 week prior to that because of the Wipertech Honda sale so I knew it was BS! Said no thank you for all their 'extras' since it was a minor service anyway but felt no confidence in whether the rest were true or not.

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    How the heck can people say "you don't need new brakes" without seeing the car?

    I'd say do the transmission fluid , throttle body and the under protection.

    Don't get tyres from the dealer. Use Tyresales and a local place to fit them.

    Brakes - I'd actually go ahead with them. Unless you know what to do there is no point saving $50 as suggested by @adr8 to buy them yourself….

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      How the heck can people say "you don't need new brakes" without seeing the car?

      It's not a matter of not needing new brakes, the dealer has quoted for machining of discs without also quoting for pad replacement. That's unusual and at first glance - superfluous, because normally you'd only machine the discs if the pads had also been replaced.

      • Yes and potentially dangerous to machine discs and not replace pads.

        Highly suspicious

  • Are you anywhere near western Sydney?

    If so, go to Hanny's in Smithfield. I've been going to them for the past 12 years and will continue going there as long as I have a Honda

    • can you give me an idea of there prices ?
      like what is the standard price for a oil change ?

      • I had a water pump replaced on my 2004 Honda Accord Euro a number of years back. It was $400 including labour and coolant flush. Granted, it was a long time ago, but I was expecting the bill to be double that.

  • $288 - Flush & replace auto transmission oil ( apparently my Jazz needs 8 litres of this? )

    A transmission flush will use more than the transmission fluid capacity. As not all the fluid
    in a transmission may be emptied when drained, the fluid is replaced more than once.

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    Owner of a 2012 Honda Accord Euro here.

    They tried this shit on me a few years ago, after my standard warranty ended. They quoted me close to $100 for 'genuine Honda windscreen wipers', nothx.

    I now go to a privateer, pay my $1-200 twice a year (for minors) and all good. Last service was $135…

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    That's way too expensive. For your reference, I bought 2011 Yaris 3 door manual on 2013 at 90,000 on the clock (ex sales person car) .

    All the service added up until now. 160,000 on the clock. I changed 4 tyres, regular service, changed clutch, total less than $2000. Still using 6.5L/100km.

    That's why I prefer Toyota. :)

    • Any Japanese vehicle wouldn't be overly expensive to maintain/upkeep if not for the massive upselling done at the dealerships.

  • Did they do any the works other than service.

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    Well good on you for getting a quote, that's the whole point of the exercise.

    Now go to your local mechanic, and another 3rd mechanic recommended to you by friends / online and get their quotes. Local mechanics probably won't use original Honda parts for servicing and replacement, and will thus be cheaper.

    Downside is if your manufacturer's warranty will most likely be void if you service with a 3rd party as they wont use original parts. Then again, what car has a 7 year warranty?

  • Get multiple quotes from dealerships and car service centres.

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    Classic thievery for of people that don't know any better.

    Most of the things you don't need and are sold with markup.

    I would get your servicing done elsewhere, I would ask friends, family and facebook clubs for a place that won't rip you off, but they are hard to find.

    Generally car dealership ones like Toyota and Honda etc will completely rip you off, other chain ones like ultratune etc can also be very dodgy. Find a local shop that you can trust.

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    Yup. You're being taken for a ride!

    I have an 02 Jazz. I do all the work on it myself. I drive it until something goes bang, scrape or crack.

    Brakes worn down? The wear indicators will squeal. Rotors cost < 50 each NEW (NTK brand, which is an OEM manufacturer). These are what Repco sells as their in-house brand.

    Auto flush? Is it not shifting properly? If not, leave it.

    Tyres down to wear indicators or worn significantly unevenly? Replace them. Go to Kmart Tyre and Auto and get them to price match some Kuhmo Solus HS51s. Cheap as shit and a very good tyre for a small car.

    Service? $300? It costs me less than $25 to do oil and filter on my Jazz.

    The Jazz is the most amazingly reliable, cheap car to run and I do nothing more than change the oil every 9 months.

    Stop using the stealership for servicing.

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      Squeal indicators are on your pads not your discs (and not all pads).
      You need to check minimum thickness for discs to tell if they are worn.

      • Sorry that's entirely correct, but in any case you should be getting your rotors machined at that point was where I was going with that - but for the cost of replacement rotors on small cars it's barely much more to get them replaced (without the hassle of taking them off, taking them to a brake shop, waiting… blah blah)

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    just move to India, bingo life is cheap in every way

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    Most likely upsell.
    I would call them & say you can't afford the extras at this moment, please just do the basic service.
    Then get a second opinion from an independent guy later.

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    Cmon buddy - don't go to a dealership for service unless it's covered by your new car warranty.

    As for the repairs - no idea if they're needed or not. You may be combining the 100,000 km service with some extra car issues, but that said, go cheaper elsewhere.

    • The only reason why I have been going to Honda is that I was under the impression that if my log book was all stamped with Honda dealer stamps for every service, I could probably sell the car for a bit more when I decide to let it go.

      • The car's price will be determined based on its condition at the time of sale, rather than the identities of the persons who serviced it.

        I understand your approach - but it may be more relevant to where the mechanics have specific expertise in your unique vehicle - rather than standard services of a Honda Jazz.

      • The savings from a local mechanic over a dealership will offset the lower price sale of your Honda. Honestly, if the log book is stamped by a reputable mechanic, not a backyarder, the cars value shouldn't be lower.

      • When looking at used cars, do you look at the logbook and go "these stamps are definitely worth an extra $2000 on the value of the car"?

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    No one mentioned the OP's Honda is almost due for a major 120k service which should include filters replacement as well as transmission fluid flush. May be the quote is overpriced but most of the listed jobs should be performed sooner or later.

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      I ended up just doing the minor service, the transmission fluid flush and the air filter ( Honda Genuine! wow! ) - just a bit north of $600.

      Can safely say that I will never see that Honda place again - have locked on a local place to bring my ride for its next service.

      Thank you for everyone who's chipped in with their thoughts and advice - hopefully this can be somewhat helpful for others :)

      • Keep an eye on your transmission's performance during the next 10000kms. Once you change oil and change the filter, loose sludge and broken pieces of seals can wreak havoc inside the transmission.if it fails, provided you've done services and maintained your vehicle in a timely manner, Honda should cover the replacement costs. ACL is applicable to your vehicle and it overrules manufacturers warranty.

      • From my experience, Ryco filters aren't that well made in the first place. I had a couple of air filters which has loose fitting seals, and whilst the fitment was ok, it felt cheaply made. Where as the genuine Toyota air filter fitted much nicer, and it's construction was much better. Of course, the cost of the genuine was double what a Ryco would have sold for, but for something that you change every year, I don't believe it is too expensive.

    • No one mentioned the OP's Honda is almost due for a major 120k service

      It's actually due for the 140,000km service based on its age and that's a minor service.

  • Are you from Melbourne? I know a reliable mechanic which will only offer to do what is required and the price far more down to earth :p

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      Unfortunately I'm in WA - but I think I found a reliable mechanic already… we shall see after my next service.

      That being said, no harm in listing his contact here - might be helpful for other Melbournians :)

    • Which one would that be? :)

      • Victory Automotive in Clayton South VIC.

        Do mention that it was Robin.T who refer you to and only thanks me after your service :P

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          Haha thanks already! :D

  • Honda also charged me almost $1700 on my last service. A 2012 Honda Civic Hatch with approx 40,000km done.
    Oh and they also stole all the gold coins out of my centre console and when I brought it up to them they were adamant that it wasn't them and blamed it on the car wash place.

    • Ok WHAT!? $1700 for a service?! And for a Civic Hatch? I sure hope that was a major service though?

      • Apparently because my car was made in the UK it required special ($$$$$) parts.

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      LOL it was them. They stole it! lying thieves they are. they're dishonest - can you tell me where this was and what nationality were they?

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        Nationality? Really??

  • $58 for an air filter replacement is how you know they are ripping you off hard.

    Dont do it.

    • 2011 Honda Jazz, Ryco Air filter: $27.68 via Supercheap Auto

      And about 60 seconds to fit it…

      But $58 sounds about on par with what a dealer would be trying to sell one for. Daylight robbery…

  • I use to own a Honda car and I can say the dealer workshop do cost a lot. At the time I have to comply because of the warranty period.

  • Geez and i thought their quote for $600 for a new key was bad.

  • Oem front disks and pads incl labour for Renault Megane RS265 $1480. And that quote was from a non dealer workshop.

  • I paid $500 for new front pads and rotor machining to fix squealing but it's still squealing. I wrote them a stern email after hours and expecting to fix or refund.

  • These are only RECOMMENDATIONS but they don't tell you that! That's why most services which should cost around $300 - $400 end up around $1,000.

    Take it to a local mechanic and ask for the basic log book service quote before the service. They usually tell you of any urgent repairs, why and their costs.

    Then again not all mechanics are honest so you need to find the one that you can trust.

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    maybe im getting old, but ive never started any thread with "Erh so… "

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    yep had a similar experience at Ford for the 75k service…they wanted to charge ~$500 for replacing back break pads and rotors and ~$600 for top engine mount (split apprantlt).

    I said just write it down on report and I'll think about it…took it to local mechanic who only charged $300 for break pads and rotors and $100 for engine mount (basically installed it for free, I just paid for the mount).

    just use the dealer servicing for the basic service to get the stamp in the log book. for everything else, go the cheap guys

  • Which Honda dealer is this, I will try to avoid them in the future.

    I used to service one near Oakleigh, they don't do a good job. Especially not on Saturday, they just try to get things done ASAP.
    I found out they didn't check some of the fluids and have to take the car back.
    They didn't admit it, they just say we'll check and apologise after.

  • I had a new Accord Euro about 10 year ago. Great car but Honda genuine servicing was woeful. So many things they missed or misdiagnosed and quoted a fortune to repair the wrong thing.

    Let's just say I'm glad I opted to extend the 3 year factory warranty to 5 years as the ABS sensor failed in the 4th year and it was $3800 (apparently) to fix.

    I only take cars to dealerships whilst they are still under warranty so there's no debate if something goes wrong. Otherwise I would stay well away.

  • Did the dealer also offer to replace the blinker fluid with OEM fluid at a discounted $ 250 only?

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  • We have a 2013 Honda, the amount of time's they'd try to upsell by calling you up close to when the service was going to conclude was crazy! A quote for two tires and one brakepad I was quoted over $2000 .. I was like "hell no" LOL.

    A mechanic you trust can do so much better.

  • Honda charges that much because they require the use of special tools such as left handed screw drivers and right handed 12mm and 14mm sockets.

    Buy a Toyota with fix price servicing.

  • Buy a Japanese car they said, its cheaper maintenance & service they said.

  • Does the car have a full Honda service history? Are you planning to sell the car anytime soon?
    If no to any of these, then take it to an independent garage for a cheaper rate.
    Full dealer service history will increase resell value.
    The only option that is absolutely necessary right now would be transmission fluid if never done before, this needs to be flushed around the 6 year mark.
    As for other options cant really tell without looking.

  • Get a second opinion! If you are after a new one, I recommend these guys, been using them for years.

  • haha this is the biggest rort I've heard of so far. Honda jazz is just a tiny car. $665 for 4 tyres and wheel alignment? NO WAY! that's a ripoff to to the highest degree. This is another case of total mechanic's making more money than they're entitled to! I cannot believe these prices are reasonable! Honda sucks anyway. I had my brake discs on an old 2008 Toyota corolla ascent sedan and I got ripped off too. Alot of Mechanics are scum

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    No advice just sympathy OP - reminds me of my first car service when I was young. Took the car (which wasn't even close to new) to a franchise mechanic with my Mum (single parent) and we had no idea. List looked a lot yours and I'm ashamed to say after tears and scraping for cash, we paid because we had no idea mechanics did that. Lots of good advice here, don't get talked into paying that, just get the basic stuff done and then go elsewhere. We ended up finding a great mechanic after that, given to us by an RACV battery guy who took pity on us!

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      This happened with my first car too, took it back to the place I'd bought it from in 2 months, paid a huge amount to get a minor issue fixed..

  • Tell them to bugger off, none of my 3 cars has seen a dealership mechanic since the days it rolled out of the showroom. Only the honda came back for the airbag recalled and that's pretty much it.

    So many decent and honest, word of mouth from your friends will guide you to a decent mechanic.

  • $286 - Machine all 4 brake disc rotors

    Why would you go to the bother of machining rotors when you can buy new rotors for $65

    Plus, unless they are changing all the discs there is no need to machine… Does the steering wheel wobble when you brake? If not then the rotors should be fine

    $665 - Replace all 4 tyres with Bridgestone EP25 + wheel alignment

    Very unlikely you need all 4 tyres replaced at once, each tyre has a tread wear indicator, check to see if they are worn

    $288 - Flush & replace auto transmission oil ( apparently my Jazz needs 8 litres of this? ) Probably not required. unless of course the brake pedal feels soft

    $58 - Replace Air Filter - Part of the services
    $99 - Clean up Throttle Body - Ask them why? You would do this if there was acceleration issues
    $359 - Replace passenger side fender tray + under tray + fitting - Where you in a crash? Why would they do this?

  • OP, I know of a Honda wrecker in Perth.
    They will have that undertray part.
    Pm me for further details

  • Just dropped off my Car at Honda servicing. Showed them about all the issues I’m having. Note this is a brand new car for first service.

    The service guy literally just dismissed everything I said, saying it’s normal blah blah blah.

    Bloody hate dealerships.

    I’m wondering what invoice they going to give me too now.

  • Going to a dealer is a big mistake. Go to a reputable workshop and get it done for less than half the cost. Or do it yourself.

  • Real rookie move still taking it to the dealer for a 7 year old car

  • Honda wanted $350++ for a new key cut for my 05 civic.

    Same key at locksmith was $150.

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