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PUMA Men's Suede Classic $30.80 - $33.60 Delivered @ Amazon


PUMA Men's Suede Classic Red $43.98 - thanks hasher22 ($109.95 before discount.)

PUMA Men's S Street Vulc SoftFoam Sneakers Beige (Quarry) or Black - $32 ($80 before discount.)

PUMA Men's Basket Classic Lfs Black-Team Gold Sneakers $38.50 ($96.25 before discount.)

Please Note: Shoes must be shipped by Amazon AU to be eligible for the discount.

Was $110. Price has dropped to $77. Use code PUMA60 at checkout to receive an additional 60% discount.

Green are $77 before discount.
Black are $84 before discount.

PUMA Men's Suede Classic

Colour: Green (Olive Night-Birch) $30.80

Sizes: EU 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

Also available in Black $33.60

Sizes: EU 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

  • Definitely the most well-known and popular of all PUMA shoes, this sport classic is one of the shoe that built the succes of the German Sports Brand
  • As part of every street community from the 80's on, the Suede has even been involved in historical matters on a global scale
  • The Suede Classic features a rich classical Suede upper on top of the famous narrow suede tooling

Historical price information thanks to Price Hipster

Original 60% off Selected Puma Styles @ Amazon AU Deal Post thanks to Kurt cobain

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  • Bought a pair, needed semi cheap shoes for work. Hopefully they're decent.

  • Thanks. I know nothing about style but got some natural warmth (black). Had to choose EU to get the right size, hopefully works out.

  • Does anyone know what the difference is between the men and women's versions?

  • +1 vote

    Ordered. Thanks.

  • I got the promotional codes cannot be applied

  • Got one. Thanks.

  • Green (Olive Night-Birch), no size 7

  • want to order one, but not a gan of those colour.

  • Need a size US12 :(

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks picked up an EU 43 in Olive Green

  • Cheers OP!
    Needed a new pair to replace my rather busted work shoes.

    Got the classic in EU 46, which should be a US 12 yeah? Otherwise Christmas sorted for someone in my family.

  • Not getting free delivery

  • Got it! u teh best OP!

  • I have a pair of these. They're very uncomfortable.

  • "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."

    1. uncomfortable 2. heavy 3. the outer layer flakes within a year
      but probably worth it for this price if you dig the style
    • The surface area which can flake is pretty small though.. most of the surface is suede leather. No?

    • I know it's a matter of opinion, but I've had three pairs of these and don't wholly agree with any of your criticisms.
      1 - I've only had one pair that was uncomfy at first, but that eased quite quickly.
      2 - They aren't performance trainers made from ultra-lightweight materials, they are casual, fashion trainers with suede leather uppers and durable rubber soles (perhaps that's where your discomfort stems?). It's a heavier type of shoe, but I don't think they are particularly heavy
      3 - I've never had any such issues. Do you look after them according to their fabric? Having said that, I find them very low maintenance, just in need of the occasional spot clean with a moist cloth.

      My oldest pair lasted over two years of daily wear before one sole eventually wore through. One shoe of the second pair felt a little awkward at first, something weird around the arch, but it soon softened up.

      • TBH 2 years isn't great. I had a pair of $50 New balance sneakers which lasted me 5 years through daily Uni use.

        They are definitely heavy shoes, almost as heavy as my business leather shoes…but yet they are sneakers hmmm. Support for long walks is not great because they don't bend well with your feet. But overall good for your one nighter club outings etc because the style is good and price is good.

  • Seems to be very selective sizes. Of the five sizes available in Green, my size is $139 - which is an outrageous price!

    • I bought the green one, after you apply the discount code, final price comes down to $30.60 with free shipping.

      • Comes down from $139?

        Code doesn't seem to work for me. Perhaps I have to enter billing details before I can try the code to find out.

        $30 delivered is a great price.

        • Yes, I was a bit hesitate when seeing the initial price but decide to proceed to checkout and put in the promo code and final amount was $30.60, so decided to buy. I just bought a Sketcher shoe a few hours ago from Myer (25% off) but can't resist this bargain. I love Sketcher shoes but never own this one before, hope it is ok. (PS: I already have my Amex card number in my Amazon account.)

        • @TheMatrix: Thanks for reply. The promo code still hasn't worked for me.

          I've never owned any Skechers, but I think these are a different type of shoe. They aren't really an athltic / sports trainer, they are a casual trainer and a very old style (harking back to 1968).

          Having said that, Jay Kay (of Jamiroquai) wore them in most videos, interviews and live performances in the eraly to mid-90s.

  • brought another pair also on promotion. thanks op

  • This far and nothing about Puma Swede?

  • Somehow got these for free, I had $20 credit from an order they couldn't fulfill, and another $20 which I didn't know I had. Very nice.

  • the code PUMA60 is not working for me
    wnat these shoes so bad

  • Be careful, some of the sizes are sold being sold by third party sellers who look very similar to some fraudulent third party sellers on Amazon Australia from recent deals. Be suspicious of brand new third party sellers with no feedback, who are selling a huge range of brand name shoes at below half normal price.

    See the recent Asics scam thread here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/365975
    And Beats headphone thread: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/365916

  • I have one of these from some previous deals, just not suede, fake shiny leather imitation, literally looks and feels like it's made from recycled cardboard (inside) and melted plastic bottles (outside) 100% artificial. And they are so stiff when bending your foot in the step, very uncomfortable, like convers all star, walking bare foot is better.

  • Can you not use PayPal on Amazon?

    • As if eBay would allow their PayPal service to be used with Amazon.

      • I thought PayPal had become an independent company a couple of years back.
        But otherwise, wouldn't eBay take a percentage of every PayPal transaction on Amazon?

        I see eBay have an agreement with PayPal until 2020.

  • Nice, got a pair in black. Reminded me of skater shoes I got in Tokyo years ago. Cheers!

  • Can anyone advise if these suit wide or narrow feet?

    • They suit normal sized feet. If you have wide feet, go with Vans.

      • I have quite broad feet (12cm across Eu size 42) - far too wide for Onitsuka Tiger and Adidas classic range, and these are perfect for me, perhaps with a little room left.

        • Cheers for the replies. I can’t fit shoes like adidas, Armani, also. Might give these a miss until I can try them on.

  • Is there any guarantee that the orders fulfilled by Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd are genuine?

  • +5 votes

    Stacked with Amazon10 code, $23.60 for black. Thanks OP!

  • awesome! got a pair! thanks!

  • no size/color for me but got other style with this deal
    Qualifying offers:
    60% off Puma
    FREE Shipping

  • code is not working for me

  • Picked up the Puma Basket Classic Black and Gold for $28 delivered.

  • Appears to be sold out?

  • Code not working? States: "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."

    Trying to buy the black ones….. Size EU 43

    Which seller do I buy from? Cause all the sellers ma yuan hua, Verne MacPherson, ruiweijinshucailiao are all NOT valid for the discount?

  • I gave up for the black ones, decided to buy the Red/White ones;

    Order Summary
    Items: $109.95
    Delivery: $5.99
    Order Total: $115.94
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$81.96
    Order Total: $33.98

    Qualifying offers:
    60% off Puma
    FREE Shipping

    OP: Might want to add the red/white ones are also eligible.

    • For any one else having trouble, this does not work for me: https://imgur.com/oEBF6hm. Have tried different browsers/incognito etc.

      • This is what I did, add the black ones to the cart, EU size, apply the codes, amazon and the puma code. It MAY say it's not eligible. So remove the item from your cart, then add the red ones in. Select payment method and underneath it, it should say "promotional discount" of like $70 something dollars. I didn't need to apply the codes, it was automatically applied.

        I think it registered the codes on the previous black shoes in my cart.

        Its weird.

        Edit I tried my method above, didnt work :( But when I did it, kept adding black ones to the cart, apply the codes, then deleted the item like 10 times. Maybe my browser or cookies or something remebered the code and applied it to the red/white ones automatically…..?

  • Can anyone tell me what an Aussie size 11 is in US and EU, please?

    • Men’s AU 11 is roughly equivalent to US 11.5 or EU 45-46.
      This information is not brand specific and you should check the comparative sizings on some shoes you already own if possible.

  • I cannot apply the code PUMA60 when checking out. Has it expired?

    Update: got it - have to choose an EU size to get the discount.


  • Bought one…Red. $43.98. Thank you

  • $65.97 Promotional balance after applying code PUMA60. Is price increased?

  • I just got an email from Amazon advising they've processed my refund for my order with the reason for refund listed as "Account adjustment"

    Anyone else get one?

  • Did anyone else order an EU 41 but got ana EU40.5 instead?

  • Apparently Amazon couldn't find my address just because I wrote down my suburb twice. Seems like a mistake that anyone with a brain could figure out. They sent me a refund.