[SCAM] ASICS Gel Kayano 24 (Plus More Nimbus, Kayano, Gel Series and GT-Series Sports Shoes) $95 Posted @ Sports 2018 Amazon AU

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Update: also Women's purple same price Expired ;

Update 2

Updated the link to search the entire Asics Gel-Kayano 22, 24 in both Mens and Women's styles, Plus other Nimbus and GT2000, GT3000 and training shoes for the same price.

Some styles may have very limited sizes.

Update 12 March 2018 10am

These deals were offered by Sports 2018, a seller on Amazon AU. There have been comments from users that question the authenticity of the products. The listings have since been removed on Amazon, but if you have any issues please contact Amazon directly. See Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy
Update 4
Women's prune/pink Kayan0 $96
Update 5
My order has been shipped with tracking number provided

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  • Plenty of sizes available too, thanks OP!

  • Just FYI, Same seller ‘Sports 2018’ responsible for the latest Headphone (Bose) deals. Not sure if those were a scam and if so will these be part of it?

    • Yeha I noticed that after I placed my order, checked the comments of that thread. Decided to cancel my Asics order. Definitely could be legit and just trying to make their shop name first, but some prices are stupidly cheap. These Asics are like crazy cheap, even putting at $120 or so would have been still been amazing and made a name for themselves

      I decided to cancel, as I figured I cbf with the issue if they are fake etc (and there are very good fakes out there), although amazon does have policies in place, still doesn't mean I'll be able to spot it.

      Hopefully its legit for anyone who does buy them =)

      • My thoughts exactly. Not worth the screw around

      • Same I just can’t be bothered with the process. I heard some got a voucher if they can establish its fake. But the whole process seems too troublesome.

      • With sales and discount codes, you can get these shoes for $160 min. $95 is definitely a scam or fakes.

    • Was just about to order, glad I read the comments before I did!

  • Thanks - Bought. :)

  • Great deal if legit but surely too good to be true?

    • RRP is $240

      Either an error or a scam. No way its legit

      • I agree there's a good chance this is a scam given the previous headphones deal, but there is a massive markup on shoes, so an RRP of $240 means very little.

      • My take is the undesirable or least popular color schemes often sell for a lot less than the more popular ones.

        I'm guessing these are 2 of the least popular color schemes and hence might have been purchased for a cheaper price due to lower demand.

        Either way they are still Kayano 24's. I've purchased a pair and will take a punt.

      • might be pricing error and it was supposed to be $195 …… but if they are clearing unpopular colours and they seem to have a narrow range of sizes, it’s not impossible ….. not much manufacturing costs in running shoes from material or labour.

        fakes … these asics are running shoes, most of the fakes i’ve seen when on holidays tend to be sport not running shoes which people wear as casual wear eg nike basketball shoes … who the heck would wear these with jeans that don’t fit , t shirt, hoodie and a cap and try an look cool …..

  • This new Amazon AU seller, with their ridiculously under-priced stuff, is making me nervous. Just nah!

  • The delivery times for this item is long: Arrives between Mar 26 - April 12.

    Almost all their ASICS shoes are being sold for $95, it makes me suspicious these are not genuine items.

  • Showing as $199.99

  • Great find. Ordered 2! Hopefully legit.

  • OZB way is to buy first and find out if they are legit when delivered. If fake, start a complaint thread in the forum about how dare they be ripped off for buying something 60% of RRP on the internets.

    • There are plenty of genuine items 60% or more off RRP also, which are not scams.
      A couple of ideas i thought of as to how these shoes could be so greatly reduced;
      *Could be old stock. New models coming out.
      *Could be parallel imports (Same shoe, made for hong kong market, with cheaper quality materials) .
      *Of course, might be a complete scam, or could be, that after factories were told by asics to not make anymore of these particular shoe, the factory set up for them continued to produce them for black market in same quality.

  • Bought a pair, amazon support assured me that I will be getting a refund if they're not genuine. Here's hoping they're legit.

    • Out of curiosity, how will you be able to tell if they are fakes?

      • HOW TO CHECK AUTHENTICITY OF ASICS (esp for gel noosa):

        1. The asics tag
          Don't be fooled by the blue asics tag, it's no proof of authenticity. What I've noticed (& read online) is that real asics have tags on the LEFT shoe, while fakes have their tags on the RIGHT. This is probably the SIMPLEST thing to spot — you can see them in pictures. (though of course I can't be 100% certain that all shoes w tags on the right are definitely fake.

        2. Laces
          Another easy check. Asics shoes usually have good quality rounded / oval laces that are NEVER completely flat & thin. If the laces look cheap & flimsy, it's likely not a genuine pair.

        3. The gel
          Not all asics come with visible gel inserts on the sole, however for those that do, check if the coloured gel looks like an actual layer inserted into the sole (real), or just a jelly sticker stuck onto the shoe (fake).

        4. The inner sole
          A) Before purchasing the shoe, search for images or YouTube video reviews of the model & have a peek at the sole inside. Does it say eg. 'kayano'? 'gel noosa'? Or does it just have the regular asics logo? Replicas usually just have the asics logo w/o the model name (though some asics models just have the plain logo too).
          B) the sole should not be 100% FLAT. It should be structured with an arch, & should curve upwards at the side.

        5. Tongue / inner stitchings
          The tongues in authentic models are usually entirely padded from top to toe (cushions the top of the foot nicely) while the tongues in fakes don't seem 'full' all the way down (just for show). The stitchings in fakes also don't look as good in the inside of the shoe.

    • Amazon support were very good to me.
      It was my first experience.
      Recieved a dead on arrival external HDD.
      I was very happy with their returns and refunds process.

      • they got an order got mixed up and i ended up with wrong item, they got the right item sent express from the usa and i go to keep the wrong item, they said too much trouble to try and return, and i can bin it if i had no use for it.

  • As this is the Australian Amazon store, the products would have to comply with the Australian consumer law which requires the products to be fit for purpose. I see no issues with buying from here.

    • Even although it may be a foreign overseas third party seller probably from the likes of Hong Kong or China?.

      That's the same as saying that foreign sellers overseas selling through eBay AU have to comply with Australian consumer law. They don't.

      Now if it's an Australian business seller that's a completely different affair.

      • I don't they could get out of their responsibilities like that. I'd imagine Amazon customer service would probably help out if there was an issue.

  • Thanks OP took a punt and ordered a pair.

  • Amazing deal if legit, if not legit, i'm pretty sure Amazon service should sort it out. Fingers crossed.

  • Are these shoes that good for the RRP to be $260?

    • They are excellent running shoes but not woth $260. I normally try and get them for under $170 on sale. These are suspiciously cheap.

      The GT2000s are a good cheaper alternative that are similar in almost every way.

    • These shoes are really comfortable runners. And remember they are runners - not crosstrainers, if you wear them all day they only last a short time. They have great cushioning and support. I have had a few pairs over the last 5 years and I rate them far above any of the runners I have bought previously.

    • These are highly rated by runners so they're proven and popular.

      I have a lower end asics model and they're much more Comfortable than any Nike's I've owned

      High end sports shoes from nike are usually priced at $240++ rrp

  • All Asics available from $95 would have to be a price error or fakes you would think

  • Ordered and payed the extra $5 for expedited delivery… not interested in waiting over a month

    First order form Amazon Australia - lets see how it goes

  • Showing $199.95.. 😐😐 ok if browsing via mobile it shows $199.95 but on desktop the cheaper price is shown!

    I'm looking for an 8.5US tho :(

  • I'm scared to order these haha…

    • They will almost certainly be fake.

      The store is selling a lot of shoes which resell for $500 USD+ for retail prices, even less than retail for some.

      Unless of course the seller happens to be selling a mix of genuine and fakes, but I doubt it.

  • Amazon isn't going to pay them until goods get sent

  • Got a pair. If it gets cancelled hoping for $50 vouchers :D

  • Seller also sells yeezy fakes if thats any comfort


    • $170 for fakes. Do you have proof they are fakes?

      • Using my brain.

        • Thanks for confirming my assumption that you really have no idea at all

        • @hawkus81:
          Not too bright are you?

          Tell me in what world non existent yeezy x supreme are $170? Or any yeezy for that matter?

          Lol who has no idea now?

        • @richmond12:
          What can I say you're a genius because you know the price of shoes better than me. Congratulations

          That said it's still a guess and no one knows for sure. However, I agree it looks dodgy so persoanlly I've already cancelled my order.

        • @hawkus81:
          Mate it has been mentioned a few times in this thread and then you say I have no idea? I’m not even a sneakers guy.

          If you had any idea Yeezys are hard to buy and cost $500+ minimum. You cant just click on amazon and buy 10 of them.

          C’mon man, you really lack of common sense.

      • There's no such thing as supreme yeezy collab

  • Silly question - how do you filter by size?

  • I really hope these are real. Lot of people here taking the chance and assuming Amazon will provide bonus credit it fake.
    If these ARE fake and Amazon provides refund in 2 months with no bonus credit ….would you still?

    • if you get your money back, sure, if they are genuine well you have some cheap shoes you would have needed to buy at some stage, and are stuck with shoes sitting in a box you didn’t need yet.

      if they are fake, you get your money back, and the supplier doesn’t want to,pay return postage so you probably also,get to keep the fake shoes, use them when gardening or doing DIY house repairs …. free fakes, or genuine for $95 ….. it’s ok if you aren’t in a hurry.

  • The seller looks very shady to me, i wouldn't take any chances

  • Are these shoes any good?

  • Why haven’t amazon pulled these if they are fake?

  • I've decided to cancel my order but missed the window where you can cancel the order, vs "request a cancellation". I've requested a cancellation which sends a message to the seller, but now it's up to the seller to approve. We'll see - it will be a "smell" if the request is ignored or declined I think.

  • Good luck to the people taking the risk and buying I hope you do get legit shoes here.
    But this isn't for me on a product i'll be wearing a lot of use on. I'd rather pay an extra $100 than risk getting fakes and going through process of getting my money back.

  • At this price it's an absolute steal!… delivery is 2-4 weeks though. Fk that.

    • depends how urgently you need shoes , i have other shoes and tend to plan ahead if i need to replace old ones …2-4 weeks isn’t an issue, heck wait longer than that for a usb charge cable from some seller in china because i don’t want to pay local prices.

  • kayano 24 is now $199 on my search

  • Negging this as there appears to be a more than likely chance that the goods are either fake or the seller will not deliver as promised, from reading through the comments here and on a previous deal. Also the listings now appear to be pulled. Not sure why this has so many upvotes tbh

  • Something weird is going on - I ordered a pair, but when I look at my order by clicking on the item, it takes me to this link https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01N0AQ98S/ref=oh_aui_d...
    Which has $199 price and says it is Sold by Brandhousedirect?
    But the page still has a banner at the top of the page that states "You purchased this item on xxxx"

    • Yes same here

      • Yes it appears something is not right.
        I paid for a pair which included a $20 Amazon voucher for an order they cancelled in December.
        Look possible they will cancel this order, maybe here comes another $20 voucher - $50 would be nice….

        • yeah i bought them with $70worth of amazon vouchers from cancelled deals in december so,was only $25 off the card … with another voucher i’d be getting close to $110 of free credits … there is wealth to be made in these cancelled orders if they keep handing out apology vouchers.

    • Yes there is something strange. The original store is empty but this one looks exactly the same, https://www.amazon.com.au/s?marketplaceID=A39IBJ37TRP1C6&mer.... Still has the $95 Asics but the store name is now "Original Store 2018"

    • This is how Amazon works, when one seller sells out of stock you're shown the item from the next available stock from any of their other sellers.

  • Something dodgy going on pulled the trigger earlier now store doesn’t exist…

    Has anyone reported this to amazon ?

    • I was just on the live chat but they didn't get that these stores were run by the same people. I wish I took a screenshot but I'm sure the front page list of products was identical.

      • I was just on live chat again and the seller "Sports 2018" is being investigated by Amazon due to the number of complaints. Consultant said he'd send me an email with the outcome of their investigation.

  • Nothing listed on the site now..

  • This whole deal is super dodgy. Surprised its still on the front page

  • This is their Amazon profile:

    Sports 2018
    just launchedNo feedback yet
    Sports 2018 is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

    Seems legit :)

  • Got an email from the seller that all the items they sell are original.