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Xiaomi Gateway USD $19.99 (~AUD $26) and Xiaomi Human Sensor USD $9.99 (~AUD $13) @ LightInTheBox


For those who missed out Xiaomi stuff

code:LITBXIAOMIHUMAN for Sensor, only 100 pcs

code:LITBXIAOMIGATEWAY for Gateway, only 100 pcs

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  • Thanks Ughhh, good price on the gateway

    A new Xiaomi gateway has appeared in the Mi Home app, at least I am pretty sure it wasn't there before.

    It's called the Zelkova Smart Gateway, did a google search but couldn't find any info on it.

    Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • Zelkova is a technically a joint venture. They are mainly focused on locks and bringing their locks into the HA environment under Mi was going to require a gateway.

      I presume the new gateway will integrate the Zelkova series of locks as well as the existing zigbee based range.

    • How many gateways does one need?!

  • To steal from The Mountain Goats, "Ughhh calls to say he's sending old Xiaomi equipment. That's good, we could always use some more Xiaomi equipment."

    My house is full of these gateways and sensors now, these plus Home Assistant is great.

    Human sensor at my front door + gateways around the house = ghetto auto-doorbell. Extra points for using the barking dog sound.

    • Why do you have multiple gateways? Is wifi coverage poor with the devices?

      • No, I just have them in different rooms so I can see/hear the doorbell.

  • +3

    LITB now the new gearbest for xiaomi smart home stuff 👍

  • Hi, is this the version on which we can upload (ring tones) the sounds / record.

    • I believe it is. My gateways look the same as this one and I have custom sounds on them.

  • Got both, for reasons that will hopefully become evident upon their arrival.

    • +1

      Such suspense, I can't wait 1-2 months for the next instalment of this story.

  • +1

    Good price on body sensor? Anyone knows? Gearbest is no longer having good deal on XiaoMi it seems this year.

    • It'll have to do for now, both GB and LITB both had this for USD$9.99 recently.
      See GB's comment for explanation https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/369139#comment-5787586

      • That one the Aqara version too.

        I asked LITB rep for best price for the Aqara version and I was quoted $10.99 USD :/

        I assume gearbest USD$9.99 has expired?

        • whats the diff between aqara and non-aqara?

          the extra base?

        • @stalker878:

          Thats my (limited) understanding after asking some people.

        • +1


          The aqara sensor has an additional ambiant light sensor.

  • This is a great price. Good deal

    • yes good price

  • don't mind me, I'm just making it to 10 comments so that the treasure hunt may appear here, good deal btw

    • command+F "treasure", damn you!!!

  • Anyone know if this this a good general hub to hook up to Home Assistant? Cheers

    • Very yes. It's not as user friendly as using the mi app on the phone, but it's way more flexible and powerful.

      • Does this help with all Zigbee devices (e.g. the IKEA stuff when that arrives) or is it only for interfacing with Xiaomi stuff? Tried to find some info on this but no luck so far.

        • No idea sorry, I'm all xiaomi.

        • Xiaomi gateway is for Xiaomi ZigBee only. It won't work with other ZigBee products (regardless of whether you use h.a. or not). In the future maybe someone will back this, but for now it's Xiaomi only. This is based on research i did a couple of months ago.

  • If I have the gateway and door sensor, combined with echo dot, will Alexa be able to answer whether garage door is open or closed?

    • I never get my sensor to work on the garage door, I don’t know what position to put the sensor and make it work. I think the metal door is also refrain my sensor from working properly :(

    • Not 100% sure, but i believe NO (unless you add home assistant or smart things or something else into the mix).

  • +2

    Maybe we need a write up on how all this xiaomi products interconnect.

  • Thanks OP. I've got so many sensors that I needed to pick up a second gateway. Much appreciated!

    • How do you use this one? I put all my yeelights on the Singapore server for the GH intergration so now I don’t have anything to make this sensor useful :(

      • I use a bunch of sensors with Home Assistant — motion sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors and buttons.

        • And what actions do you use with all these sensors? Or are they just giving you information?

        • @voldemort: air conditioner control, automated lighting, notifications etc. Once you get started, the list of possibilities just grows and grows!

    • How many does a single gateway cater for?

      • Thirty devices.

        • I thought it was 32? Anyway some people report some issues when having a lot of sensors so your mileage may vary. I currently have 17 devices on one gateway. One of my sensors is intermittently offline/unavailable i think this is an issue with a faulty sensor rather than max sensors or interference.

        • @kiwijunglist: I'm not there yet, waiting on a few more sensors. I've seen references to 30 and 32 on various forums.

  • I've brought the Xiaomi Mijia cameras for my home (Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Smart 1080P 2.0 MP IP Camera Indoor with Prime 128G)
    but do I need this aswell? I am having trouble getting them set up.

    • If you want h.a. you need this gateway. Otherwise you shouldn't need another gateway.

  • Are these codes still valid? I just tried to buy but didnt know where to put the promo code in.

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