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Windows 10 Pro + Office 2016 Pro CD Key Pack US $39.14 (AUS $50.93) @ SCDKEY


Seems like a good deal, thought I would share…

Don't forget to enter code SKTT10% for a further 10% off.

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  • Are these genuine?

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      • But they are genuine keys BUT likely MSDN key. Fake/keygen can't be activated unless cracked.

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          So they're genuine but sold illegally?

        • @w02m08w: yeap

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    Totally legit… pause…. not.

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    Why pay that much for dodgy keys. Sure you could get all this for less than $15.

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    Just bought, just activated and just happy!

    and you might be happier if you also buy this:


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      It may activate today but try again in less than 6 months i bet it won't be working any more.

      In the meantime here i am on my $299 Windows 10 Pro retail that's totally legit and will never become invalid. You get what you pay for!.

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        Glad to hear spending $299 is going to make you sleep better at night.

        Nice deal OP.

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          If you're going to break the EULA, why buy it at all?

        • At least i know mine is genuine that i can use on any computer i want for as long as i want and not some dodgy resold MSDN key that's being used against the EULA that's guaranteed to become invalid after a short while.

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          Running windows 10 and office with cheapass keys from ebay for over 2 years now without any issues. Winning.

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          Me too.

      • Why woukd you reinstall windows six months from now unless a hdd failure… i would rather 38, $8 windows licenses as needed

        • There's very good reasons why a person might want to reinstall Windows.

          I wanted to reinstall Windows 10 onto a GPT partition instead of MBR in UEFI mode instead of legacy.

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          @hollykryten: yeah cool but the rest of a majority 99% wouldnt need to active it in 6 months. Again happy to pay $16 total than $299 😂

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          @hollykryten: Microsoft now have a tool to convert your drive without re-installing.

        • What do you call the tool?

    • I ordered an office 2016 from your ebay link; however, they sent me the key for different MS product.

      Already sent some messages to them, but still no update; I might use ebay dispute later

      • This might help.


        It said NOT to use the same microsoft account if you have another MS-office installed.

        • I already created a new account for it; however, they sent me the MS Project Pro key rather than Ms Office Pro key.

          They just gave me another key this morning, it works now

        • Good on you mate ;)

    • Congratulations

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    what region is aus?

  • why buy windows 10 keys when you get them free still from microsoft?

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      I think it was free until December 2017

      • I think what he means is: You download Windows 10 from Microsoft into a USB flash drive, install it into your PC and don't activate it. But I think it has some limitations…

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        Still free. Accessibility page.

        • Nope. Tried 2 weeks ago when I had to reinstall windows 7 on an old desktop and thought I might as well upgrade but couldn't do it. It finished December 31 2017

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          @ebosh: No it didn’t.

          Wiped a mate’s PC on Wednesday, reinstalled Windows 7 on it, activated Windows 7, then used the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and used the ‘update’ option. Couple of hours later all done running Windows 10.

        • @ebosh: Did it today and it still worked just fine. No stupid tricks required.

        • @Porthos: and you don't need to activate it once installed? If that's the case I eat my words.

        • @ebosh: Windows 10 was activated when it was installed. Didn't need to do it manually.

          Not sure why you were having issues with doing it though, u thought the same as you but then saw it was still working for other people online so gave it a try and had no issue.

    • no longer free

  • Guaranteed to be illegal for this price.

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      Illegal isn't correct, they're genuine but are being used incorrectly. Against the EULA yes, illegal no.

  • I bought an Office 2016 key from one of these cd key seller sites. Suffice to say that it lasted for about 6 months and then suddenly i went to reinstall it the other day after reinstalling Windows 10 and it said that the Office 2016 key was invalid. So these only really last for a few months at most.

    I then had to buy an Office 365 Personal subscription direct from Microsoft. haha

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      Same thing happened to me from one called software depot. To their credit they refunded however was embarassing as installed on some clients machines in an effort to save them money.

      • Ouch be very careful doing that. BIG FINES for businesses found to be selling illegitimate versions of Office if you get reported. Embarrassment is going to be the very least of your problems:


        If your "clients" are personal users I think Microsoft won't chase them down but if they're a business or you're a business doing this you're in the cross hairs.

        Entirely up to you of course not telling you what to do but he fines are real.

        • They were personal users and obviously the intention was pure and rectified since as legitimately thought it was all fine. They come up in AdWords as one of the top rankings for Microsoft Office when you search

          Anyway I mention this story more to point out that I am quite savvy and felt I was conned so it's more a lesson for everyone

    • I've purchased a MS Office key from SCDKey in the past. When I upgraded my computer and tried to install again the key was invalid. I contacted their customer support and they said the keys are for one-time installation only. No mention of this in their item description. They weren't helpful at all and they would not refund or provide another key. I forced a refund via paypal.

      • yes due to the way the keys are used - they are usually only valid for 48 hours - i.e. you cant reinstall sometime later.

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    If you don't care about using a legal key, just download a cracked copy. These are not legit keys for you and me to use.

  • What are the chances of this being legal and genuine??

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    Paid for a $8 win pro off ebay and never cancelled… Will work… but not moral apparently

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    FFS, people stop buying these.

    If your happy with obviously illegal keys, don't pay at all. Takes 2 minutes to validate Windows and office if you refuse to legit pay.

    If you want to rip off Microsoft, do it without ripping yourself off too.

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      Why do people believe these are illegal. They're genuine keys making it not illegal, however they have grounds to cancel it under their EULA (but Microsoft barely ever care).

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    very expensive for this sort of key. I have no problems buying a cheap cdkey but get it for $10 or under.

    These keys do upset a lot of OzBargainers.

    • Admittedly, they do upset me a bit. Not as much as it used to, I'm more "Oh well" now.

      Reason is we're a genuine Microsoft partner selling Windows, Office etc so obviously these keys hurt us in possible lost sales.

      Just be careful. Never use these in a business situation.


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    Allowing these dodgy deals to be posted on Ozbargain reflects badly on Ozbargain. The only reason I am not negging this deal is that I don't want to be sin binned for it.

  • I feel deep remorse for upgrading to Windows 10 when I know Windows 7 is far better.

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      i just miss saying yes or no to updates . none of this stop everything your doing time for a 3 hr long update