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50% off New Balance Online Store (Full Priced Items Only) - Some Exclusions


BUPA currently have a deal running where members get 50% off any items on the New Balance online store - but the code appears to be generic so I think it would work for anyone?

It excludes football and cricket boots - and the email says it only applies to full price items but I used it on a discounted item earlier and it worked just fine, YMMV.

UPDATE - only works with reduced items if you buy something full price with your order (like a cheap pair of socks).

UPDATE 2 - no longer works on reduced items but does work on full price items.

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  • didn't work on a pair of joggers already reduced from 210 to 100 :(

    • Did you put a pair of full priced socks to the order?.

      • I did eventually after reading further success stories.

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          Yes it works.

          That's what i did to get 999 Elite runners + $7 Triumph socks that the shoes was reduced from $190 down to $114 and then the coupon applied to get 50% off that with the socks in the cart for $70.50 delivered. Bargain.

          It's good timing because on Monday i had to chuck out my pair of Asics Nimbus 17 shoes that got worn out. This is a great replacement.

        • @hollykryten: They seem to have fixed that and it doesn't work any more :(

        • @chrismelba:

          They later removed the coupon from applying to the clearance shoes.

          Yeah i was lucky to get it.

  • yeh doesnt seem to work on sales or reduced items

  • only full priced items :(

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      definitely worked on a reduced item for me but it does say only full priced items so it may be hit or miss.

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    Any free shipping codes for under $100?

    • I think the trick still works where if you leave something in your cart below $100 they send you a free shipping code, not 100% sure though.

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    Looks like if you add a reduced item & full priced item (Say $6 pair of socks) it will apply the discount to the entire cart.

    • +1

      yep you're right - have updated!

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      Tried it with the cricket bats, currently 50% off, didn't reduce the cart price after adding the full price pair of socks

      nvm, got it 50% off sale price

  • Worked for me. $250 golf shoes reduced to $125. Thanks OP.

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    Worked for me, $180 shoes and two pairs of running shorts for $130. Free shipping as well. Thanks op

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    add the $7 socks then add clearance items. cheers op

    • Thanks for the tip and can confirmed that adding a full price item (Eg. Socks) will allow 50% for clearance items as well.

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    there goes $300 :(

  • Got myself a pair of runners and socks for $28 delivered. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    $112.50 for the smart watch. Reviews seem bad, but most places are reviewing it at $450, not $112.50. Worth it?

    • +2

      Is it worth paying that to monitor wildly innaccurate stats and play music without your phone?

      • +2

        I went for it just so I can stop running with my bloody iphone x on my arm - too unwieldy. Just want something that will play audiobooks over a marathon!

        • I would like that too but the battery doesn't last a marathon :)

        • I bought it. Can return it if I decide I don’t want it.

        • +2

          @bargainperson: Run faster!

      • Or….

        Have your stats and everything else monitored by… parties neither you or New Balance know.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks Op! Managed to spend/save a lot of money!

  • -1

    it says return shipping is free so can you order stuff for over $100 and then return what you want to get the original shipping cost for free or will they net off the original shipping cost that you should have been charged?

    I've tried it so we'll see.

    • +5


      • +2


        • Mate. You are especial ozbargain!

        • @welcomewelcome: Lol.

          Thanks OP. 3 pair of shoes for $130

  • Hopefully they honour it, (probably will) but I'm not sure the extra 50% was supposed to be applied to items in the clearance line. Hopefully it does though, grabbed a couple of cheap hoodies and some runners for just over $100.

  • +1

    I just chucked my shoes which I've only owned for a year.. think I paid $50.. I went to Kmart the other day found a set for $15! I'm sorry but I feel the quality of the Kmart to be similar to the NB! I'm just saying look outside the box :)

    • +2

      I disagree, strongly. I've put a lot of kms on a pair of 1260v7 and would happily buy again….at 50% off. The whole 'Sheep' family wears NB, which includes a tennis player and school kids.

    • All the more power to you if you can get by with a set of $15 kmart joggers!
      Personally New Balance, and asics, seem to be the only brand that caters for wide feet that are really small. When I finally found a shoe that fit my foot perfectly, a new balance shoe, I was so happy and pleased i now dry hump the shoes on a daily basis after runs. THey're that good to me.

  • I see many items have gone OOS in the last hour…lol

  • Worked for me - got some 40% off shoes, added some $12 socks, applied discount, another 50% off the shoes :-D

  • Thanks

  • Got me a fleece hoodie and new shoes for the winter!

    All for the price of a single pair of shoes

  • I ordered a pair of shoes just last week for 20% off, didn't know when the annual 50% off sale was coming, spewing! Oh well, I ordered another 4 pairs of shoes. From $800 to $400, that's my idea of a bargain! Cheers OP!

    • +1

      serious? Of course not lol, worst case they cancel the orders and email everyone saying clearance items were not supposed to be part of the 50% OFF. Even with runners that are priced at $200 with clearance making them $120 then the further 50% factored in, making them $60, their probably still in profit (huge, huge margins on branded clothing/runners).

  • Thank you op :)

  • Thanks OP. I have been holding back for awhile waiting for a 50% off code.

    • +8

      because your probably from boganville.

  • Great Deal OP, and thanks for the added full price socks/item trick, bought a pair of on sale 880s for the double discount. Thanks!

  • thanks !

  • $100 poorer but a shirt and yet another pair of running shoes richer. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    4 pairs of shoes and a pair of socks for $111.50

    Thanks OP

  • Should I risk it and wait them to offer me the free shipping. The OZB in me tells me I shouldn't pay for shipping!

  • $130 later, two pairs of sought after shoes, socks and a training bag… thanks OP!

  • Great deal OP! :)

    I had 2 pairs of kids shoes, 2 kids sandals, 1 womens sneaker, 1 mens sandals, 1 "furon" soccer ball for $103 !!!

    The fams shoe needs is now done and sorted… until the next deal…

  • +1

    Got a couple pairs of fresh foam cruzs… Nice looking shoe

    • I really like my pair of cruz's, they don't get used too often because I got new Nike's but they're comfy!

    • You got it with the discount? Lucky, I think they've fixed it, I can't seem to apply the code as they're on special.

  • Whoopa! thanks OP! Niece, Fiancee and Mums Bday pressies done

  • Too good to refuse. Bought a bunch of cricket gear for son, clothing and 580 elite edition solarized for myself. Thanks OP. I'm with BUPA but they never really advertise these codes.

  • +1

    I'm sure there is an essential item missing out of this pack

  • Thanks OP. $100 is gone!

  • +2

    Too many comments saying NB is a poor shoe. It's already pretty cheap compared to the Nikes and Addidas out there, now its 50% off as well. Compared to the big brands it's decent for the price.

    If you want better performance then you have to pay for it.

    • +1

      Anyone saying New Balance makes poor shoes has either only ever worn their cheap models or hasn't worn them at all and is making an uninformed judgement.

      They make some fantastic shoes (and apparel), it's just that NB Australia is incompetent in actually marketing their products properly here and don't bother to bring in a full range of gear for the Australian market. Hence a lot of people aren't aware of how good some of their stuff is.

  • Thanks OP, 2 pairs of trainers on the way :-)

  • Surely this is an error.
    DC1080 cricket bat for $238.50!

    I put my order through lets see what happens.

    • Its a correct sale price, only if you after the kids bat.

      • Nah that's an Adult's SH, on sale for $477, with 50% off is $238.50. I just bought a couple, see if they honour it…. hope they dispatch it quickly as they usually do.

        Kids sizes 5-Harrow is $129, (50% off the $258 sale price).

        Plus a $7 full price sock fee*

        • +1

          Yeah I'm not sure if they'll honour it, but I really hope they do because that is a ripper deal

        • @coco1458: Only 1 1080 SH remaining? lol there were 5+ half an hour ago. They'll be getting smashed.

    • Also, I rang them and asked about choosing a weight (they come in light, medium, heavy). Lady from New Balance said you don't get to choose, you get what they grab off the shelf randomly. Come on 2 pound 9-10 ounce!

      • Wow, someone else in control of the pick up weight. I'm not sure about how good this deal is now
        C'mon 2 Pound 11!

        • Also ordered one. Now for the weight lottery game.

        • @funky: Yep. As the customer service chick said, if you're not happy with what you get just return it within 30 days…
          For me it is gonna be take it for a few light whacks in the nets and if it doesn't feel right, send it back.

        • @Darwin: what do you reckon? Get it pressed and then knock it in or just knock it in for the 12 hours it needs?

        • @coco1458: knock in the toe and edges with a mallet for a couple or hours and then face older balls in the nets.

        • @Darwin: has anyone ever owned a nb bat are they worth it.

        • @revnout: Nah never had one. But $238.50 for a name brand grade 1 bat with 30 day unconditional return is as good as it will ever get. I wouldn't spend $800, maybe $477, but I reckon most of them would ping amazingly from the get go.

        • @funky:did you get yours funk?

        • Nothing as yet..

        • @Darwin: one of the main reasons I didn't go for it was I have this foregone conclusion on new balance that they make crappy products that's why they have a year-long 50% off sale. I bought the pads and gloves (which I needed).

          I just had my CA 15000 plus rehandled and the toe was sanded and guess what I found, the bat has 12 grains but the sanded area has 5 (profanity) grains looks like I bought a fake ca bat(realised after 4 seasons). So kind of regretting not buying the DC1080 or the TC1260 (which i cant tell the difference between the DC and TC i'm assuming ones a stroke playing bat the other is a sloggers bat(TC)).

        • @revnout: Still no email. Just checked the website again and the DC1080 appears to be back in stock..

        • @funky: yeah but the code is not applying to the bat anymore with the socks in the bag.

        • @revnout: How I did it was put the sock in the cart, then apply the code and then add the bat… not sure if that would work now though

        • @coco1458: Nah they fixed it got my sell the dc 1080 pads, gloves and the 4040 cricket shoe and of course the 8$ sock all for 124$ with free shipping and received it today. only regret is the bat.

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