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Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 400gm - $15 @ Woolworths


Deal covers multiple 400gm varieties.

Walk into work tall and proud, brandishing your massive jar of work juice. Ignore their distain as you guzzle direct from the jar, staring menacingly into their eyes before turning to your computer screen.

Once your hands have stopped shaking, you smash out the most epic work policy ever. Boss comes out, gives you your third promotion this week.

Best $15 ever.

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    Love the description. 😂😂😂

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    Seems expensive…

    • On the contrary, you'll rarely find it cheaper.

    • +1

      I used to be happy when I got these for $18

      • -1

        I used to be happy

        You'll be happier after we thrash Carlton.

    • -2

      It’s instant coffee. Free is too expensive.

    • For the boss

    • -1

      haha yep, given its instant coffee I assumed it was missing a decimal point. $1.50 would be closer to its true value.

  • @jv It's ok, you don't have to upvote honey

    • +4

      But they should upvote coffee.

      • +1

        I dunno - if you stocked up in January, you would have saved $1 per jar bought. Pretty serious stuff

    • +2

      jv It's ok, you don't have to upvote honey

      I don't think I ever have…


      Not sure what that has to do with coffee ???

  • +4

    You forgot the last part of your description story:
    Then you wake up to find out you were part of a simulation within a simulation

    • +2

      Ha ha!

    • -1

      ROFL, Rick and Morty.

  • +1

    Drinking a nice big cup of Moccona Espresso yum

    • +1

      Yes, I do.

    • +2

      +1 for politically incorrect caffienated goodness.

    • +2

      Ahhhh the times when one can have a good laugh and everyone be happy. These days people have "feelings"

    • Now that I'm older I actually understand that ad. Still found it funny as a kid though.

      • +1

        As kid, I always though he said “What-chap, how wonderful”. My friend kept telling me he was saying Shropshire, and I was like, nuh I don’t think so.

  • +5

    Best instant coffee out there.
    If you're trying to save money and looking for cheaper alternative grab this one as it's the next best thing.

    • As far as instant coffee goes I like this one too. Although I suspect that the Woolworths Select brand coffee is actually the same thing in a different jar.

    • -4

      not really

      • +8

        Great rebuttal.
        You win.

  • +9

    Go the Espresso variety - you can use around 3/4 of the amount you'd need of the dark roast and still get the same taste. It's the ozbargain way.

    • +3

      Lol. Get thee to a doctor to get your tastebuds checked asap.

    • +1

      I don't drink instant coffee for the taste, I drink it for the caffeine.

      • +3

        Caffeine pills would work out cheaper.

        • +1

          I agree but keep in mind tolerance is induced faster with caffeine pills because not many people will drink 4 coffees for 200mg, but you can easily take 1 double strength caffeine tablet for 200mg.

          before you know it you'll be on 400mg, 600mg, etc. I was hitting almost 2000mg at one point but there's no way on earth I could imagine having 40 coffees, as much as I love them.

          Also I think the physical act of drinking small sips keeps you just that bit more alert than taking a tablet and a tiny bit of water.

          Just my 2c though.

        • @lux: You have to cycle so your body doesn't develop a tolerance. Drink a lot of water and you'd be sweet.

    • I feel the Espresso one is smoother and not as dark, so I put more in but don't get that "too dark feeling".


  • -1

    Im pretty sure i saw these in coles today, for $9.00 a jar!! the pretty ones with flowers on them and stuff…

    • +7

      You were probably looking at the 200gm ones, the 400gm is around $26 at Coles this week.

    • +1

      This comment explains why the coffee at redrooter is bloody awful :)

  • I like the vanilla flavoured one

    • Do they do strawberry?

  • coool

  • +2

    Thanks OP, updating my LinkedIn in preparation

  • +1

    As a non coffee drinker who wants to accommodate coffee drinkers at home, what's a good safe bet instant coffee which should be a general crowd pleaser?
    And yes I understand some ppl will say instant coffee is crap etc

    • +12

      Generally you'll be safe with:

      • Moccona
      • Nescafe Gold Blend
      • Some fancier stuff (Eg.Illy)
      • I also think Woolworths Select coffee if pretty good, but some may get suspicious

      You'll generally get looks of horror if you have:

      • Nescafe Blend 43
      • International Roast
      • Bushells
      • Generic branded coffee

      Robert Timms could go either way.

      • I actually like international roast… and it's the cheapest one out there as well but I'll admit it doesn't really have theat coffee flavour.

        • It's kind of like drinking a mix between coffee and tea. It's great for people who love drinking coffee but like it smoother than a baby's bottom.

      • Thanks for the detailed response =) very helpful

      • ROFL Nescafé Blend 43 tastes like that $1 watery coffee I got at a no name petrol station the other day. It didn't even taste like coffee, it tasted more like chemicals.

      • I get Nescafe Blend 43 before Gold Blend - is Gold Blend supposed to be better??
        I'm quite happy with Moccona, Nescafe Blend 43 and Nescafe Espresso. I don't try anything else.

        • I'm not sure if Gold is "supposed" to be better, but I definitely prefer it to Blend 43.

    • This is your safest bet, imo.

    • If you think instant coffee is a "crowd pleaser", then you've got another thing coming.

      The conversation will go like this:
      You: "Who wants a coffee?"
      Crowd: "Me!", "Yeah, I'll grab one", "Me too".
      Some guy: "Where do you get your beans from?"
      You: "It's instant."
      Crowd: "How about a tea then."

      • Depends how picky your crowd is :)

        • If they all just stepped out of the 1980s or 90s, and are sitting around wearing Stubbies and/or a Hypercolor t-shirt, then I'm sure instant will go down fine.

        • @marlor:
          I find it strange how snobby people get with coffee. I've known plenty of snobs in general,but when it comes to coffee even bogans will get snobby.

          There are many ways to prepare coffee, and good instant coffee gives a great bang for buck/ effort.
          I often go for instant rather than the hassle of making espresso.

          No coffee is better than a good espresso, but gosh a good long black is a rare drink. I drink a lot of bitter espresso wishing I could have a Moccona instead.

        • @SlickMick:

          It's not snobbery. Just a desire to drink coffee, not a watery substance that looks like the stuff that gathers in the drip-filter of an espresso machine.

          But then, I've never understood anyone who would water down an espresso to make a long black either. It's like the coffee equivalent of drinking a shandy.

        • +2

          @marlor: I think your argument would be stronger if barista coffee was consistently great. In reality the quality varies wildly from barista to barista.

          When you purchase a coffee at a cafe, it's really a game of chance as to whether the coffee will be good. The one thing you can say about instant is that the quality is consistent.

          What's really interesting about coffee is that it's the only product where we'll accept if it's crap and move on. Everyone's had a crap coffee and not complained, it would be a different situation if it were a crap burger.

        • @marlor: Who makes the rules?

          I'd love 8 shots to make a cup of coffee, but watering it down to have a drink rather than a sip seems like a reasonable compromise.

          Putting milk in my coffee is not going to happen though. To me, that's disgusting. Yet it seems very popular. Each to his own. Without being critical of someone else's preference.

  • +3

    The Dark blend Instant Coffee from Aldi tastes better and is much cheaper.

  • How does the price of this compare with costco?

    • At Costco, $32.89 for 2x400g medium roast

  • moccona or pod coffees ?

    • Pods aren't great but they are way, way better than this.

  • How many servings do you actually get from a jar this size? Let's say an average serving is about 100mg of caffeine.

    • Depends how big your spoon is ;)

    • This isn't in caffeine grams obviously…

      You'll get about… 150-200 cups from this?

      • Yeah 6-9 months usage. I’ve had a 200g in my drawer for quite a while now maybe 3-4 months, maybe a week left.

        • +1

          If you make 1 cup of coffee a day for 6 months, it'll last for 1 person.

          2 people might only see this lasting 4 months.

  • +1

    Still got 3 containers left in the cupboard from last time it was this price.

  • +2

    Coles has them at $8.70. There clearing out the peter Alexander range. 😀

    • I talked to my boss - he advised that he wouldn't have promoted me if the jar had flowers on it. So the $6.30 might be worth it for furthering your career.

      • +1

        a true ozb'er would simply wrap a piece of paper around the jar and you can write your name on it too!

    • Nice, I'm after the one with the dachshund on it :)

  • +1

    You forgot to add how the boss high fives you 3 times then gives you the manliest handshake in the world.

  • +1

    Just in time.

  • Great write up!

    • +2

      Based on a true story

  • This brings back memories of my parent's Moconna jar collection, filled with 1 & 2c coins.

  • I'm "coffee-ignorant" and just drink whatever my better-half buys. Normally that's Moccona Awaken, but unfortunately that's not available in the 400gm jar.

    So am I right in assuming the Moccona Classic Medium Roast would be the next closest thing to try? Thanks.

    Here's the list of products:

    • Moccona Awaken, Smooth Roast - 3
    • Moccona Classic, Medium Roast - 5
    • Moccona Classic, Dark Roast - 8
    • Moccona Espresso, Bold & Intense - 10
  • +2

    Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 400g will be only $14 at Coles starting this Wednesday.

    • You should post it as a deal. 😀

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