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BlitzWolf BW-S11 30W Type-C PD/QC3.0+2.4a Dual USB Fast Charger Preorder $11.99 US ($16 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


This is a preorder. Expected to be in stock on April 20.

0-100 pieces = $16 AU
101-600 pieces = $17.33 AU
601 > pieces = $20 AU

PD/QC+2.4A 30W Powerful Output
PD mode: Stepped 5v/2.4A ,9V/2A (18W Max).
QC3.0 mode: Variable 3.6V-12V with 200mV incremental dynamic regulation.
QC2.0 mode: Stepped 5v/2.4A ,9V/2A and 12V/1.5A (18W Max).
Standard Fast 2.4A Mode: 5V/2.4A. (12W Max),

Package Includes:
1 * BW-S11 USB PD QC3.0 Type-C + 2.4A EU Charger
1* BlitzWolf® Warranty Card

18 months warranty

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  • damn, wish it had the 30W PD as well as USB A

    • This… I was so excited when I thought it was 30W PD plus USB A

      Hell even 2 PD slots would be great. Laptop and phone on trickle charge would work for me overnight or at work.

    • Yeah, the dedicated USB-PD model is a better buy unless you really need another port and dont have space for another adaptor.

    • Isn't it 30w pd + usb a already?

      • Not according to the product page. 18W PD + 12W USB A. the title is confusing and should be changed.

        Very disappointing.

    • Can you use a usb C to A cable?

  • It says "EU" charger and "AU" adapter. Not sure if they will send the EU plug.

  • 18 Months Warranty

    I hope this isn't the warranty that involves me posting back a faulty item to Gongdzuong at my cost? Do you know where could I read the warranty terms? I couldn't find on the item page.

    • PayPal refunds postage if you activate it here. Obviously they have their own set of terms attached. This covers their policy on warranties and returns.

      The part where you're going to have trouble is with that warranty. It contradicts their 3 day DOA policy considering BlitzWolf is a registered trademark belonging to Banggood.

      • Yes, I've activated the paypal refunds postage. I was just wondering if this warranty is offered by Blitzwolf or banggood, and it looks like the latter and they honour it based on another response below.

    • These ones have the new chip, so failure be unlikely compared to previous ones which had high failure rates.

      Had a faulty one. Some emails and other things (not going to advertise how they resolve faults, but its easy) new one on the way. Throw old one in bin.

      Great service.

      • Thank you, so the warranty claim does not require me to post the item back to China. Now, that is a helpful reply!

    • Well Banggood is a Chinese company and you're buying it from overseas. If you worried so much about warranty issue you should buy it from an Australian company based in Australia.

      • What I asked for was more details on the warranty provided, but you're offering unsolicited advice on where I should buy my goods. While I thank you for your advice, it's not answering the question, or being of any value, by any stretch of imagination.

      • If you worried so much about warranty issue you should buy it from an Australian company based in Australia.

        You would be paying a premium buying from an Aussie reseller and the warranty process would be much the same.

    • My experience witb banggood was really good, especially the rep here. Had a couple of faulty cables but all of them were resolved quickly and no extra cost on anything.

  • Looking for a pd USB C - USB C Car charger to rapid charge the pixel 2, anyone has any recommendations?

  • So is this the kind of charger i need for a Pixel 2XL to fast charge?

  • Can this dash charge for the One Plus 3T?


    Thanks Op, grabbed two & a usb-C turbo ampcore cable too.

  • PD is a bit low ?

  • what are the delivery times on items from banggood?

    • +1 vote

      for $us2 I added Priority Airmail, which is usually under 2wks.
      The charger doesn't ship until 20 April,

  • So is this a good charger to take with you on holidays? I'd like to charge my phone and Nintendo Switch.

  • bought a Wifi plug from them and stopped working after 2 months, no response for my email/ FB message or contact form. never again from them :(

  • will this charge the xiaomi air 12/13 laptops?

  • The price goes up with the quantity? Bulk buy penalty?

    Oops - earlier buyers are rewarded with a better price. Numbers are for total sales.

  • Won't be good for xps13/latitude right? (19.5 V, 3.34 A).

  • How is this one difference compares to BW-S10 30W? https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-S10-30W-USB-Type-C-PD-...

    This one seems the PD port max output is only 18w compares to 30w in BW-S10, which one better to charge iPhone X and Macbook Pro etc?


    • 30w ….but no USB-A port …… so only good if you have USB-C device and USB-C to USB-C cable

      it will charge quicker if the device wants the extra juice…….. you will get more USB-C devices so higher wattage is future proofing.

    • Btw, s10 is now available from AU warehouse with free delivery. Grab it while you can and have it sooner. That's what I've done anyway, to charge MBP while on the go.

  • I previously bought BlitzWolf® BW-S6 Quick Charge 3.0+2.4A 30W Charger on 7/11/2016 on ozbargain deal.
    its QC3 port has stopped working this week, anyone know if the warranty on this model is also 18 Months?
    Is failure of QC3 port common fault?

  • These chargers are all so confusing to the layman!

    I have the following
    BW-S6 x 2
    BW-S2 x 1 and the
    PD USB C charger

    I use the PD USB to charge my S8/ XMI powerbank and Nintendo Switch

    The BWS6 and BWS2 I just use to charge our iphones8s and X's and all and any other USB devices - is there a specific charger I should be using from the list if someone wouldn't mind taking the time in explaining all the differences!

    Touch wood I haven't had any issues with any Blitzwolf products yet!

  • Will BW-S11 charge Nintendo switch?

    • Yes. Funnily enough they said it's only compatible in handheld mode.

      I mean, how else is Switch being charged if not in handheld mode?

      • Some chargers can power the Switch whilst docked. The dock is more particular than the Switch itself, and requires 15V/2.6A (39W), so the charger must support the 15V USB-C PD profile.

        Eg. Xiaomi / ZMI 45W chargers, and the ZMI 10 QB820 40W powerbank.

  • Would this charge a macbook pro?

  • Can someone confirm this is EU plug with AU adaptor,…..or AU plug?

    • Everything I've ever received from them has had an AU plug so this shouldn't be any different and all the images show an AU plug.

      • You can't blame me for asking when their own spec list shows EU plug. Yes, some pictures show AU plug, but some show EU too.

        Would not be the first time you received something slightly different would it?

        • No need to get defensive, was just sharing my experiences when buying from BG.

        • @Jonesy7707:

          Not getting defensive to you, but yes I am defensive when ordering technical goods such as this online, especially from China as if you get it wrong you usually get stuck with it after waiting a month or longer to receive.

          I was a little hasty ordering a USB cable last week from ebay without reading the detailed fine print, and although only $6 from a local seller, was wrong type ( was 100% my mistake ) and now just need to wear it.

  • Over 100 units now sold, price is up to AU$17.30.

  • Can you guys help me out, I'm not well-versed with fast chargers. I just got a Google Pixel 2 XL and am wondering what would be the best Blitzwolf charger and cable to get to use with it? Cheers

  • Any recommended non-Apple type C to Lightning cable? Blitzwolf doesnt seem to have one?