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London Flying Malaysia Airlines from $925 Return Ex SYD (May 2018)


Just when I thought it couldn't get any cheaper for full service airline deals to London, I found these this morning!
Limited departure dates next month in May 18.

Please use link below - change dates to suit travel needs / find sale fares:
*Sydney to London Return from $925

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Malaysia Airlines

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    Return :)

    • +10

      Nearly all their flights make it!

      • +1

        Haha yeah nearly. I admit you can't have your safety guaranteed on any flight but there are certain things you can do to minimise it.
        Or on a statistical approach, it's happened to them twice before so has less chance of happening again ;)

        • That is why you should always carry a bomb. The odds of two bombs on one plane are astronomical!
          (Sorry, can't find a link for whoever I stole that home from)

        • +6

          No, that's wrong. If you flip a coin twice and get heads both times, the third time you flip it it's still 50-50 heads/tails…

        • @mskeggs: hahaha that's great forward thinking!! Now to just figure out how to get it on the plane 🤔🤔

        • +2

          @mskeggs: It's an old Benny Hill joke, but probably discovered by lots of other people. There was a cartoon of two bombers sitting next to each other and one saying wow the odds against this must be astronomical. They wouldn't dare publish such a cartoon these days.

        • @Piangi: Whoosh!

          Edit: you don't realise that pennypincher98 is being farcical?

        • @Piangi: No, that's wrong. It's like having a purse full of coins and flipping one from there. The coins represent all the airlines and the heads tails represents whether it's 'successful' (if you can call it that).

          It's not a 50% chance thing.

        • @Piangi: True, but that's not called statistics. Statistics deal with odds in the big picture.

        • @Piangi: Consecutive odds vs Concurrent odds.

      • They all take off.

        • +2

          They also land but sometimes not at an airport or in one piece.

          Poor MH, really rotten luck twice. One flight victim of an act of war, though European airspace control has some blame for being naive. The other we may never know in my lifetime but I reckon the pilot went rogue and committed the perfect crime.

        • @greenpossum: the pilot went rogue? That's an interesting theory.
          One I also refuse to believe though because if pilots just flip out like that then it makes flying in general a very risky experience if the captain decides he wants to end it all.

        • +1

          @pennypincher98: Look up Germanwings flight 9525. Also SilkAir flight 185. Scared yet?

          There are lots of other situations where you are putting your life in the hands of strangers. E.g. if you are on a coach you are trusting the driver not to drive into a ravine.

        • @greenpossum: if you are in a car you are trusting not only yourself but all the people around you.

          At least on a bus/coach you only have to trust the driver.

        • +1

          @pennypincher98: So on a plane you have to trust the pilot(s). Even if one doesn't flip and incapacitate the other they can do questionable things like Aeroflot flight 593.

  • +13

    LMAO. These jokes are rippers.

    I love seeing them every single time there's a Malaysian Airlines deal.

    • +1

      Come up with something funnier/original?

      • +1

        He did, they are rippers.

        • +8

          It's hard to come up with something original though because the original will never be found.

        • +1



    • 60% of the time, it works every time

    • Rippers

    • -3

      Lol I love taking the mickey every time a deal like this comes up :)
      Cheap mystery flight!!

      Unfortunately others don't seem to share my sense of humour lol.

      • +3

        To be fair it must be pretty shit for the families / Malaysian staff.

      • +3

        Gets a bit stale after the 50th time !

  • I flew with them when I went to London last year and my experience wasn't great.

    Honestly, I was all for giving them the benefit of the doubt but they cancelled my SYD-KUL flight about 2 hours after it was due to depart. Then there was chaos, hundreds of people lining up to be bussed off to Rydges in Parramatta at 1AM.

    Out of the 4 flights, 3 of them were delayed. The flight attendants were more interested in flirting with the passengers than actually attending to them. I actually heard one get angry at a passenger because he kept asking for beer (lol).

    Though, this price is an easy $600 off what I paid so. I guess it may be worth it if you've got the patience.

    • +6

      Flirting with passengers you say? Perhaps I SHOULD fly Malaysia airlines. I guess I can understand it. Life is short afterall.

    • +1

      They sent you guys to Parramatta for the overnight hotel rather than any of the hundreds of hotels significantly closer to the airport?

      • +1

        Yeah! Well I got a cabcharge off them and went home for the night but hundreds of passengers waited in line for 2-3 hours to be put up in Parramatta. Most had to get back to the airport to get the early flight to KL so there's no doubt many didn't get much sleep at all before their day flight…

    • That sounds like the ground staff in Australia were not very well equipped to handle the situation.

      But, for what it is worth, I have always found their in flight service to be excellent. I don't remember any significant delays either.

      Their business class is also really great if you get the opportunity. I think for most (if not all) flights you can bid for an upgrade to business class. I always put in the minimum bid and have got it from time to time.

    • All joke aside, I don't mind flying with them even after two terrible accidents, which I see more of a bad luck than managing problem. And I did last year to BKK. The service on board was OK but definitely not 5 star worth. On the return leg, ground staff at BKK processed the boarding so slowly for a A380 after one or two earlier flights canceled due to the weather, we could only get to see our flight off right after we landed. Then a long line to get booked in a hotel because all the staff were half asleep and scratching their heads for reasons unknown. And I hate the very confusing KLIA for its bus service. After I finally arrived at SYD, my luggage got a big dent and scrape on its corner. When I told the service staff I flew with Malaysian Airline, I was told, Malaysian Airline made a point of not compensating for any damages to luggage other than breaking a hole.

  • +3

    personally I still do not have courage to fly with the Airline, until they find out what happened to the previous one.
    Good luck.

    • +1

      My sense is that it ain't the airlines fault and I doubt the public will ever find out.

  • -1

    Considering how many lost their lives we should be more delicate

  • LowPriceFly,

    Any forecast if there will be any specials SYD-LON for Leaving late Dec returning mid Jan. I have never flown in peak before.

    Also if there are deals can you advise on when they will be released. Also would prefer not to fly with Malaysia Airlines

    • +1

      Hi Pharmacy,

      That is indeed a peak time to depart & return. I have however found a deal with China Airlines (Taiwan) departing on either 27th or 28th of December returning on 15th of January for $1,296 return which is very good for that peak holiday period.
      Here is the link with the details: http://travel.lowpricefly.com/en/flights/search/SYD/LON/2018...

      In the meantime please regularly check and use the search engine at www.lowpricefly.com as updates to various fare sales are loaded daily.

      Regards, LowPriceFly

  • Any cheap flights from Perth?

  • OP Would be good if you could add multi city or at least a stopover option to your website search.

    But that may be a wego limitation, not yours I guess.

    • +1

      Thanks Pete, defiantly something for me to consider for the site in the near future.

  • If you can tolerate the VERY average MAS service, this is an excellent deal, as the last time I flew to London with MAS, I gained almost enough points for a one way flight to KL.

  • wouldnt travel with Malaysian Airlines if you gave me free tickets. Disgusting as to how they have treated family and friends as a result of the recent planes that have dissappeared. The company obviously has internal issues both political and religious aspects.

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