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[Sold Out] Friends 1-10 ~$53.16, Sex and the City 1-6 ~ $46.39, Bones 1-5 ~$49.08 at Amazon UK


You will need a region free DVD player to watch these.

I am going to stop going to this site now, CC is taking a pounding.

As above Friends Season 1-10 Complete Collection (15th Anniversary) [DVD]
£29.78 (after VAT) + £3.68 postage - Total £33.48 or ~$53.16. Cheapest I see in Oz is $169.99 at Sanity.com.au

Edit: Sold Out

Sex and the City Seasons 1 - 6 Complete Box Set [DVD]
£25.52 (after VAT) + £3.68 postage - Total £29.2 or ~$46.39. Cheapest I see in Oz is $79.98 at JB


Edit: Price has Increased

Bones Seasons 1-5 [DVD]
£27.21 (after VAT) + £3.68 postage - Total £30.89 or ~$49.08. Cheapest I see in Oz is $159.99 at Sanity


EDIT: Temporarily out of stock, but will still get price. Will expire soon.
Further Edit: Expired.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Aren't they uk pal ??

    • Yeah they should be PAL but Region 2, we use Region 4 in Oz.

  • Wish I had a multi-region DVD player :(

    • +9

      I wish I had friends. I'm just a player!

    • usually the cheapest no name brand players around $20-30 are multi region.
      ironsword: what brand and model is your current dvd player?

      • I have a PS3

  • I bought Friends last year and I think they come region free :)
    Even sold some on ebay :)

  • Man that's cheap, I bought a set last year and it was around AU$80 delivered. Now it's less than $60.

  • -1

    where can we get region free players?

    • JB Hi-Fi is a decent place to start. Forget about hardly normal!

    • +1

      Here's one at oo.com.au $29.95 plus postage ($9.95) good reviews on it(45 reviews average 4.7 out of 5)
      Can't go wrong at that price.

      • +1

        sweet as, I get a DVD player and friends, and it'll cost me less than friends itself bought in oz!

        • goodguys near me had a region free dvd player reduced to $29 the other day and i saw one somewhere else for $19 but cant remember where. It always seems to be the cheapest ones that are multi region. If you have an lg dvd player already its sometimes just a matter of pressing '0' seven to eight times while in the menu or region lock screen and its unlocked. I googled it and had mine unlocked in a matter of seconds so maybe check out if you can do the same before buying a new one.

    • +1

      Many DVD players can be region unlocked simply by entering a code.
      Just google "[DVD brand] [model number] region unlock code" and you should find something for free.
      I've unlocked a few in this way.

  • +1

    thanks for posting this up, I have been looking for the FRIENDS series in the local stores to be shocked at how much its still going for.. THANK GOD I GOT IT FOR $53 delivered. U LIL BEAUTY

  • +1

    six feet under - collectors edition 24 discs, series 1-5 available for £36.59 + £3.68 delivery.
    Also good prices on The Sopranos and The Shield

    • Agreed!

      Already have all of The Shield (which is awesome) but i picked up The Sopranos (comes up as 44 pounds but for some reason at checkout was only 38) and Homicide: Life on the streets.

      Also got Jekyll series one which is steal at <4pounds!

      Just in case people wondering delivery is very cheap - was only 6.83 for my 3 items. However delivery time is 3-4weeks so beware

  • +2

    Dammit if friends was funny I would buy it!

  • +1

    This is a pretty sweet deal.
    What I am about to say has nothing to do with the deal,
    just thinking you guys browsing this post might be interested to read,
    Friends HD is showing at 720p and in the 16:9 mode @ GEM Australia.
    for more information, screenshot of DVD and current GEM version
    u can click my thread at

  • The complete battlestar galactic series is selling for $90AUD delivered.
    Not too bad a price!

    • whats with the negs?

      fishpond is selling this for $161 and CDwow is selling it for $129…. $90 is definately a discount

    • What referral link? The only links I put in where to Amazon.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure the ref=sr_1_1?s part of the result means that is was a "search result". If you click on an Amazon suggestion you will get a different code there, if you click on a wishlist item you will get another code. It's probably for Amazon stats.

      Broden you really should be informed before being such a douche about things.

      • My bad. Apologies to the OP.

  • Damn you, Sir!

    After seeing the Jekyll comment I had to get it (just over 7GBP total!) and ended up ordering another 8 items I don't need.

    Thanks :)

    • I could not agree more. Every time I go I find a bargin. For boxed sets it seems like the equivalant to book depository is for books at the moment - 90% of the time it is cheaper than in Oz.

      Carry On, Prison Break, Trailer Park Boys are all discounted.

      If you are after Blu-ray - Planet Earth, Life, Band of Brothers are back on special. You can get Planet Earth for $27.39 - cheaper than when it was a huge bargin before on Oz bargain - could be just aussie dollar pirce rise.

      • It's a good idea to compare Amazon UK with Zavvi.com for Blu-Ray and even DVD prices. They are sometimes cheaper, sometimes not. Planet earth is $27.91 delivered when I just checked. You don't save on shipping by buying a bunch at a time. They are all sent in individual packaging from both sites AFAIK.

        • The max i've seen prices vary is ~5 pounds with amazon being cheaper in that case although at times zavvi may be a couple of pounds cheaper. Problem is they charge shipping PER item at ~2.50 pounds (least they did when i bought video games from them) and shipping takes AGES - took them >2 months to deliver my 360 games and that was with me bothering them.

          Amazon.co.uk has quoted me a delivery date in 3 weeks time which is still a tad slow seeing as they arrive the day I go back to uni but at those prices i'm not complaining :D

  • +1

    Good deal, shame DVD is on the way out. Wish we have Netflix.

    • I don't - even with ADSL2+ i'm only dling at ~2mb/s at the best of times as I'm in the middle of 3 exchanges. And most of the time it's dropping out :(

      It'd take ages to watch one episode of something let alone a movie or whole series!

      • -1

        dont worry… NBN is coming.. :D

        • +2

          … so is Christmas :/

  • Are PS3 DVD region free?
    So this should work on PS3!?

    • +3

      No, PS3 games are region free, but for DVD and BluRay they are region locked.

      • this is silly but can i play it on my xbox? cheers

        • Also region locked.

          As mentioned elsewhere in the thread, a cheap region free DVD player is your best bet.

  • this is great, cheapest compare to few other sites, thanks!!

  • +1

    i looooooooooooooooove friends!!!!!!!!!1111

  • would be cheaper if you opt not to use their exchange rate and go with your credit card issuer's. Ended up being a tad cheaper for me to get the friends box set :-)

  • Thank you. Great fine.
    Got Friends for my GF and managed to get this for myself (X-Files - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Files-Complete-Collectors-DVD/dp/B00...)

  • If it weren't for Friends being such an obnoxious show this might be quite good

  • Couldn't find the price stated for "Friends", what's the link?

    • Sorry, looks like it has sold out.

  • +1

    A bit of Fry and Laurie Seasons 1-4 for $26


    I couldn't resist.

    • Now THAT is a TV series worth buying!

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