expired Singapore from $453 Return Flying Qantas/Emirates (Apr-Nov). PER- $453, CBR- $523, MEL- $570, ADL- $573, BNE- $587, SYD- $618

Singapore from $453 Return Flying Qantas/Emirates (Apr-Nov). PER- $453, CBR- $523, MEL- $570, ADL- $573, BNE- $587, SYD- $618Affiliate

Destinations: Singapore

Airline: Qantas/Emirates

Departure Dates: 18 April to 12 June 2018, 1 August to 21 September 2018 and 10 October to 24 November 2018

Valid Till: On sale till 23 April 2018

Frequent Flyer:

Qantas Frequent Flyer (Oneworld)

With Qantas, this fare books itself in “Discount Economy” class and for a round-trip from Sydney to Singapore earns 5,200 points and 60 status credits. Flights operated by Emirates between Melbourne and Singapore earns 2,000 points.

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  • Christchurch from $271 return flying Air New Zealand/Virgin Australia (May-Sep) - $271 to $327
  • London from $1133 return flying Cathay Pacific (May-Nov) - $1133 to $1192
  • Las Vegas from $1144 return flying Virgin Australia (Apr-Nov) - $1144 to $1172

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    Trying to get a fare under 900 to Heathrow in sept-oct… tried skyscanner and previous post. Anyone have a different way to search cheaper fare?

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      Try Google Flights, then click the calendar to find the cheapest dates. Then plug those dates into Skyscanner, Momondo, etc. Oct 10-17 on Google Flights $1057 on Malaysian. Throw it into Skyscanner shows Aunt Betty with $1018 - $40 code is $988. Not under $900 though, may have to wait.

      The other option is to find a cheap flight to Singapore and then get a cheap flight to London. Norwegian Shuttle offers $199 one-way fares to London. Last time I got a cheap Scoot flight to Singapore and then got a cheap Turkish Airlines flight to London and out of Amsterdam for around $1000 in September.

      I'd just wait for a deal to come up.


        Thanks for that. I was going to ask the same question, was looking for flights to south america (missed the recent deal) and want to be able to a whole month flexible search which i cant seem to do on sky scanner.

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          Just got this email from Scott's Cheap Flights:

          Australia to Brazil / Peru — $1,000s (return, no bag fees) May - Nov via Qantas/LATAM

          TO: Lima (LIM)
          Adelaide (ADL) - $1,024
          Brisbane (BNE) - $1,009
          Melbourne (MEL) - $1,005
          Sydney (SYD) - $1,021

          TO: Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
          Adelaide (ADL) - $1,018
          Brisbane (BNE) - $1,024
          Melbourne (MEL) - $998
          Sydney (SYD) - $1,014

          TO: São Paulo (GRU)
          Adelaide (ADL) - $1,018
          Brisbane (BNE) - $1,003
          Melbourne (MEL) - $1,004
          Sydney (SYD) - $1,014


          just saw this now, cheers man!


    Thanks buddy will try that out

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      be wary using some random flight scanner for flights, if something goes wrong and you need customer support it can be very stressful.

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        If I had a dollar everytime I heard this I could retire. Yes it is true but it is equally the case if you booked the same deal direct with Qantas. It's a red e deal so you'd be charged $400 for amending the ticket plus any additional charges associated with the new fare. It would not be any cheaper, or less stressful, going direct so for most people, it is far better to lock in the discount and go ahead with their booking on the dates originally booked. If you have to change than either get insurance or suffer the loss.


          Not talking about fees, just talking about someone who will listen to you. We've had an issue with a cheap flight booked through air nz had it resolved a lot better than how we did using some mob who I can't even remember the name of.

          People are aware of change of flight fees etc. but being able to actually get a new ticket issued is another thing. Some companies invest in the customer experience, others have a chain of call centres in different timezones



          I can see your point. What I was trying to make clear in this case is it wouldn't make economic sense to change a ticket for any reason. $400 change fee plus the fare difference (which would be greater than discount economy fare originally booked) would mean any amendment would cost you more than the original $500 or so that it cost to book in the first place. You're better off just taking the flight or re-booking with jetstar or scoot for either or both legs of a journey to SIN.

          I agree this isn't always the case and your NZ example demonstrates this. But in cases like this particular one when the change fees exceed the cost of the fare, no one is going to help you, regardless of who you booked with: Qantas; skyscanner or Aunty Betty.

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    Be aware that flying Qantas from Perth means sitting in a tiny 737 for 5+ hours. Also, the Qantas/Emirates flights from Adelaide and Canberra are via Melbourne. Otherwise, great deal.


    Is this an upgradeable fare class?

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    Singapore Airlines is only $5 more and try and pick the flights with the new 787-10 Dreamliner much better than the Qantas 737

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    Has anyone here been to Singapore F1 Grand Prix?

    How much roughly are the tickets ?

    This is my first time i am planning on going Singapore to watch f1 and maybe abit of holiday like 5 day stay.

    Any suggestion, ideas please comment below.

    • +1 vote

      I went in 2015 and it was amazing - possibly the best atmosphere of all the Grands Prix because of the location and the night time element. Accommodation around this time is hideously expensive though, I think I paid about $350 for one night in a 3-star hotel. My ticket wasn't too expensive because I only went for Qualifying.


    Do you know of any promo tickets from Melbourne to Queenstown (or anywhere else) during the last week of September?


      None that I can see. If you don't mind flying the week before there are some good deals to both Queenstown and Christchurch


    Any idea when the sale will end?


    Thinking 7th Nov evening MEL - AMS, 12th Nov night AM - DEL, 21st Nov Early Morning DEL - MEL . What's the best price please ?

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