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Buy a Apple Mac for Uni, and Get EDU Discount + FREE iPod Touch & HP Photosmart Wireless Printer


Choose your Mac.
If you’re a tertiary student, faculty or staff member and you buy a qualifying Mac with education pricing between 4 January and 28 March 2011, you can get up to $289 back via mail-in rebate.* No wonder they call these the best days of your life.
Compare Mac models

Just $1,139
Save $60

MacBook Pro
From $1,329
Save up to $120

MacBook Air
From $1,139
Save up to $60

From $1,379
Save up to $70

Take an 8GB iPod touch to uni.
Along with tons of other great features, iPod touch has built-in Wi-Fi for FaceTime.2 It’s also great for downloading thousands of games, movies, songs, apps, and amazing, free educational content from iTunes U.

Free Printer:

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  • ", you can get up to $289 back via mail-in rebate."
    is that to cover the cost that you MUST buy for the iPod Touch or is that just to simply have as a cashback?

    • yeah, you buy the iPod Touch for $289, then you get sent back a cashback for $289

      same with the printer (to the value of $130)

      • where do you buy the ipod touch(apple store, big w, etc)?
        because you can get an Ipod touch 8gb for way LESS than $289, you could get it for $220; so if i could/were to get the ipod touch at $220 would i only get $220 or $289?

        • +3

          Nice try but I don't think it works that way.

        • +1

          has to be bought on the same receipt as the computer. The only places that do EDU discount as well are Apple online, and some uni campus computer stores.

          You can buy a 32GB ipod instead, or any of the other ipods, and you still get upto $289 cashback (if you buy a $129 nano you get $129 back).

  • -2
    1. Mail-in rebate savings depend on the qualifying printer purchased. Terms and Conditions apply. Misleading Title!
    • +1

      Sorry, not much space in the title, I thought the link I provided would have been adequate for more details

  • +1

    wow, I thought the education discount would be much better than that.. thats piss poor. I'd rather buy a Windows notebook for half the price yet twice as powerful if I was a student!

    • +2

      Horses for courses I guess. Computers aren't all about horsepower

      • +3

        What are they all about then, if not performance?

        I'm with nubzy, but I'd throw Hackintosh on the sucker & have the best of both worlds! :p

        • +4

          That reminds me of a childhood friend, who couldn't understand how my saxaphone cost more than his 1970s Ford Falcon. He thought in terms of dollars per kilo no doubt.

          And if you want performance, why aren't you still running DOS? That would literally scream on the latest quad core processor.

          I certainly agree that at times Apple is behind the 8 ball when it comes to pure specs, but I actually like using OS X, whereas using Windows is like trying to go to sleep with a mosquito in the room.

          Nevertheless, if you like Apple computers, this is pretty good deal.

        • +1

          Well for starters Daabido, DOS is single threading, so multiple cores are useless there; it might run ok on your saxaphone though! ;)

          Your name's not really Trent Bennet is it? :p

        • +3

          er…life isnt all about screaming performance and anyone that thinks so is narrow minded and insightless.

          Sure there would be a percentage of people who need the best sandybridge processor for the cheapest price - thereby getting the best bang-for-your-buck. However, balls, there would also be a percentage of people who also consider other attributes important - such as design, build quality, after purchase care, ease of use, operating system, programs available on the computer, compatibility with their work computer, brand name (eg fanboys), etc.

          If life was all about performance, then everyone would be driving around in second hand WRX's.

          I love my netbook PC - but i also love my mac mini (which I specifically bought for use with Plex). Sure there were PC equivalents, but none ticked the boxes I wanted as the mac did - and price wasnt that important to me.

          There are heaps of companies that dont have the most powerful product on the market, but still sell amazingly well - as they put lots of money into development of an easy to use product that many people find great to use (TIVO and the Nintendo Wii comes to mind).

        • Ah yes, a saxaphone is kind of single threaded instrument so it would probably run DOS. Unfortunately I don't have the sax any more, but I was glad I sold it about a month before we were broken into and everything of value taken. That's almost 20 years ago now.

          And as for Trent Bennet, I'm not sure who that is. Daabido is the Japanese for David, so you can probably work out my first name from there.

          Edit : That reminded me when I was outside of Kyoto and signed up for a river ride. You had to give your name so they could call you out when it was your turn. I said, "David" a few times, but unfortunately the tour guide didn't understand, so I said, "Daaabido" and he said, "Ah, David." I thought that was awesome, as was the river ride.

          Oh, I worked out who Trent Bennet is now. A bit harsh Stew Balls ;)

        • @Daabido-san,

          Yeah, probably was a bit rough…apologies dude!

      • +1

        MacBooks are very popular in the education sector. You don't need massive performance for assignments and internet research. One reason they are popular with kids and the education sector is that they can take a fair bit of abuse and are also relatively light.

        With discounts you can get a MacBook for around $1000. I agree they are overpriced and I wouldn't consider buying one myself—but I do see the benefits for some situations.

        They have 1280x800 resolution which most people would prefer over 1366x768. Also the usability of the trackpad on MacBooks is hard to beat.

        There are not many 13.3" notebooks that have quality build, are light and durable, with reasonable performance for around $1000.

        • MacBooks are very popular in the education sector. You don’t need massive performance for assignments and internet research.

          By that logic a sub $200 netbook will suffice! Here's one: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/37124 ;)

          There are not many 13.3” notebooks that have quality build, are light and durable, with reasonable performance for around $1000.

          Lenovo Thinkpad Edge comes to mind! ;)

          FWIW, I do recommend macs to a few people…those I want to be able to palm off when it comes to anything down the track with my fave line "sorry, I don't know anything about macs, you'll have to take it to the Apple shop." :D

        • Logic? Comparing to a $200 netbook?

          I don't know, are there any 13" Edges available in Australia?

        • @camelgrass,

          You said: You don’t need massive performance for assignments and internet research.

          Yes, logic (and commonsense) dictates that a sub $200 netbook will fulfil those 2 tasks you stipulated! :)

          Dude, seriously….re: Lenovo - Gooooooooogle; Stat..ic..ice! ;)

        • +1

          Read my post in full and you will see that I made about 5 or 6 points. A netbook would be struggling to fulfil even one.

          You can't just pick and choose at will to suit your argument —that's just silliness.

          Re the 13" Edge there appears to be very limited stock at very few outlets but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

        • "quality build, are light and durable, with reasonable performance"

          Netbooks fulfill those pretty well I'd say. Had my 1000HE for a bit under 2 years running win7 with no problems. And yes, I do use it for uni work and typing essays.

        • -1

          @camelgrass, seriously dude, now you're trying to tell me a netbook would have difficulty either browsing the web or editing an office document? Which of these two do you reckon might present the problem??? ;)

          I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings camelgrass, but unfortunately for you I can & will choose which of your many points I wish to discuss…I never took them out of context, all I did was address those that I felt were relevant…the others were of little consequence!

          As to the availability of Lenovo Thinkpad Edge laptops, you really need to look a little harder mate…as I said, feel free to google or staticice them; I have; or you might like to look right under your own nose! :p


          Limited availability does not mean unavailable, even if you choose to be evasive about it! ;)

          @flashi007, after all that rhetoric, you still never answered the question! Don't beat around the bush, spit it out man, I'm not getting any younger…what factors do you consider salient in a computer purchase if not performance??? :p

        • I followed the Lenovo link from that OzB deal and still no 13" Edge that I can see available. As I said availability seems to be extremely limited.

          Maybe it's just me but I would go insane if I had to use a netbook as my primary study and research tool. Spending hours at a time with 1024x600 resolution? When I'm in full study mode I have a few documents open at a time, multiple tabs open in my browser for quick reference, media player open to listen to mp3 lectures and video tutorials. Also need to open my email program and IM program at times. And that's not all.

          My netbook cannot do that comfortably. Maybe some people can, but I cannot type efficiently on netbook keyboards.

          Netbooks generally are also less reliable than notebooks and not as durable.

          That is my experience, others may have differing views and I welcome that.

        • You'd be surprised what accommodations you can make in the interests of study! ;)

          My first years at uni saw most assignments typed on my Amstrad Notepad NC100, transferred by null modem cable & saved whenever I got near a PC! My next study stint was using an ancient busted Toshi laptop with no HDD, booting from a live CD & working off USB thumbdrive!

          One could see a simple student buying a cheap USB keyboard/mouse combo; and even a cheap monitor as available! Although, I had several people some time back telling me they'd happily play hires games on an 11" LCD, like you say, each to their own! ;)

  • Some things…

    1. You have to buy the ipod touch and the imac at the same time so you can't buy your touch at big w. I can't see why you couldnt get myers or djs to pricematch big w or whoever has the lowest price though.

    2. It doesn't have to be an 8gb ipod touch. 289 is the maximum cashback, so you could get the 32gb or 64gb touch for a cheap price. To maximise your cashback it would be better to get the bigger ipods because for $289 the 8gb ipod is overpriced.

    • how do we know if myer / DJ are participating retailers? AFAIK they they don't sell macs with educational discounts.

      • Don't they? Ok scratch that bit out. Looks like rrp prices are likely then unless youre a good talker. :(

    • -1

      The person who said: "FWIW, I do recommend macs to a few people…those I want to be able to palm off when it comes to anything down the track with my fave line “sorry, I don’t know anything about macs, you’ll have to take it to the Apple shop.” :D"

      Response: at least the Apple shop has after-sales support. It's called the Genius Bar. You make an appointment, they fix your computer or give you a new one.

      Meanwhile, I'm typing this on my 5 year old intel iMac. Never reformatted, never defragged, never had a virus (don't have anti-virus), and works like it always has and looks like it looked when I bought it. Except it's now running Snow Leopard, after running Leopard and Tiger. No, an OS upgrade did not kill my computer. Not even two OS upgrades did.

      I want a computer for internet, word/excel, storing and editing photos and making movies. A computer that does those things well doesn't need to have the fastest processor.

      • -1

        Shh! Here's a secret: You don't actually need to do those things on PC anymore either.

        • -1

          ROFLMAO, you got negged for that…twice!!! :o

          Jeez there's some humourless gits out there! :p

      • -1

        Um, the person who said: "The person who said: “FWIW, I do recommend macs to a few people…those I want to be able to palm off when it comes to anything down the track with my fave line “sorry, I don’t know anything about macs, you’ll have to take it to the Apple shop.” :D”". Oh, it's so hard to be sure who really said that…Oh mighty Steve Jobs, please give me guidance!!! :p

        You can be smug when you learn how to reply to the correct comment in a thread; or at least read the name from the thread above! Give us a shout then champ! Then we can discuss some of the omissions & inaccuracies in your post! ;)

  • Read the terms and conditions. You can only participate in the deal by purchasing directly from Apple. That is, via the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Store, Apple On-Campus Store or Apple Authorised Education Reseller. You cannot participate in the cash-back deal by purchasing at stores such as DJ's, Myers etc (otherwise your claim will be rejected). All items must be purchased at the same time and be on the same invoice.

  • So will MBC work on this as well?

    • Yes. Did it last year.

      • -1

        Cool, thanks! I might delay this for a while and hopefully combine MBC with the GST claiming when I head to NZ. Good deal…thanks!

  • I was looking into this deal this morning for a friend seeing as I took it up last time it was offered.

    According to the way I read the rebate forms, both require you to provide the original UPC from the Mac. This would mean that you can only take up one of the offers.

    Unlike last year when this was available, one of the forms had a provision to provide details of an additional claim that had the UPC and meant you could claim the rebate on both the iPod and printer.

    • My bad, I didn't read the terms and conditions closely enough. You can supply copies of the other claim with the printer rebate.

      • So you can get both rebates? How exactly would that work?

  • I'm a Uni student but the deal isn't worth it macs arent anything special for what you get. Apple is overpriced

    • +6

      Unless you want to look like a wanker - check this out :D http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=macs_cant

      • haha lol that's good

        • +1

          I found comment #8 on this page: http://www.knowledgesutra.com/forums/topic/38600-what-are-th... to be pure comedy gold! :)

          Trent Bennet alone probably reduces the collective IQ of the entire mac user base by a significant degree! :p

        • +2

          @ stewballs
          "Do yourself a favor, and buy a mac. Macs do not use cpus, they use processors, thus no problems afterall."
          WTF mac users

        • +1

          No idea why people negged you.
          For those who can't be eff'd to open up the link, read below.

          Multicores versus Single Cores
          What Are The Pro's And Cons Of A Dual Core Power Processor

          Well, believe it be good, but you comparing apples to oranges. If I said, would you rather have one dollar, or *two, which would you pick? Obviously two? Well, then why not pick up a multicore processor? However, keep in *mind what you get. It be more expensive. Also, picture a person with two personalities, a split personality, as *you will. The person will have conflicting personalities. Two cores means two cpus fighting each other. What's *the use of having two 2.0 ghz running at a potential 4.0 ghz, if they may fight each other using 1.8 ghz each, *netting only 400 mhz free for what you want to do? Trust me, it's no picnic. Do yourself a favor, and buy a mac. *Macs do not use cpus, they use processors, thus no problems afterall.

          -reply by Trent Bennet

        • @cwongtech,

          I think the folks who negged me must have been using dual core CPU's; sure, they laughed at Trent's antics, but as soon as their nice Dr Jekyll core attempted to navigate away or even pos my comment, the evil 'Mr Hyde' core went mad, casting a neg (and possibly killing a few prostitutes en-route)! :o

          I don't blame them, they couldn't have known that their CPU had a bizarre alter-ego; but I do hope they're getting their macs all the care they need under kindly Dr Trent Bennet & his gentle team using single-core 'processor' group therapy! ;)

  • +2

    For those interested in this deal, especially the macbook pro 13", I would advise waiting to see if apple refreshes their line and put sandy bridge in. Core2duo is a 2+year old processor and must be in line to be replaced soon.

    • +1 though I have a sneaking suspicion that Apple will delay the release of the new MacBooks to coincide with OS X Lion's release mid-year, by which time Intel will have surely scraped the bottom of the barrel to come up with enough Core2Duos.

      The whole Apple loves NVidia but Intel doesn't thing no doubt set back the progression of the next MacBook, as well as Steve's obsession for getting it to have a smaller waistline than his own.

      Sorry Steve, you know I didn't mean it. I don't come to Apple with too rosy glasses. I have had more than my fair share of failures outside of warranty, with the aesthetics causing repair bills to be in excess of the value of the machine. I've had 3 17" displays go outside of warranty.

      • Have you tried getting them to repair it out of warranty? If it's a known problem, they will fix it. I've had an imac which developed a vertical stripe down the screen, a quick search revealed that it was a pretty common problem, I called apple and gave them a few websites documenting the problem and had the imac fixed for free, TWO years out of warranty. Needless to say I was very impressed.

        They have also acknowledged that there is a 3 months grace period from the end of your warranty inside which they will still fix the machine. Just a heads up.

    • Macrumors buyers guide says not to buy also ;-) http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#MacBook

  • +1

    Also, for those who are new to macs and are interested because of their purported build quality, I have these personal experiences to offer:

    1. A brand new ibook bought in 04/05 started to not boot, with a black screen about 18 months after purchase. Turns out it was the video chip breaking off due to weak soldering, I had to open up the case and shim under the chip. As it was out of warranty, it wasn't repaired.

    2. Next purchase was an iMac, it developed a white vertical stripe down the screen 13 months in. Left for 2 years until I randomly found a website saying apple will fix machines with known design defects. Repaired out of warranty 3 months ago.

    3. Current machine, macbook pro 13. Started to develop a grey 'shadow' on the screen, most visible when the screen is displaying something black. Will be sending it in under extended warranty.

    Apple = better build quality/durability is a marketing ploy a lot of people buy into, and from personal experience isn't true. Apple = better design is more true.

    The lesson: GET EXTENDED APPLECARE! You can actually get applecare off ebay for around 1/2 price you get at the shop.

    • +1

      I hear this all the time too. All of my Windows PCs (Mostly Dells, a couple HP) still work perfectly. Maybe I'm in the lucky minority, but I've never had a problem with them.

      Macs on the other hand… Oh boy. An old MBP 13 bit the dust barely a month of opening and more recently a friend's iPhone 4 fried. Couldn't turn off, couldn't sync, couldn't reset. It seemed to be a heating issue because you pretty much had to wait for the battery to run out while the screen burnt, from the corners creeping towards the centre.

      At Genius Bar, and to their credit, they replaced it with a refurbished unit. They however gave no explanation, vaguely suggesting they'd 'look into it' and explicitly never accepted responsibility for it.

  • anyone wanna sell their ipod touch to me?

  • +1

    I'm still not sure about these educational discounts. I've been a uni student for 3 years and never bothered with these 'discounts', most of the people I see around campus have an iPhone anyway (the rest are Android diehards) so there's little use in an iPod for most.

    Additionally, these models are sporting somewhat out-dated processors. When the Sandy Bridge chips hit this year, these will be two generations behind. Now people are going to call "well, you don't need a lot of grunt for productivity!", but this isn't a valid point because:
    1) If that's the case, pick up a netbook for $400.
    2) New processors don't just mean more grunt, it also means more efficient battery life, rendering etc.

    This 'promotion' seems like Apple's just getting rid of old stock. If you really MUST have Apple, just wait until next financial year, otherwise you really can't go wrong with a Lenovo. Even for the Apple fans, I'm sure most of you would simply take a hard $300 off discount over extras you might not want.

    • +1

      The ipod is a psedo discount to most, you will be seeing a lot of ipods on ebay soon.

      Get a netbook to do uni work if you hate yourself, or you don't need to type at all for your subject. All of the netbook I've seen have terrible screens and even worse keyboard and trackpad. I would sooner stick skewers underneath my fingernails before I use one for work.

      The promotion isn't a new thing for them, they do it at 'back to school' periods, they do one mid year as well.

      • +2

        My new Samsung N550 Atom net book is great and I fully plan on taking it to Uni, a notebook can't match its lightness. Besides for extended typing or programming I have my desktop at home. Although I still find these days I sit on the lounge in front of the telly with netbook, the screen, track pad and keyboard I find are all not an issue.

        • Sure, let me know when you write a 2500 words essay on it.

          When i was going through uni, ahem, a long time ago I spent most of the time writing my essays in the library. Can't imagine having to write, take notes, reference and layout a project on a netbook. Netbook are great for a lot of things, writing essays isn't one of them.

        • @fungi79

          No-one uses a netbook or 13s as their primary computer, nor were they designed as such. Netbooks are used to take notes down during a lecture, surf, and maybe watch a movie or 2 without charging all day. For this, they are perfect. And if you get good netbook, the keyboard will be 92% of full size and isn't a pain at all, but I do understand the misconception. My first Dell Inspiron Mini was TORTURE to type on, I picked up an HP Mini recently (because the Dell was such a pain) and voila! I'm back to within a hair of my 60 WPM.

          Additionally, people would most likely type their 2500 word assignments at home with a desktop or a 15-17 incher where they have the benefit of a full-size keyboard.

        • I know so many people that use a 13.3" as their primary computer. It's not uncommon at all in the education sector. Especially the macbook that actually has more vertical screen pixels than most 14 and 15 inchers in the PC market. I'm not commenting on whether macbooks are better or not, just what i see people using.

          Probably wouldn't use one myself as a primary computer. Although much better than using a 10" netbook as some are suggesting here.

        • I'm just wondering if you have even tried typing a reasonable amount of text on a decent net book Fungi? Because at first it is weird nd some are weirder than other, but on a good netbook you will easily get used to the keyboard within a few days. Humans aren't stupid, we can adapt to a changing environment…

          As I said earlier I dont even type on my 13 incher (which I'll prolly hock off on eBay soon anyway), I have a gaming PC I use for that with dual 22/24" screens. Hence why I only need a 'cheap' and small netbook to do small amounts of typing at uni, store all my lecture notes, tutorial solution sheets, etc and not weigh my bag down.

          But also I'm only young with perfectly fine eyesight so for me a 10" screen is perfectly fine…..

      • All of the netbook I’ve seen have terrible screens and even worse keyboard and trackpad.

        Then you really need to get out more! :p

        There are some very nice netbooks & ultraportable class machines out there you clearly don't know anything about! I would also suggest a visit to the optometrist if you have difficulty reading a 10" or better screen when doing an essay! ;)

        • +1

          Yeah like the Samsung NF310, decent 6 cell battery, dual core Atom, 10.1” HD (1366 x 768) LED-backlit LCD display (on par with alot of cheaper laptops in terms of resolution) and the keyboard and trackpad is very easy to get used to.

  • Doesn't include 11" MacBook Air or MacMini

    Makes the ad a bit misleading when it says MacBook Air from $1139 but you need the 13" MBA which starts at $1599

    • The 13" Macbook Air starts at $1549 for education pricing. So anyone buying using this deal will only pay $1549 for the Macbook Pro not $1599.

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