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Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit - $47.99USD (~ $62 AUD) Free Standard Shipping + $8.93USD Expedited @LightInTheBox


I was looking for one of these at a decent price and PM'd the excellent LITB rep here and he set up this deal for us!

Limited to 100pcs, half already gone by the time I woke up to see he had activated the deal!

Cheapest way to purchase is select USD as your currency, and use a fee-free credit card. If paying via PayPal make sure to change to your card provider doing the conversion.

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    Can you get a deal on Original Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh 2c Mobile Power Bank.

    • Sorry I'm not actually associated - just PM the rep (MiniInTheBox) and he might be able to help.

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    good price.

  • Thanks for sharing. I missed all the earlier sales but managed to snag one today. Next, time to get a raspberry pi :)

    • Is a raspberry pi needed to set this up?

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        Hi banipal

        No, the raspberry pi is for integrating it with Google home for home automation.

  • Rep…. when will the cashrewards come back online????? thanks

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      hi mate, it's back now.

  • I wonder if its gateway v1 or v2? On the picture of the full kit it is v2, but as you scroll through images, the gateway specific one is v1

    • what's the difference (in terms of functionalities) between gateway v1 and v2? and is there a visual difference? (I'm not sure if I have v1 or v2)

      • not sure, but would imagine v2 supports more devices etc. Visually its a number of holes on the front. Check Xiaomis site for v2.

        • I think you have v1 and v2 the wrong way around. The kit picture is v1 I think and the 4th picture is v2.

        • @MiniInTheBox: any answers rep?

        • @stalker878: just confirmed, it's V2

        • @MiniInTheBox: V2 you can listen to Chinese radio ….. might he usefull for some buyers (not me unfortunately). When Xiaomi decides to target western markets with some of these things it will be interesting.

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    just checked the local price on eBay - $72 with PULL5 - cashrewards
    Delivery from Melbourne.

  • noobish question
    is this easy to install and setup (coming from a person who is rubbish at DIY, and has never operated a drill)

    • You plug the gateway into the wall, all the other stuff has peel off stickers.

      I just used a bit of blu tack to put the motion sensor on the roof in a room and it works great.

    • I have one. They are a bit tricky. First of all the Android app has significantly more functionality, so if you can (even for initial setup) use an Android phone.
      The automation itself works about 75% of the time, some more of the more complex (useful) automations are written in Mandarin; once again this might be helped by using the Android app.

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    Don't waste your money. Server push notifications go down for weeks with no warning very often. With no push notifications it renders the system pretty much useless.

    • No need to rely on Xiaomi server. Some learning curve involved but you can use Home assistant combined with IFTTT.
      I actually blocked the Xiaomi gateway from internet access.

      • Ditto. If anything mine's working better since I blocked the gateway's access to the home server. I was have some issues with devices going unavailable. Not completely resolved but much better.

        • Or use HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi and the Homebridge-aqara plugin.

        • @McBanjo:
          I'm using Home Assistant. As it's mostly sensors, the Gateway sends a broadcast message to devices for most events.

          If you block the internet from the gateway, not sure if even the automations in the app will work. The app reports all the devices offline when the gateway is blocked.

        • @Shonky:

          Hi, I just setup latest Hassio(0.67.1) with v2 gateway(latest firmware) and some sensors. Gateway always unavailable after a few hours and needed a HA restart all the time. Have you encountered this issue?

          Xiaomi vacuum 1 - connected
          Yeelights - connected
          Xiaomi xiaofang cameras - connected

          Xiaomi power strip - unavailable
          Xiaomi Philips lamp - not listed

          Im still learning HA so no automations yet.

        • @kuripot:
          Not sure about Hassio. I run HA in a Docker container on my NAS. Currently on 0.67.1 and it's been pretty good the past few days actually. Main issue I had was the gateway must be on the same subnet (essentially) as it sends out broadcast messages when things happen. Also it sends a rolling key or hash or something - if that doesn't get through to HA it falls over pretty quickly.

          Aside from that (which was really a setup issue of my Docker container) I don't think the gateway has ever gone unavailable. Only the battery powered zigbee sensors I have issues with. Aqara door/window has been 100% perfect. Movement and temperature less so. Buttons are pretty good. Switched socket sometimes goes out. Usually a HA restart brings them back though which points to a HA problem more than anything.

          Im not using it seriously yet. I just have a few sensors around the place and trying a few things. Only have the gateway as I was having a lot of issues with ZigBee USB talking to the sensors and figured it would make a good doorbell worst case.

        • @Shonky:

          Thanks for your prompt reply.. I initially installed HA in venv on Pi3 for a few weeks then tried Hassio. I don't have Xiaomi gateway back then but connected all my smart devices without issue including Hue/Wemo/Harmony/Ring/Chromecasts..

          I was thinking my current network setup is causing the issue. My IoT devices are on a different network and my HA/PiHole is on my main network. IoT network is only allowed to see HA/PiHole. If possible can you advice best network setup for HA and IoT. Thanks again.

        • @kuripot:
          If you want to use the Gateway with HA you need to allow the broadcast packets from the gateway to HA. Do a "tcpdump host <gatewayip>" on any machine the gateway shares a network with and you should see them. Port 9898 is the main one from memory.

          All the sensors I have are Zigbee (well I have a couple of Z-wave too) so go via the Gateway and aren't on the main network as a result. Seems most of yours are Wifi. Anything Wifi I'd be running directly from HA and avoid the gateway unless HA didn't support them directly. Ideally even my Zigbee stuff I'd just go direct from my USB-Zigbee interface but Xiaomi's Zigbee implementation is a bit sketchy.

  • purchased.

  • I purchased this same item from LightInTheBox last month. Arrived in reasonable time.

    The Gateway is faulty and doesn't turn on when plugged into the wall.

    Have lodged a ticket but slow response.

  • Expired? Or is there a coupon? I see $56.99 USD.

    • Wondering the same, I was keen to order

    • yep same

    • me too! super keen to order

  • Same

  • Anyone got an experience with homebridge and this?

  • quick postage, love that china has the same plugs as us.

    though they still included two adaptors.