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Ramsta S600 480GB SSD $87.99 US (~$113.55 AU), Xiaomi Digital Thermometer w/ App Sync, $22.99 US (~$29.67 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two deals tonight with perhaps the lowest price a 480GB SSD has ever been!

The Ramsta S600 is a 480GB TLC SSD that has a sequential read of 550MB/s and sequential write of 440MB/s. It's perfect for replacing a traditional hard drive inside a laptop, use as a dedicated OS/Game drive or slipped inside an exclosure for use as a portable SSD. Ramsta's product page on this SSD can be found here.

More stock allocated on the SSD. Please follow this link - no coupon required

Next up is Xiaomi Digital Thermometer which can be used to record temperature and syncs with an app to provide historical data. While Xiaomi have marketed this towards women it can be used by men too.

Please note: AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting. Australia Direct Line express shipping has been discounted on both products. Please click Proceed to Checkout to choose shipping method before payment.

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