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Ramsta S600 480GB SSD $87.99 US (~$113.55 AU), Xiaomi Digital Thermometer w/ App Sync, $22.99 US (~$29.67 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two deals tonight with perhaps the lowest price a 480GB SSD has ever been!

The Ramsta S600 is a 480GB TLC SSD that has a sequential read of 550MB/s and sequential write of 440MB/s. It's perfect for replacing a traditional hard drive inside a laptop, use as a dedicated OS/Game drive or slipped inside an exclosure for use as a portable SSD. Ramsta's product page on this SSD can be found here.

More stock allocated on the SSD. Please follow this link - no coupon required

Next up is Xiaomi Digital Thermometer which can be used to record temperature and syncs with an app to provide historical data. While Xiaomi have marketed this towards women it can be used by men too.

Please note: AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting. Australia Direct Line express shipping has been discounted on both products. Please click Proceed to Checkout to choose shipping method before payment.

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    For anyone who is wondering about the NAND Flash used inside the SSD. According to promotional info provided by Ramsta it's using SK hynix TLC flash.

    • I assume that's good?

      I know Hynix make decent ram (it's in the HP enterprise servers that work buys) but I have no idea what their TLC flash is like.

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        That's good as there are brands out there that recycle not up to scratch chips from other manufacturers. Reviews for other SK hynix drives have been good.

        • Looks like a Silicon Motion SM2256K controller with Samsung cache judging by the image on the site.

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          @4wd: I believe it's a Silicon Motion SM2256AB to be exact.

        • @Clear: Ah yes, SM2256K AB … missed the extra letters.

          Screw it, I think I'll have to jump on this one :)

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    • Swedish vs Chinese.. Not firing any shots here… i get the impression that the word means 'durable' in Chinese…

  • Thanks Clear, I would totally buy that Thermometer but I'm not sure I have anywhere to put it.

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      Haven't you got a dog?

    • Easy to pregnancy

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    My girlfriend broke her Hynix when she was horse riding…

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      You believed her 😔

  • Holy shit this blows the previous best SSD price (measured by GB per $) out of the water … $4.22 vs $5.22 GB per dollar!

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      Yup I don't think anything has ever been this low before. It's a shame more people don't like it!

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        I think it's mostly because it's a generic/uknown brand

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          That would be it. At least in this case Ramsta have disclosed what they're using.

        • @Clear: what's warranty going to be like though? Through you guys or ramsta?

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          @Bargain4Days: It would be through GeekBuying. Ramsta have their own warranty too which should make it easier for Geek.

        • @Clear:Sweet, tempted to get this, but how long is warranty from you guys?

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          @Bargain4Days: I'd have to double check with Geek but it's usually 12 months.

        • @Clear: cool, will be awaiting your reply, thanks for the quick response

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          @Bargain4Days: Two years.

  • Will buy the thermometer if AUD 25 or below

  • Will a SATA SSD be fast enough in an external enclosure to edit 4k videos from?

    • If you use a standard USB 3.0 enclosure it's going to be your bottleneck. If your computer has USB-C then a USB-C enclosure should work well enough.

      • Just to clarify that comment, USB3 would be the bottleneck, not the drive. Assuming the drive speeds are as advertised.

        • That's what I meant. USB 3.0 will be the bottleneck and using a USB-C enclosure will be faster.

      • Thanks, so this USB-C 3.1 enclosure should allow the drive to perform at full speed right? https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-3-1-Type-C-To-2-5-SATA3-0-HDD-...

        • There are two "Generations" of USB 3.1 - 3.1 Gen 1 is not faster than 3.0.

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    I ordered the SSD - going to use it as my steam drive so not too big a deal if it dies!

  • ordered SSD , was paid $119.10 via Paypal

  • What is the TBW on the SSD?

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    Okay price for the SSD (it sells for CNY499 on JD.com, in China, ~AU$102-105 with current exchange rates).

    Ramsta is a sister brand of Tigo/KingTiger, a Chinese brand that has been around since 2005 and serves mainly the Chinese market. It is considered as a low end brand, performance consistency and reliability can be hit and miss (dependent on the controller chipset and NAND used), but not at the level of comes-out-of-nowhere-and-then-disappear brand.

    • Do you have a source on Ramsta being a part of Tigo?

      • http://minipower.zol.com.cn/topic/3268174.html (it is Chinese though)

        The article dates back to 2012, so I am not sure if the company structure is still the same.

        According to the article, Ramsta is established by Newlystar (钜鑫), http://www.globalsources.com/si/AS/Newlystar-International/6... , who also owns Kimtigo/Tigo/KingTiger. So I wouldn't say it is part of Tigo, but a sister brand of Tigo (and various Chinese sites have looked at the products and find some of the portfolio very similar, if not rebranded, to Tigo products in similar categories).

        • Perfect thanks. I'd be confident in saying they're still under the same group. Just like many of our favourites stores here on OzB.

    • I cannot find 480GB in JD

  • Thank you Op purchased perfect for my Oculus library. :)

  • SSD went out of stock in the middle of my transaction :(
    Any chance you can arrange to add some more, OP?

    • Same here :(

    • +1

      I'll request more tomorrow.

    • +2

      More stock has been allocated.

      • Bought one. Only $1.38USD for direct line shipping as well. Thanks again :)

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    Aaaaand we have more stock available. Knock yourself out!!

    • +1

      Thanks for the second chance Clear. Ordered one.

    • +1

      and another one

  • Just saying Clear - well done with helpful and informative replies. Great work rep.

    • Thanks! I do it on all of my posts.

  • Doing a noob PC gaming build, would a Ramsta be worth the risk for game storage?

    • It would be fine. I intend on using mine to store Steam games that I know have long loading times.

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    Placed an order on 21 April 2018 for above items and order has never been dispatched yet. Can someone advise when do you intend to dispatch the order? Thank you.

    • +1

      same with me…

    • There is a national holiday in China at the moment due to Labour Day. If you can send me your order number I can follow up when they're back tomorrow or Wednesday.

  • Code EPNCKNUN no longer works. "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times."

  • Just received my ssd not bad for standard shipping :)

    • Really? Here I am waiting for mine still in transit!

    • They have not even decided to ship my order yet. What a disgraceful shipping service with so many positive votes.

      • Processing time is advertised as 2-7 business days. If there hadn't been a national holiday in China it would have shipped by now.

        • @saty1296: For starters there is no need to be rude. I do this as a side hobby in my spare time so I'm not a Geek employee.

          It's stated at checkout and also in the shipping guide:

          Unfortunately this is something you have to accept when buying from China to save a few dollars. Things will take a little extra time to arrive.

        • @Clear: Please accept my sincere apology. My comments above are not directed at you. If you feel offended, I am very sorry about that. I am just trying to learn about Geekbuying shipping times, it is my poor knowledge about Geekbuying for being a first timer. I did not think that you are a Geekbuying employee. Most other Chinese stores that I have dealt with on Ebay and through their normal websites have been far quicker in shipping my orders so far.

  • Received mine, no time to do anything with it this weekend sadly…. maybe Sunday ill try it in my NUC….

    • Using it in my nuc with lubuntu 18.04….. working a treat so far :)

  • Just Received mine. Gonna test it first thing when I get home.

  • Please delete comment

    • I don't have my Orico 2139U3 handy but I just tested an 11.4GB file with the Orico 2588US3 and it maxed out around 105MB/s and seemed to average around 95MB/s.

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