expired Galax GTX1070 EX $579, Asus RT-AC68U $189 ($169 with Rebate), Sapphire RX570 8GB $429 @ MSY


Good price for a local stock GTX1070 these days, happily prices look to be on the way down. Galax EX GTX1070

Next cheapest in stock is at Umart for $665

Reasonable price for the RT-AC68U too at $189, as helpfully suggested by skyva there's also a $20 rebate availble bringing it to $169. http://www.asuspromotion.net/anz/aimesh-cashback/

Also Sapphire RX570 8GB version at $429 (next cheapest in stock is $489 at computer alliance)

Happy mining!

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    Prices for gpu will keep falling since the interest in mining is a lot lower

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    1080 for $699 please.

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      I'm really happy I got my 1080 on ebay back in march last year for $690 before it all went crazy. Looked on ebay just then and pre owened versions of the card I have are going for around $780! Thats insane!

      I would wait for the 1180 anyway, at least then you will get more performance for the price, that is if nVidia doesn't set the RRP sky high.


        Which they probably will. Is the 1180 going to be worth it though?

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          Should be, I've read that it is roughly 25%-30% faster than the 1080ti with the same power usage as the gtx1080.

          until one is released and reviewed, no idea what improvements they have made to the architecture.

          Hopefully good for 4K >60FPS gaming.


    1070 no vanilla version right ?

    is this 1070Ti ?

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    Well spotted OP.

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    good price on the rt-ac68u, as there is currently a $20 rebate from asus available. Should bring it down to $169 pick up. I use a hacked one and it is probably the best home router if you want something cheap and fully featured.

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    and people on gumtree are trying to sell Galax GTX1070 EX for 550. i hope the price will keep falling! need to upgrade soon


    I got a Sapphire RX580 8GB Nitro+ for $392 in November. The prices still need to come down further to match what they were before the last mining boom, but it's getting there.


      How does it compare to 1070?


        The RX580 is on-par and perhaps a little faster in some DX12 games than a 1060 (speaking from experience as I've tested 5 of them), so a 1070 easily beats it.

        The only reason the stupid cards are so overpriced was the mining craze, as the RX580 performance as a gaming card doesn't stack up to its asking price of $550-$650.


    Has anyone here tried claiming the Asus rebate cashback ?
    If so, did you receive any email after you submitted the claim ?


    I just paid $470 for an RX 580 8GB. And then I learned my new monitor didn't have Freesync anyway. And today I learn I could have gotten a GTX 1070 for just $100 more.


      First I'll say, I'm an AMD fan, (profanity) nvidia and I have a Vega card in my desktop.

      just paid $470 for an RX 580 8GB
      I think you paid too much for this card. Polaris cards are about to get much cheaper, especially with ETH asic miners on the way. Polaris cards don't compete well for other coins. Can you return it? Or since it's brand new, with a tax invoice, you might be able to get $420 if your hold strong on gumtree.

      Perhaps look at a GTX1060 (similar performance, lower price because they don't mine ETH as well as polaris cards).
      Or get this GTX1070 which is a very good price considering everything and will beat an RX570 at pretty much everything.

      For the record, I paid $385 for my RX580's before the madness.

      Unless you're mining or running Linux, the GTX1060 would have been a cheaper and possibly better choice depending on the games you're playing.


        Yeah I figured that when I bought it. But I assumed my 4k acer monitor from Officeworks supported free sync, because a similar and identically named model supports it. But the one Officeworks sells doesn't. I've already experienced problems with Sea of Thieves, apparently it's not uncommon for AMD video drivers to just crash and kick you from the game, losing your progress for unsold loot. But if I make my next monitor a free sync monitor, and use the old 4K one as a secondary monitor, then the AMD will come in handy as free sync 4k monitors are much cheaper than g-sync ones. Of course the extra power I would have gotten from Nvidia would probably negate the difference free sync would have made anyway…

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    Last week I would have jumped on this. But on the weekend I wend to zero latency and caught the VR bug. So I started researching and I think I need to wait just a bit longer for lighthouse 2.0, the higher res VR headsets, and the next release of Nvidia's Turing video cards…hopefully GDDR6 can cope with the insane fill rates required for VR at higher resolutions.

    Hopefully Pimax can sort out the lens issues on their (poorly named) 8k VR headsets.


    Right now it not the time to buy graphic cards or ddr4 rams. If I'm not seeing signs of both components dropping in prices then I'm definitely going to consoles for my main gaming once Xbox 2/ps5 is out.

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