This was posted 4 years 10 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 96 Page Exercise Book 9c at Big W


Hey all,
I was at my local Big W in Stafford yesterday and saw this bargain that I thought you might like. I'm not sure if it's nationwide or a store special, but they have 96 page exercise books going for 9c each! There didn't seem to be a limit on the number you could buy, I bought 9 and the person across from me bought about 30.

They had other specials there but nothing as good as this one IMO



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    5x64 page pack of A5 books is 5 cents as well.


    are they a5 or a4

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    I'd rather get FIVE 64 page books for 5 cents :L


    Just curious- has anyone been able to get the 5x48pg pack from coles? I think woolies is having a similar special this week. For some reason the stores around my area never have them :(

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    9c.. wow..i might rock up with my 10c and wait for my change…

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    Always sold out at campsie and I go everyday.
    That store is the worst.

    I went to Rockdale and there was a full shelf.

    Oh and don't get those 5 cents for your kids schoolwork.
    They will hate you for it, the pages are also not bleached as much and furthermore, kids are EVIL when it comes to bragging about stationery!!!
    I won't comment on whether teachers like reading from those books.

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      Less bleaching presumably means less chemicals dumped into the environment. Seeing as this is a cheap product almost certainly made in China, the chemicals (probably chlorine based bleach) would be dumped into the nearest stream.




    What sort of exercises ?

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    Are these exercise books made from partly recycled paper or at least sourced from sustainably managed timber plantations? We as consumers can place pressure on manufacturers to import better products.

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      not for 9c you can't


    Anyone else hate using A5 exercise books?