expired BlitzWolf AmpCore Turbo BW-TC9 1m USB 3.0 to Type-C Cable US $3.99 (~AU $5.26) Delivered @ Banggood


Thanks to O-O for the deal idea. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/374458#comment-5881634

Will post my run down of the cable types for Blitzwolf in this deal as well.

These are best if you want fast data speeds as well as they are USB 3.1 on the USB-A end.

If you are looking for something just for power, consider the
BlitzWolf® AmpCore Ⅱ BW-TC12 3A USB Type-C Charging Data Cable 3.33ft/1m With Magic Tape Strap - Black

Available in all 4 colours for $2.99US ($3.94AU)
These are USB-A 2.0 so won't be as fast for data, but should be the same for power. Also not braided and not around as long so not sure on durability.

Don't forget your cash rewards as well.

OK here we go, model numbers and what I can work out they mean.

M (ie MC1) means USB-A to micro USB

T (ie TC1) means USB-C (either on one or both ends)

F (ie MF1) means lightning connection

CB - I can't really tell where these models fit in.

Colour of either black or red doesn't change the product code.

Base - seems to still be a braided cable, but otherwise standard connection between cable and plug. 30AWG for data and 21AWG for power

Ampcore - looks to give a better cable/plug connection. Starts to advertise data sync speeds @ 480MBs (standard USB 2.0 speed)

Ampcore II - back to plastic rather than braided cable, otherwise same as Ampcore

Ampcore Turbo - similar to Ampcore, now gold plated connector heads. Also looks like a 1 piece cable/plug connection rather than 1 piece.
- in the T series (USB C) these are the only ones that use USB A 3.1 for higher data transfer speeds.

MC1/2/3 - the base level micro usb cables. 1 is 1 metre long, 2 is 1.8m and 3 is 2.5m
MC4/5/6 - same lengths as above for Ampcore cables
MC7/8/9 - Ampcore Turbo in same lengths
MC10/11 - Ampcore 2 models in 30cm and 1m models

TC1/2/3 - base level USB-A 2.0 to USB-c in lengths as above.
TC4 - ??
TC5/6/7 - Ampcore models for USB-A to USB-C
TC8 - Ampcore Turbo USB-C to USB-C 1m
TC9/10 - Ampcore Turbo USB-A 3.1 to USB-C 1m/1.8m
TC11 - Ampcore II USB-A 2.0 to USB-C 1m
TC12 - Exactly the same as TC11?

OK so in summary from my understanding.

Want to charge a Micro USB device but not transfer data - MC1 through to MC6 depending on length and cable quality.
Want to transfer data over Micro-usb - probably still MC1 through to MC6, no speed increase with Ampcore Turbo.

Want to charge a USB-C device - TC1-3 and TC5-7 with choice for length or quality
- or TC8 if you have a USB-C port on the charger
Want to transfer data over USB-C - TC9/10 with length choice, or TC8 if a USB-C port on the PC.

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  • +27 votes

    Mate you get my plus 1 just for the write up. Thanks for the info!

  • +1 vote

    Have had issues with several braided cables from BlitzWolf.
    Enough so that i wouldn't buy them again.
    They look nice, but over time the braiding has pulled away from the strain reliefs on the type C end on 2 of mine so far.
    Simple PVC or similar might not look as nice but i think it might be a little more resilient.

    Any deals on a non braided USB3 Type A to Type C cable?

    • +1 vote

      I don't think there is a blitzwolf usb3 a to C that is non braided. Of course there is other brands.

      I ordered 4 of the braided ones this time. (Just got my first usb-c devices.

      What I am really looking for is very short a to C cables (like 10cm). To use with power banks etc

    • +3 votes

      Were you trying to use the cable to tow a car?


        Yeah, they picture kinda suggests they're good for that.
        So disappointed it failed, had to go buy a tow rope!

        Seriously though, of the cables with the braid pulled out, 1 was on a coffee table as a secondary charge cable (we usually charge with factory supplied chargers overnight) other was on my help desk.
        Neither had significant traffic, the factory PVC cables were used twice as much.
        Really liked the braided cables, but with 2/2 failing (charging still works, just the braid failed) they look like crap.


          How long ago did you buy them, I remember reading a while back that some of their early ones had this issue but they sorted it out with the newer ones.


    Purchased 3! Thanks OP.

  • +5 votes

    this comment about the differences always helps me pick. even though it talks about lightning ones.

    The difference between the following Lightning Cables:

    Blitzwolf BW-MF5 is the Standard 3.33ft/1m Braided Lightning to USB Cable

    Blitzwolf BW-MF6 is the Standard 6ft/1.8m Braided Lightning to USB Cable

    Blitzwolf BW-MF7 is the Ampcore 3.33ft/1m Braided Lightning to USB Cable.

    Blitzwolf BW-MF8 is the Ampcore 6ft/1.8m Braided Lightning to USB Cable.

    Blitzwolf BW-MF9 is the Ampcore Turbo 3.33ft/1m Braided Lightning to USB Cable.

    Blitzwolf BW-MF10 is the Ampcore Turbo 6ft/1.8m Braided Lightning to USB Cable.

    The Ampcore range are more durable then the standard cable with a Double Color Injection Molding + TPE Cover & Polyester Fiber Jacket.

    The Ampcore Turbo is the latest in Blitzwolf Cable ranges, and has Protective Tinned Copper Mesh + Aluminum Foil Shielding + Environmental Flexible Braided Jacket


    Dam just what I was after getting the pixel deal :)



    Pity they dont do a mini-USB option too :(


    top quality cables in my experience

  • +2 votes

    Protip: Use BGPHONEACC code for 10% off (it's counted as a mobile phone accessory) - confirmed it worked with my own order.


    Use Aliexpress for cables. Always cheap and really good quality.

    best brands are Ugreen, pcoz and baesus.

    EDIT - They also have a Blitzwolf store on there.


    Lol - I bought 2 5 hours ago thinking it was their normal price and not a bargain. Guess I was wrong :-)

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, grabbed a couple
    The blitzwolf site lists the TC 11 and 12 as 1m, but banggood lists the 11 as 0.3m which looks right based on the photos.


      Sounds right for the TC11. Still a bit too long at times, but will maybe grab 1 or 2 next time i see them drop in price.

  • +1 vote

    Is the sale over? Shows as $8.07 AUD.

  • +1 vote

    It looks like the deal is back on again. I can see that the current list price is USD$3.99.


    Ive just bought a $1 cable from ebay. Is there really a difference with this.


      I've used cheap $1 ones that lasted less then a month while my Blitzwolf cable has been used for a year and a half and it's still going strong.


    Do these have the 56k resistors?


    looks like these prices have expired, looks like $8-ish now per cable.


    Back up at $6.16 for the next 2 days :)


    Mine came so quickly, got them 3 days ago.

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