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Dan Murphy's Offer – FREE VB or Boag’s Premium Lager!



Bring the VB coupon from Saturday’s Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser or Sunday’s The Sunday Times into any Dan Murphy’s store and we’ll give you a FREE 375mL VB can or stubby, or you can choose a 375mL James Boag’s Premium Lager instead.

This post is NOT the coupon. Original coupon from the newspaper is required to redeem the offer.

View the offer at http://bit.ly/gT9sN3

Offer ends close of business Sunday January 9 2011 while stocks last. Bring the VB coupon from Saturday January 8 2011 Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser or Sunday January 9 2011 The Sunday Times into any Dan Murphy’s store and surrender your coupon to receive a 375mL VB can or stubby, or a 375mL James Boag’s Premium Lager. No online redemption. Limit 1 coupon per transaction and 1 claim per person. Only original coupons will be accepted. Coupon not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Claimants may be required to provide proof of age.

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      • +11

        well done, love it when a rep stands up and one ups the competition… specially when they steal there thunder… just like the "grilledgate" fiasco!

        • But is it more the fact that they didn't think of it first?

        • +1

          Who cares about who thought of it first, does it really matter? Most (marketing) ideas are not original in the first place and nearly all ideas and inspiration ultimately come from somewhere else.

  • +5

    yay….I prefer boag's to VB

    • +2

      Doesn't everyone. Or is it a bogan / middle class divide thing. I'm only kidding. I slum it with VB every now and then. Just to keep in touch with me roots.

      • +1

        is it a bogan / middle class divide thing.

        I'm too old to worry about that kind of thing……if I like the taste…..I like it irrespective of what bottle it's in….would have been happy with VB, but will be happier with Boags :)

        • naah, ur middle class, just in denial ;)

      • +1

        James boags is very ordinary IMHO , I'd take vb over James boags, as did most of my family @Christmas , but free beer and more choice, how can you lose?

        • Thats cause your a bogan :P

      • +1

        It's just branding. People who get all tied up about drinking VB in preference to brand X, Y or Z are doing the corporate master's bidding. The board members love to see the little people fight between themselves over a brand. It's rather sad.

  • +3

    @Dan Murphy

    Can you please do the crown larger for $29.99 for NSW?

  • +1

    Nice, I do enjoy it when companies have a little friendly competitive spirit in them!

  • +1

    Nice work Dan… you da man!

    • +1

      prepare for the negative comment onslaught… and this one james boags…

      Man people not reading! :P
      guess it is friday arvo…

    • +3

      Big NEG, the fact that the first comment was the same and you didn't take the time to read what other valuable members of OzBargain had written. What is the record for negative votes for comments?

  • +1

    Woot Boag's!! Upgrade here I come!

  • +21


    Not even the spell checker!

    • hahahhahahah

    • hahahahahahahahaha brilliant

  • +1

    Plan for tomorrow is to hit all the local cafes and rip their coupons out and score as much free beer as I can! Will definately hit DM's up for some Boags as well.

  • +1

    Anyone know offhand which of these papers is the cheapest?

    Because if any are below $1.95, then it makes a carton of Boag's cheaper, as DM's sell them for $47 ;)

    • Does Boags sell for $47 these days?! Wow. It's a pretty ordinary beer - it should be maximum at the Tooheys Extra Dry/New/Carlton Draught level (~40 a case).

      At $47 that's more expensive than Coopers and Hahn Superdry and barely cheaper than Monteither or Asahi (when on sale)!!

  • +1

    People don't have something better to do with there time than get the paper and go all the way for one beer?

    • +5

      Some people go all the way for a lot less than one beer :-)

  • +2

    I love you Dan. <3

  • +1

    Me too… I love you Dan.

    • Not as much as me! He's mine!

  • what if we buy the electronic version of the newspaper? :)

    • +32

      You get VB "Virtual Beer"

      • LOL

      • You drink it from the screen.

      • +1

        Are people giving you positives for your comment or your avatar? because I'm giving it for the avatar

  • GREAT. I live basically a 3 minute walk to my local Dan Murphy's :D though not a big fan of boag's, but nonetheless it's not VB, so all is well :)

  • All right First Choice - Nobody Beats Dan Murphy's, they have up the ante with a bottle of Boags (which is far superior to VB), your slogan is "If you find a cheaper liquor price elsewhere we'll beat it' i now want a better free beer - maybe even two to ensure your slogan stay's true to me.

  • +2

    Been told by a mate who works for 1st Choice that they will accept the coupon in exchange for a Boags Premium stubby too

  • +1

    Btw i don't know how to express myself, but i just had a VB and it felt so good!! If i had to describe the feeling it's the best.

  • -1

    Chuck Norris roundhouses Dan Murphy's.

  • +1

    Johnny Walker You will never walk alone!

  • i wonder how many of the vb snobs here arent victorian….lol

    • +2

      The first beer I tried in Australia was a VB, I had been informed it was 'the very best'…. It was a bit of a shock how bad it was. I have since discovered better beers here :)

      • Atlases they didn't recommend fosters haha

      • +2

        I tried a Foster's brand beer for the first time when I recently travelled to England. It 'represents' Australia in terms of beer to foreigners. Quite frankly, I was unimpressed by the taste. Foster's is doing Australia a disservice.

  • Boags is a sensational brew in comparison to to the Vile Brew. Great bargain, thanks Dan

  • Hey Dans you gotta make more locations!! There are not enough on the Sydney north shore I have to drive 15-20 minutes to get to one. Put one in the St Ives/Turramurra location =D

  • R u gonna drink drive?!

  • lol nope, i only drink after 5pm.

    • casual.

  • Rumour has it that Daniel Francis Murphy (founder of Dan Murphy's) was accused of committing some serious crimes against children, and that his brother had a lot to do with the cover up.
    He's long dead now, but still.. it's enough to make me avoid getting my liquor from 'em.
    Anyone else heard this?

    These newspapers must be making a killing today (or whoever owns them, that is).

    • +2

      So if i start a rumour that the guy that invented breathing air committed some serious crimes, will you stop breathing air? :S

      If it's true then I'm with you on avoiding buying from there, but I won't stop shopping somewhere based on a rumour. Anyone can make stuff up.

    • +2

      No, I had not heard of it. And frankly, even if it was true, I doubt anyone should really care. Dan Murphy's is owned by Woolworths (ASX:WOW) now. Any allegation is unproven until it goes through court. Besides all that, even if the rumour were true why should it stop people buying at the store? Should people never buy a Toyota, Mazda or Mitsubishi because 70 years ago they supported Imperial Japan's war effort?

  • "NOBODY BEATS DAN MUPRHY’S" I beat you because I give my mates free beer every weekend. If you were to live up to this promise, you would need to give my mates free beer every weekend :)

    • +3

      Unless you're mates with everyone in Australia… you probably haven't beaten Dan

      • lol i beat them last weekend and will beat them next weekend :p

        • +3

          I shall be expecting some free beer when I turn up to your house uninvited.

  • +1

    This is clever marketing as the coupon was intended for Liquorland, 1st Choice etc. Basically, the Coles group. But Dan Murphy is accepting a competitors coupon so they must be making a loss to attract traffic.

    • -1

      Difference is, that Liquorland/First Choice, would have had a deal with VB and News Limited to share the costs, Dan's is paying it out of their very full Woolworths pockets. To be honest the people thinking the the sky is falling in rushing in to get their free $2.70 can of VB (after paying $1.50 for their paper) aren't the type of people, filling their exotic and rare wine collection from Dan's, so really they ain't getting too much out of it. Maybe they need to come up with their own idea rather than stealing it from Coles all the time?

  • i thought it was illegal to give away alcohol?

    • don't ruin a good thing

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