5 Fines Exceeding $2000 Due to + $150 Final Notice Demand Fee What Should I Do?

Hi folks,
I need some advice or help waiving fines here. Please share some secrets to help me reduce the $2000 fines that I've accumulated. Please don't be judgmental as these traffic infringements come in the form of parking for more than 2 hours at 2P parking spots, speeding 10km over a 60km/hr zone, turning too late at an intersection that has already turned red. Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people.

So here's the story: I changed address and went overseas for about 3 months (not on a vacation, but to attend funeral/weddings for my folks back home so I didn't spend anything as food and accommodation was all handled by relatives) and when I returned I was told that I had several letters for me at my previous address. I then went on the Vic Roads website to change my new residential address. I discovered in my mailbox, one notice after another of redirected postal letters in the sum of about $500 for each fine. $150 was added in addition to the penalty due to it reaching the stage of final demand notice. I had not received the initial notice in the first place so of course I had let it lapse and now it's overdue with a hefty penalty.

So I went ahead and paid the first two fines. Then after paying the second fine, I looked up my rego and reference number on Fines Victoria and discovered that I had another 4 fines still waiting to be paid each slapped with a hefty $150 final demand notice fee attached to it!!

My question to you guys is to ask how I could write a letter or make an appeal so that I would be waived of the 4-5 additional $150 final demand notice fee due to me changing address and not being notified of the initial infringement.

What should I do? I got these fines over the last 2 years exceeding $2000 and I can't afford to pay all of that. How do I get the final demand notice fee waived?


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    Going to get popcorn so I can sit back later to read the comments!

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    What are the fines about?

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      It's not clear, but it sounds as if his car is still idling by a cemetery with a corpse inside.

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    Maybe go to your local free community legal centre for some advice

    • Yes, CLCs are great. Can search for them here.

      I have mixed feelings about people with means going to CLCs given they are so cash strapped (not making any assumption about OP- a general comment), but they will give much better advice than OzBargain.

      OP could look into a payment plan - unsure about Vic but in NSW they are offered for precisely this kind of situation.

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      The advice they will provide is to pay the fines.

      • You don't know that

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    I got these fines over the last 2 years exceeding $2000

    went overseas for about 3 months

    you can afford to go overseas for 3 months? then you should be paying your fines. be an adult.

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      I am an adult and paid the first two fines with the $150 overdue charge. It's just that all the others that follow are going to be overdue too and I don't see a point in getting penalized 4 times again for the same offense of not updating the postal address.

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        what did Vic Roads say when you asked them about waiving the additional charges?

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        I don't see a point in getting penalized 4 times again for the same offense of not updating the postal address.

        well you didn't update your address, so hence didn't pay the fines. What do you want them to do?

        Its all being part of being an 'adult', own up to your mistakes!

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        I was reading this and laughing at the situation until I red this comment. you are not being Penalised for the same offence, you are being penalised for different offences as per your original statement. You have not yet been penalised for not updating your address within the time frame required - hopefully that fine is still coming. Going through a red traffic light is not something I would consider "Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people." Grow up, take responsibility for your behavior, and sell your car. To be honest, I find your arrogance quite disturbing.

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      The State shouldn't be charging pay day lender fees and interest on miscellaneous fines. They should get < 10% which is what everybody else gets on Court Judgements.

      • The State AKA Tax Payers shouldn't have to fund recovery costs of outstanding fines.

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          Ruining people's lives over bullshit offences went out with the 18th century. Punishment should fit the crime.

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      after you have paid the fines, NEVER get behind the wheel again… for the safety of others!!!

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    Pay them.

  • Call them up and offer to pay $25 per fortnight.

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    How does:

    speeding 10km over a 60km/hr zone, turning too late at an intersection that has already turned red


    Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people.


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      Literally just had a George foreman grill of a comment written out that outlined this, but I think you've said it better.

      Do the crime, do the time. These fines are over multiple years, not over the last 3 months..

      I can't fathom the fact that you can afford to own a car, clearly drive like a d-head and travel overseas for months on end (and it be paid for by your parents???) yet you claim to be an adult… And you aren't able to pay $2,000.

      $2,000 is quite honestly not much for how many times you've stuffed up. You deserve to lose your licence and have triple the fine.

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      OP drives like a f-wit, only been busted twice and hasn't hit anyone yet; so all good, eh?

      Dude I was watching on YouTube made the comment he won't drive with people who've never been in a crash, his theory is they don't know their limits and he doesn't want to be there when they find them.

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        I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense! If you've never crashed your car you're a bad driver incapable of taking a passenger and yet, if you've had a few good crashes, maybe wiped out a family of 4, you know your "limits"!!

        • How about this one then, from a driving instructor no less: All cars should be fitted with a big spike protruding from steering wheel, so rather than a nice comfy airbag popping out you get ventilated instead.

          Yeah there's going to be a bit of collateral damage, but the idiots should wipe themselves out pretty quick.

          I think the YouTube dude's theory has a bit of merit, most people do eventually wise up. Maybe he needs to add "and over 30" as well.

      • he won't drive with people who've never been in a crash, his theory is they don't know their limits and he doesn't want to be there when they find them.

        That theory is so screwed up! haha! Some people will have multiple accidents, yet still won't learn.

      • What an idiot. Maybe those people haven't had a crash because they know their limit??

    • cmon give the guy a break, im no angel in road rules, never been suspended

      but recently went through the highest infringement intersection in Vic,

      it was saturday 3pm,
      I assumed it was a 50-60km zone,

      got caught by a camera at 46km in a 40km,

      im hardly going to kill anyone at those speeds

  • Understand your pain.. but from what I can see any chance of escaping the hit to the hip pocket will always come back to the fact that you neglected to advise them of your change of address..
    Try a CLC they may be able to direct you to a way of negotiating down some of the fines.. nothing to lose. Dont delay, because you could get further penalties.
    It is best to make a list of places to inform of a change of address when you move… tick of each one as you do it.
    The AEC and passport are two commonly overlooked. Good luck.

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    What should I do?

    Pay them….

    I got these fines over the last 2 years exceeding $2000 and I can't afford to pay all of that.

    Its $2000. You might have to do some cut backs for a month or so. No buying lunch, eat at home, put that money into paying the fines.

    You do the crime……

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      Or cut back on say, going overseas for 2 months instead of 3… just little things…

      Just how many weddings and funerals does one attend in 3 months?

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    Lucky you didn't get hit with penalties for failure to update your address details within time



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    IF you had to head overseas quickly to attend a funeral you could write a letter admitting it was your fault but “with the stress of moving house and having to attend a funeral you forgot”

    With the fines themselves, if you got caught on the same road twice you can get one cancelled I believe.

    The only other thing I can suggest is getting a anz visa black card and cashing in on some points when you pay your fines.

    Explain the 2 years bit because I don’t get that….

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    Have the fines gone to arrest warrants yet? If so go to police stn hand yourself in and do the time to clear them

    I think it may be 100 per day off the debt in some states
    so 20 days you're out clear of debt

    Old trick is to present to cop shop about 10 30 pm by the time they book you in its near midnight and counts as a day served

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      Plus you get free food and lodging. This guy is an OzB pro.

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        and perhaps a bonus bed mate.

  • Could be worse Look at this one

    A TRAFFIC fine dodger, who owes a staggering $340,000 in penalties, is on a payback plan that requires her to live to the age of 326 to clear the debt.

  • Firstly you need to take a serious look at yourself, do a defensive driving course and understand that exceeding the posted speed limit is absolutely hazardous and life threatening.

    Secondly, no, you do not have any claim to reduction in the fines as your attitude is about as wrong as it can be. You have accumulated fines for breaches of the law. Suck it up, pay your fines and wake up to yourself.

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    Call them and organise a payment plan. Simple, done it before for my husband.

    • So simple that your husband had to get someone else to help him get it set up… :D

      Side note: Yes, it is the easiest way to get it paid off.

      • Haha true… sometimes people need a push to organise their lives. That was 12 years ago, he's sorted his shit out now :)

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    speeding 10km over a 60km/hr zone, turning too late at an intersection that has already turned red. Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people.

    OP, please educate yourself on the dangers of speeding

  • ****sigh****

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    Everyone so harsh here
    But they have a point. You deserve it.

    Anyway: best thing you can do is to write a sincere letter saying your situTion and hope for best, if you do get a bit off, then pay it up . If not, then suck it up and get onto a payment plan.

    • Harsh?

      Put this up anywhere else and OP would be pulped.
      Here, he's getting a (deserved) slap on the face followed up by some solid advice.

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        Sorry, my bad being sympathetic.

        What I meant was, OP suck it up and pay the fine you (profanity).
        And lucky you are in VIC not QlD otherwise I would key your car and deck you every time I see you.YMF

      • Indeed. If OP posted on WP, would be completely next level.

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    So basically:
    - you went overseas and didn't check your mail or update your address.
    - when you returned you discovered you had a huge backlog of fines you had ignored.

    I would start by writing to the director of infringement processing or whatever the Vic equivalent is, and stating very simply you were unexpectedly overseas for an extended period due to family health matters and a funeral. As a result, you were unable to give prompt attention to the infringement notices, as you did not receive them until your return, but you are doing so now.
    Request if, under these circumstances, they will waive the additional charges due to delayed payment.
    Secondly, ask if there is an option for a periodic payment plan, as the imposition of several fines at once is beyond your payment means.

    Good luck.
    If the above is not actually the case, because you have fines stretching back multiple years because you did not properly update your address, then I think you will have an expensive lesson in being an adult.

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    Are you actually kidding? Doing 70 in a 60 zone is definitely life threatening.

    No, you didn't hit one, but the chance of a pedestrian or cyclist surviving if hit by a vehicle travelling 70 is significantly higher than at 60 (which is also significantly higher than 50 and 40 and so on). Just because you didn't hit one it didn't mean your actions weren't not life threatening.

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      If the speed limit was changed to 50 and you drove at 60, did you put someone's life in danger or did you break the law?

      Speed limits often change with no reason or with cherry picked data.

      Breaking traffic laws and endangering lives are often two very different things.

      (OP is still inexcusable for repeatedly breaking the law and being all around irresponsible)

    • Doing 70 in a 60 zone is definitely life threatening

      You're one of thooooose people! lol

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    Go out and buy a tube of KY jelly in preparation for your upcoming "holiday"

  • Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people? BS.

    Do they still sell Soap on a Rope?

    OP will need to have a good supply of it while in the shower with Bubba.

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    adulting is hard.. just pay the fines & suck it up.. own up to your responsibilities! the fines serve as a deterrent to not re-offend…all your offences are self involved actions. so no one else to blame but yourself!

  • If you can get a free lawyer then that could be a good idea to do, afterwards though you might just be able to call them up, tell them you've paid some, and want to pay more but can't afford it right now and you want to work out some sort of plan.

    While they won't make your fines disappear they may be able to give you an easier payment plan that alleviates some of that pain.

  • All you can do at this stage is to go to court and explain the situation to a magistrate and hope they take pity on you needing to have a 3 month holiday. Joking aside, the death certificate would help, but the fact that you didn't update Vic Roads means the magistrate would be less likely to side with you.

    Oh, and if you accept your errors and learn from them (rather than suggesting they were minor offences), this would also go in your favour.

    Best you can hope is that they reduce the fines somewhat and then you can either pay in full or get a payment plan.

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    Get a doctors report if you may have been suffering from anxiety


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    Man up. You screwed up….a few times…now pay up. Talk to the people demanding the dollars….ask for payment options ie a payment plan. Or go to court, plead you case about being whizzing around the world and expect to pay a heap more.

    "Nothing life threatening or remotely hazardous to other people"….. if this was the case you would not be here asking for help.

  • Rip OP.

  • you shouldn't have paid the first two, but anyway go overseas with the remaining money, come back and declare bankruptcy.

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