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Vodafone Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Bundle $99.00 (Save 50%)


Vodafone Pre Paid Mobile Broadband Bundle $99 Includes 15GB Data with 365 expiry period. Cheapest i have seen this bundle, very handy if you are travelling around (vodafones coverage can be poor outside major areas tho).

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    Must check vodafail.com before you buy!


    I want a mobile broadband but only want a few gigs. Was hoping I could get the stick and a few gig of data for about $30

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    lol, u won't get any reception to use that damn thing!


      It depends on where you use it. It might be hard for most people to believe, but at where I work, Vodafone has the most reliable signal (even better than Telstra). It is mainly because, Vodafone has a base station installed near where I work.

      While 95% of the time Telstra is more reliable than Optus, I have found certain spots (in the Melbourne CBD) where Telstra NextG is completely unusable, but Optus 3G is still working fine.

      The main issue I have with this deal is the USB dongle. Hardware wise, it is quite good. But the software on the USB dongle… does not seem to work for me on Windows 7 64-bit.

      I wouldn't negative the deal solely on converage though.


    sorry Sukhy, but given Vodafones recent issues its hard to consider this as a bargain.

    There is a good reason Vodacrap are offering cheap deals at the moment. And its mostly because churns have gone through the roof! Im an ex-vodafone customer and employee/contractor and I cant tell you things are not going to improve any time soon (despite the propaganda).

    Thanks for posting anyway. Dont take it personally!


    Yeah seriously voda reception is awful, at least in WA.

    I have a virgin wireless broadband and a voda mobile, I tested internet speed for both loading this website whilst in Perth city and voda is super slow and would drop out a lot, virgin was much better.

    Unless you can get a HTC legend type deal from voda I would stay away from them.

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    i have to neg this based on my experiences with vodafone.

    horrible service, then no response after loding a service interruption complaint with them.

    i would never sign up with them!


    Poor Customer service


      Have to agree with you. Just called them.. well.. tried… the voice message says: current wait time - more than 30 minutes.


    Same deal as BigW who started this off on 1st Jan. I bought one, works perfectly fine (metro Hobart). 15GB of mobile data to use over 395 days I say is a good deal! That is 3GB used in 30 days and then 12GB over 365! While Tel$tra might work a lot better, I aint going to pay what they are asking for it

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      it all depends on what you use your phone for. if it's mainly for socialising, and you have a home phone then yeah i might understand.

      but if you have a mobile because you run your own business, or have a family member in hospital or you don't have a home phone then you really, really want your mobile phone to actually be able to make and receive phone calls.


    a heads up for everyone, these are sold out in a lot of stores

    My local DSE's (5 of them) are all sold out


    Same deal available at Woolworth (check latest catalogue)

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