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Bing Lee Panasonic Battery Sale 50% off (Eneloop Smart & Quick Charger, Now $29.50; AA / AAA Eneloop PRO 4pk, Now $14.50)


C&C available. Discount applied at checkout.

I bought the following last night:

1 x ENELOOP SMART & QUICK CHARGER (was $59, now $29.50)
- https://www.binglee.com.au/panasonic-k-kj55mcc4ta-eneloop-sm...
2 packs of AA ENELOOP PRO (was $29, now $14.50)
- https://www.binglee.com.au/panasonic-bk-3hcce4bt-aa-eneloop-...
2 packs of AAA ENELOOP PRO (was $29, now $14.50)
- https://www.binglee.com.au/panasonic-bk-4hcce4bt-aaa-eneloop...

Total before discount: $175.00
Total after discount: $87.50 (with Click and Collect)

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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    Question to battery experts out there as I just received the VC4 charger and I am looking to kick off my rechargeables journey.
    Are these still any good since they are now made in China?
    And I have read that IKEA's Ladda have been tested and suspected to be the same as Eneloops Pro but at an even better price.
    Does that recommendation still stand?

    • I have watched a few videos comparing the Eneloop Pros & IKEA batteries. Science says yes.

      But my own personal experience (not measured in a scientific way at all, completely unscientific) seems to be that I'm always replacing the IKEA batteries in my XBOX One controllers and when they are using Eneloop Pro I'm using the controller for a lot longer. However not properly tested.

      • Thanks @Noobist45.

        It looks like the pricing for these 4-packs of Pros are really good.
        Can someone confirm this? I am gonna buy up for the households.

    • Remember that IKEA have normal and Pro-type Ladda rechargeables.

    • Made in China is great in terms of value for money.

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    Are these chargers any good?

    • Normally I'd say that any charger that charges in less than two hours is pushing the batteries too hard, and is likely to damage them. But I found a very thorough review which shows the batteries don't get above 45 degrees centigrade, so the batteries shouldn't be stressed. So now I think this is a good charger.

      Here's the review:

      Note that this charger won't do lithium-ion batteries though. If you think you might want to charge Li-ion batteries (e.g. 18650 batteries for flashlights) in the next five years or so, might be better to buy a charger that can do both. I recommend the Liitokala Lii-500 and the Nitecore D4 if you want to charge both Li-ion and NiMh batteries.

  • Is this available in store? Or click and collect only?

    • It is not stated in the TERMS and CONDITIONS, but appears this is Click and Collect ONLY. :-(

      I tested by attempting to checkout (having previously ordered Eneloops from them), and got this:


      Perhaps it's time to approach the ACCC?

  • Delivery and in-store, however, not specified in their terms of sale, they are artificially limiting the discount to 2 units per item.

    Purchase any Panasonic Batteries and receive 50% off the ticketed price. Discount applies at the Checkout. Promotion available on purchases made between 30/04/18 to 13/05/18. The discount is based on the Ticket Price. Ticket Price is the most recent Bing Lee ticketed/advertised price of the product immediately before this discount offer. The product may have previously been sold by Bing Lee below the Ticket Price. Discount offer subject to availability of stock and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Personal shoppers only.

    Bing Lee do not state any limitations regarding quantities, and the online support droid was unable to help other than to state:

    I have passed this on to our web team and it appears that the discount is limited to 2 units

    and later:

    I can direct you to our head office via 9781-3000 or you can send an email to [email protected] regarding this and they will be able to advise further

    Needless to say, I'm very disappointed, as I will need to pay shipping multiple times for the quantity I require. :-(

    • Oh great…. thanks for this. At least now I know why I haven't been able to proceed to payment.
      Had total of 4 in cart, 2 of each AA and AAAs. I kept thinking the address was somehow invalid.

      BOOO Bing Lee!

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        The batteries are expensive if you want more than one pack. Much cheaper at Amazon AU, four AA plus four AAA plus random $3 item (to get above free shipping threshold) gives a total cost of $49 to $50 including delivery.

        Buying the same from Bing Lee costs $58, $8 more, and you don't get delivery.

        AAA battery: https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-Eneloop-Rechargeable-Bat...
        AA Battery: https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-Eneloop-Rechargeable-Bat... (limited stock)
        AA Battery ($2 more expensive): https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-Eneloop-Pro-Batteries-Pa... for when the one above runs out.

        • Not cheaper than the Bing Lee 50% off sale prices.

          The packs are 4 batteries each, the OP was specifying discounts based on "Pack" quantities, not total battery quantities.

        • @jamver:

          I just found the AAA batteries even cheaper, $20.99 per 4-pack:

          Buy a random $5 item instead of the random $3 item, to get free shipping.

        • Still more expensive than Bing Lee's $14.50 per 4-pack.

        • @jamver:

          Oops, you're right. I read the deal as selling 2xAA packs, i.e. two batteries per pack.

        • Success!! Looks like it ended up cheaper than Amazon.

          2x Eneloop Pro AA (4pk)
          2x Eneloop Pro AAA (4pk)

          Cart total: $58
          Delivery: $6

          The Bing Lee "sam" assisted me with getting this through. They sent a money request via Paypal and then issues an invoice for it once payment is made. Waiting for the invoice now.

  • Hey OP, are you associated? Unlikely that you were able to checkout the quantities you stated in your post above.

    susss AF

    • +1

      @epoch007 - Nope, not associated with Bing Lee (otherwise I would have checked the associated checkbox). I've just moved houses and was looking for a microwave. Noticed the sale and grabbed some.

      1 charger, 2 packs of AA Eneloop Pro and 2 packs of AAA Eneloop Pro

      I've updated the description to make it clearer - "2 packs of"

      Don't know how to upload an image of my order confirmation…

  • +1

    I have lodged a complaint with the ACCC regarding Bing Lee's actions here, and on further reading, they are clearly in breach of the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) by using "Bait" tactics, and I expect their refusal to deliver will be in breach of service provisions within the ACL.

  • Thanks. Is looking for a good price of BQCC55 and you saved my money.
    I am using New I4. It's pretty hot when charging eneloops and not good.

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