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Samsung 256GB Evo+ Micro SD Card $127.6, Crucial MX500 500GB $164.4, ADATA M.2 NVMe 512GB $175.2 Shipped + More @ PC Byte eBay

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    Just a quick tip as you don't have your PM turned on, when creating a multi-item search link, use this template;

    https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?TRS0&_nkw=(ITEM NUMBERS HERE)

    I had the same problem as yours in my deal as seen by the revisions but hamza23 found a solution which can be applied here as well. Just need to make sure you separate each item number with a comma, e.g. (162712068184, 152945448731)

  • how reliable are these adata drives? keen and price is right but not sure about it vs crucial/samsung.

    • You can get a 500G 960 EVO for $259, so if you're worried, throw in the extra $84 and sleep easy.

      I only found one performance benchmark for the SX6000, and it isn't that impressive - better than a SATA ssd, but worse than other NVME drives.

      For the money, may be ok for a games drive or secondary M.2 - it's only PCI-e x2, not x4 like the 960 EVO is.

      • I'm going to counter this point - what are you doing with your computer that can max out the NVMe read/write speeds as it stands?

        I say this as someone who built a new PC in February, and went with the Samsung 960 Pro 512gb NVMe SSD - and there is really no difference in anything I do between applications/games installed to the NVMe drive and the 1TB SATA 850 Evo SSD.

        Moving stuff between the drives - maxes out at the SATA speed, for what should be obvious reasons!

        • So do you think the Crucial MX500 would be a better buy for around $17 less than this ADATA? (from Amazon)

        • there is really no difference in anything I do between applications/games installed to the NVMe drive and the 1TB SATA 850 Evo SSD.

          Then you're doing something wrong.

        • @Diji1:

          ok children take a chill pill and listen to big daddy. i've heard enough about both rebukes and you both certainly have some knowledge on SSds - no doubt from the linus youtube videos orr lets say the tabloid version of PC tech.

          So perhaps linstead of being keyboard warriors when google is your friend - you guys are grossly off the mark.

          Before I start - NVVME drives belong to the dta centre industry not to us mere mortals. Yet, being a techie myself i'd certainly want to get the best rigs available to beat some computer generated benchmark. But if you have an SSD with consistent read/write speads at the cap of the sata - that it enough.

          Now lets move on to the theory/ concept. m2 drives come in 2 forms ofbus utilization being SATA3.0 or a pcir .

          no one has ever heard of a sata 2 speaad m2 stick due to NGFF convention becoming mainstream at a time where sata 3 was a key decision factor.

          pcie on the other hand was having troouble making a breakthrough given the complexities associatied with the usage of pci for frives.This has something to do with the AHCI standard which i won't bore you about.

          3 years ago there were a couple of pcie m2 ssd variants that ran n the ofie bus version 2.0 with perhaps 2 lanes or even up to 4. the speed was still impressive.

          Now NVME is a sibset of the PCIe ssd family. accordingly - nvme is understood to be the poster boy that are made to utilise up to 4 ports of pcie 3.0 standard.
          here are four standards (versions) from 1.x to 4.x of the PCIe where .x refers to subversion.

          These standards furthermore define a lane, which is a width of the PCIe link between the two devices. The syntax for number of lanes is: ×1, ×2, ×4 up to ×32 lanes. The multiplication sign is often replaced by the lower case x. Any PCIe version can utilise up to ×32 lanes.

          The usual syntax is e.g. PCIe 3x4 = PCIe ver. 3.x with ×4 lanes.

          PCIe ver. 2.x offers transfer rate 5 GT/s and bandwidth 500 MB/s per lane.
          PCIe ver. 3.x offers transfer rate 8 GT/s and bandwidth 985 MB/s per lane.

          Higher PCIe versions are backward compatible with lower ones, e.g., you can insert PCIe 1 or 2 device into any cabpable of usng 2 lanes ao PCIe 3 socket and it should work. The number of lanes used is automatically negotiated, e.g., you can insert ×1 device into ×16 socket or vice versa and it should work. However, any mismatch in PCIe versions or lanes or both decreases accordingly maximum possible total transfer rate of the particular PCIe link.

          therefore the old adage is true - i hold adata in high regard and i would probably buy that drive given it will still perform better than any samsing sata based ssd which are more exxpensive too.

          wImportantly - the Adata has renamed the NVME standard with a 1.2 which is suppose d to say that the drive can only support 2 pcie 3.0 lanes.

          any review on this product would result in a read/write throghput of 2gb per ssec max.the fact that they are onl

          just knoww what your money is buying you to svoif buyers remorse.

          on one hand we have acompany that are very good at designing anything associatied wit NVRAM adhow they do this is appalling. but i'd rather buy them instead of the intel 600p series whcih are currently selling for cheap and is actually a true NVME drive but performs in some benchmarks to be worst off vs a sata drive.
          Oh and btw the Adata ones areDRAMLESS and like i said before any drive that are DRAMLESS are low value drives

        • @tomadeira: Hey “big daddy”, please put a bit more effort into proof-reading before posting … your grammar and spelling don’t meet my dad’s standard, and you don’t make a lot of sense to “children” like me. I don’t understand what “I hold adata in high regard” but they “are low value drives” means, and just where did you say before “any drive that are DRAMLESS are low value drives”?
          I am curious about sata/nvme/ngff/m.2/ahci pros/cons/compatability if anyone wants to tackle a good summary

        • @BigBirdy: big daddy reporting in to BigBirdy

          apologise for the atrociously worded post with loads of bs. I sound like a troll so let me approach this with a bit of mindfulness and be succinct:

          • ADATA drive referred as NVME is not true NVME.

          • If your decision-making process was based on the assessment of its relative value vs other NVME drives made by manufacturers of a similar statute, you would be disappointed to find that it's not even an apple to apple comparison

          • In this case, you can only rely on the seller's return policy to include a change of mind allowance with little or no financial loss. Paypal would not work in my opinion as a google search on the drive would show reveal this speed limitation.

          • Another example is the Intel 600p NVME drive which if you googled - had sub-par performance despite being a true NVME drive. It is now an end of life product & u can see them floating around eBay for very attractive prices.

          On the DRAMLESS one - i mentioned that somewhere so maybe check my posts.

          note - i have no affiliations for or against any parties and my true intent was to provide fellow ozbargainers the heads-up.

          I realise the way i chose my words to convey this isn't doing me any favours at all.

        • @tomadeira: thanks big daddy. I am looking for an SSD for my desktop (HP Elitedesk), and was wondering how performance would compare between using a sata based SSD (thinking Crucial MX500) vs buying a PCI card with NVME interface & plugging an SSD into that?

  • Any cheap high endurance cards to go in my A119S?

  • SSD prices are finally coming down.

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      everyone and his dog has an SSD now, demand goes down so do the prices. cheapest reliable SSD is everything one needs, except for gamers, but nothing really helps a gamer: you build the latest and greatest, and next year's games can't be played already :D

  • Having a browse through their store, seems like they love a good price jack.

    Ryzen 7 2700x
    RRP = $469
    PC.Byte = $549
    20% Off Ebay = 439.20


    Wow. Jack it up my dear friends… There is really no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

  • Perfect timing. Thanks, 14GOUB.