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Dell EOFY Sale - 15% off Laptops & Desktops Including XPS Series (eg. XPS 13 9370: $1784.15)


End of financial year sale on Dell.com: code LOVEMUM for 15% off selected laptops and desktops

e.g. XPS 13 9370 base model was $2099 should reduce to $1784.15 with code.

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  • Good deal. Sorry if ignorant but why wouldn't one use the eBay 20% deal?

    • I'm not sure - would need to check whether they cover the exact same range of products, and whether the base price in both cases is the same or not.

      I'm not sure whether you can get the most recent XPS 9370-type models through the ebay store?

    • They don't put their 9370 series on ebay.

      They want to keep it premium priced. But 15% is close to 20%.

  • Does Dell have any good 2 in 1s? Considering the Yoga 920 and the Spectre x360 too!

  • Any laptop i7 CPU with Thunderbolt 3?

  • Search 'XPS battery swollen', you'll see DEll's attitude

  • Any discount for xps 15 9560 below 2400?

    • There is one at Dell eBay $1839.20.

      • Dam 7th gen

        • XPS 15 9575 uses 8th gen CPU, but at a much higher price, at the moment.

        • All 9560's are 7th gen.

        • Don't be fooled by the generations. 7700HQ is a faster CPU than 8550U.

          There's no 8th gen HQ.

          8550U has a pretty low base clock speed. Something like 1.6Ghz or 1.8Ghz. It can turbo to 4ghz or thereabouts but it can't stay there for long. It will throttle due to the lower TDP.

          The 7700HQ maintains a faster speed for much longer due to its 45W TDP.

          8th gen laptop CPUs aren't even Coffee Lake like their desktop cousins. They're just Kaby-Lake R. They're just 7th gen CPUs that have been retooled.

          The next 2 gens of laptop CPU will still technically be 8th gen, so Intel's going to have to get creative with their naming of gens.

  • can anyone comment on resale value of dell compared to microsoft surface or MacBooks ? not fussed on OS just wondering which would depreciate less when selling 2nd hand.

  • What a damn shame it's only the rose gold colour XPS 13 that is 15% off. The 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD and 4k version would be $2550 plus then 12% cashback. My work does salary sacrifice on laptops so it would make this an unbelievable deal.

    • Yeah it's an attractive price if you want to get in at the top end of the XPS9370s… check out the Dell business website to see if there's an alternative way to get to that price for the other colors with their end of year sale.

    • Who's giving 12% cashback?

    • There's a new sale on now. It includes the silvers.

  • Shopback is now having 12% cash back on dell.com. 4 days left.

    • Not confirmed if this code promo code is eligible for the cashback yet.

      • What about stacking with unidays 15% off with this 12% cash back?

        • The 12% cashback is only for codes listed on their site. This one isn't listed.

          Not sure what the unidays offer is. If it requires a code, it needs to be listed on shopback.

        • @lostn:

          Shopback is not like cashrewards. It does not need to be listed.

          Last month, I bought a laptop for 3k with 15% off. Cashrewards gives 3.5% discount without requiring any code listing. Each student has different code I think.

        • @fatice:

          I don't know how it works, but this post says:

          Since there is a disclaim on their website

          Cashback is not qualified for:

             Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

          so don't commit on LOVEMUM mother's day special items, until ShopBack clarifies the T&C.

          If the Unidays offer has no code, it should be fine. But it sounds like it does have a code. Also cashrewards only pays cashback if the code you used is listed on their site. Have you been paid your cashback for last month's purchase yet?

        • @lostn:
          It only shows up protential cash back, the real only will only give on July. Like you said, it could still be void if Dell reject it.

        • Anyone tried using Unidays 15% off code recently? I have been trying and it says "code has expired". In fact, that has been the case since the last day of the 20% code they recently had. I submitted a request and they are looking into it, which really is annoying as there is no resolution yet.

        • @lostn: Just asked on the 12% cashback thread, and no, rep said you can't use Unidays with Cashback. Assuming you were going to use that for the grey colour :(

  • Is UHD overkill on a 13.3"? Deciding between this and QHD+.

    It has the PPI of an iPhone (excl Plus models). Slightly higher actually. But your viewing distance is going to be further away.

    • lol UHD on a 13" - I still remember the time I set up a nice new cutting edge Toshiba laptop for a customer with 14" 800x600 screen and he complained things were too small!

      To your question, IMHO I don't see the point of UHD on a 13".

    • The UHD will have better colour range, something like 100% srgb vs 90% coverage on the FHD which is better than the glorious MacBook Pro screens. It is however glossy and touch which you may or may not want
      It would also have quite noticeably shorter battery life. I am quite happy with the FHD myself

      • The UHD will have better colour range, something like 100% srgb vs 90% coverage on the FHD

        This is a gross generalization. Take a look on the current XPS 13 9370 , there is only 2% difference in colour space between UHD & FHD sceens

        XPS 13 9370 UHD FHD
        AdobeRGB 1998 63.9% 62.8%
        sRGB 98.2% 96.4%
  • I ended up snapping up a 9370 XPS 13 Rose Gold base model. Kind of annoying that they charge an extra $100 for W10 Pro over Home. Pro is much better and the one you want, but not $100 better.

    You also can't remove their McAfee 12 month security, or the Office 3 month Trial. These are not things I want to keep, so I want them removed. Which means I have to manually uninstall, which may leave traces of them behind.

    I paid $1784 plus $59 for their way overpriced sleeve (can buy an entire laptop case for cheaper than that, but Dell don't sell 13" cases) minus Shopback 12% hopefully. I paid via 28 Degrees. I just hope that the price drops below $1784 in a non-ebay sale in the next 6 months, so I can claim shopper's protection on it. That's why I didn't use Paypal. I'll have to keep an eye on pricing for this model.

    • What's the benefit for pro over home?

      • For power users, more control over certain features, for example how updates are delivered.

        GPedit.msc is the main one.

        Though to be honest, if you don't know the difference Home is probably good enough for you.

        Dell charge $100 to upgrade to Pro for XPS 13.

        But their Inspiron 3000 line charges only $11 for the upgrade. Strange that.

  • I received my XPS 13 9370 Rose Gold yesterday.

    I'm quite happy with the build quality.

    Windows Hello seems to work reliably and fast even though the view of my face is up the nose.

    I don't know if I have coil whine or not. When I'm not doing anything, it's silent. When I put it under load, I do hear some noise which I'm not sure if it's the fans or if it's electronic. But it's not that loud, and I have to stick my ear close to the keyboard for it to be loud enough to bother me. I hope it's the fans.

    Something I didn't realize is the screen is glossy. Even if you went FHD non-touch. For some reason, I assumed non-touch screens would be anti glare. It's not an issue for me personally, but if it's an issue for you, it will be a glossy screen, so be warned.

    The battery life is nowhere near what is claimed, or what other reviewers are getting. This happens to me in all my laptops and windows tablets. Don't know why. I'm not even doing anything cpu intensive.

    I wish I'd done my research and gone with 9360 instead of 9370. It's the same hardware but I assumed that 9370 being the newer model would be better. It's slightly thinner but that's it. The battery life is 52Wh instead of 60, which is an 8.67% loss. 9360 still has a USB-A port. 9370 loses that for a milimeter shaved off. You get 3 Type C ports, but one of them is used up by the charger. That leaves you with 2 ports when charging. The 9360 has the option of charging via barrel charger or type C, so you don't have to lose a USB port when charging. And keeping the legacy A port means you don't need a dongle. Very handy if you always have a type A port connected, such as a wifi receiver for your mouse. You will need the dongle connected at all times if you use a mouse with receiver.

    To cap it off, the 9360 is also cheaper.

    If you're agonizing between 9360 and 9370, imo get 9360 unless the very slight and imperceptible downsize in dimensions is that important to you. You won't even know it's smaller unless it's side by side.