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KFC - 24 Chicken Nuggets for $10 (via App)


Just received a notification from the KFC app.
24 nuggets, $10.
Seems to be an in app purchase only.
This week only!

Refer to screenshot for confirmation.

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  • Yep got it too just then. I was gonna post here but you beat me to it!

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      Reported for being too slow.

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    KFC Nuggets have 12% fat & 11.8% sugar

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      Just eat 18 pieces then. That will cut out the fat and sugar.

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      McDonald's Nuggets have 15.4% Fat & 0.5% Sugar.

      I did not expect the massive sugar difference

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      Is it because KfC is counting the sauce too?
      Weird difference.

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        Must be.

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        Is it because KfC is counting the sauce too?

        I'm not so sure about that. I believe the Carbohydrate total includes the "Sugars" (but not the fibre, not that it's relevant for nuggets)
        There are per 100g:

        Maccas Carb Total is: 17.3
        KFC Carb Total is 23.3 g

        The Sugars for the KFC nuggest are 11.8g

        If you subtract the 'sugars' from the 'carbs' for KFC, 23.3 - 11.8 = 11.50
        That seems a tad low compared with maccas at (17.3-0.5) 16.8g of carbs.

        I haven't actually eaten KFC nuggets before, but is it possible they've actually added refined sugar to the nuggets?
        Seems a little more plausible than KFC actually having 5.3g less non-sugar carbs per 100g.

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          Would go a ways to explaining why people claim 'KFC nuggets are better/tastier'. Oldest trick in the book adding sugar to processed food then balancing it out with salt.

  • 9 pieces vs 24 nuggets?

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      Both. YOLO.

    • Can you get 9 pieces of H&S for 9.95 in NSW currently?
      That would be win.

      • WA not sure about NSW

      • Price has gone up to $10.95 now

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    MathNerd: Each nugget is 0.41666666666c.

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      Too pricey

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      Real MathNerd: Technically it's $0.41666666666 per nugget.

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        Friend, it's 4.167 x 10^-1 dollars per nugget

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        Real Real MathNerd Technically it's $0.416̅6̅ per nugget unit.

  • good for thinning out the herd…keep eating

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      A group of chickens is called a brood, not a herd.

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        And I thought it was called a bucket. Thanks.

      • Broads = Chicks

        • My favourite piece is the breast.

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    i never got good tasting chicken nuggets from KFC, the crust is never crispy either. Put aside health factor, I'll always buy MacDonald's ones over the KFC's.

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      kfc used to have the best nuggets 15 or so years ago

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    may contain traces of chicken

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      Isn't KFC 100% breast?

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        you're free to believe what ever you like :-)

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          Implying that you believe in your own imagination more than regulated lists of ingredients.

      • yes, KFC is 100% chicken, with chicken bread crumbs and chicken spices, cooked in chicken oil

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    Have you found it in the app? It's not there for me in the app. I tried updating and checking all categories again and nothing.

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      It's in the Colonel's Table section.

      If you still can't find it, the terms do state "not available everywhere" so perhaps your chosen store is not participating.

  • How does the app work? DO you really get to skip the line if the store is really busy?

    • I dont know how it works, i just know that when I've used it in the past they had no idea the order even existed. Had to manually order anyway.

      • It's getting better. The first couple of times I used the app the store was very confused and didn't know what to do, but now I put in an order and then just mention it in the store and they already have the details ready to go. If you pay for it in the app then I guess they will prepare it for you, but I prefer paying in the store.

    • No you don't get to skip the line - it just saves you a bit of time as they already have the details, and means less likely they get the order wrong. Main advantage is these extra deals.
      Maybe you can skip the line if you pre-pay.. don't know, as I don't do that.

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      Yeah if you pay via the app you definitely skip the line. You just press the button saying 'I'm here' and they start making the order

    • It allows KFC to contact you when when they want to cause more visits to the store, it's presence on your device causes more visits to the store and it collects data that causes more visits again.

      I guess you could say it works by causing more of your money to be lost to KFC.

    • Well, for them it pretty much ensures a steady income, and, of course, they can build up a personal profile of you. What you order, when you order, where you order - they'd get all sorts of great info out of that. I imagine it would help them develop different deals etc. That info is also a saleable item.

  • Does it come with the colonel's special sauce?

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      Only if the Colonel likes you.

  • Maccas gives you a choice of 4 free sauces including big mac sauce. Does KFC give you free sauces?

    • No sauces, just ketchup bro

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      Yes they do. 4 free dipping sauces of your choice.

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      Yes. Raw sauce.

      I'm sorry.

  • My bad please ignore. Haymarket branch dun support the app but broadway one does and it's closer.

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      Closer to who?

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        Ignore what?

  • app doesn't work anywhere, not a deal

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      I suspect "fowl" play…

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        you gots to be chicken me

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          Sounds more like a cock up than anything else

        • Clucking hell, KFC is not up to scratch.

  • KFC is making it really easy to avoid using the app now by increasing its prices. 9 pieces for 10.95. doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

  • Going to get this tonight 😁😁

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    Thx Op. Got the 24s plus 6.95 x4 pcs H+S add on.

  • Works for me. Thanks OP

  • Do you guys prefer these or the ones from McDonald's?'s

  • And so good for you too (not)

  • So what's the verdict guys? Is it better than the original nuggets?

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