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Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole French Oven 28cm/6.8l Satin Black $350 Delivered (RRP $659) @ Your Home Depot


Was looking for one of these and stumbled across this deal, not sure how many they have in stock.

People are trying to sell these for more than this second hand on eBay. They also have other Le Creuset pots and pans on special with free shipping.

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  • Le Creuset, Le Creuset,

    You can beat the cigarette.

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      le cruset le cruset, you can beat the.. cigaray?

  • I think this was posted couple of days back

    • I think that was the Red version and was far cheaper at $250 but personally I like the Black version more so this is still pretty good.

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        I think the one that was posted a couple of days back was the 26 cm version, this one is slightly larger at 28 cm

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    I have a Le Creuset and a $60 one (reduced from a much higher bogus RRP) from Harris Scarfe. Zero difference in how they cook, Le Creuset looks nicer and may last longer, but the HS one is 10 years old and going strong with no chips etc.

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      Because both are same material (cast iron), both will last centuries. The branded one may last one century more.

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    The over inflated bogus prices of this product is due to Brand and profit margin. By building up a brand name over years, the manufacturer thinks they can price gouge the shit out of the customer. Doesnt matter what they say, they all come out of China from the same production line.

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      So they aren't made in France?

      Le Creuset has been handcrafting cast iron cookware since 1925. Made in Fresnoy-Le-Grand in northern France, Le Creuset is still made by master craftsmen in the same time-honoured, hand crafted way.

    • Le Crueset French Oven pot are made in France. Other than the French Oven pot most of their products are made in China.

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    Cost more than my aldi oven

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    Boat Anchor

  • My Mum goes bonkers for this brand and she knows her cooking. I've got a large dish and it's great, but yeah still expensive.

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    Thanks OP. Bought 2 and I don't even cook

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    I got the Aldi version of this 6 years ago and it still works great and from memory was around 10 times cheaper.

  • Not really a fan of glossed enamelled interiors. I prefer Staub pots, with the pitted surfaces. They get better with age and the more you use them.

    They also have self-basting lids which are great for roasts.

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    Wow…. not quite the $140 I paid a little while ago :)
    That one ended up express shipped, arrived in less than a week (and left outside my door by the postie…)

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    i got one from credit card reward program, not the best way to use points but I don't fly. Definitely worth it in my opinion. I also plan to live over 200 years so it works out for me to get Le Creuset

    • If you ever feel like using your points for something like that again please send me a message and I will give you the same thing for less points.

  • I got one of these for $100 delivered due to an Amazon pricing error.