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Voss Sparkling Water 800ml $3.85 @ Woolworths


It's time to replace my old bottle, the decals are hardly visible any more.

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    Title should be Voss Water bottle + Complementary Water

  • Finally!

  • Damn, should have bought this instead of the 375ml coles ones, which were also on sale a couple weeks ago.

  • Decals? The first thing I do is run the back of a pair of scissors to scrape off all the decals. Makes it look much better :-)

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      Wire wool seems to be the best bet.


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        That looks much easier than how I did it! But I was at work, so scissors were what I had at hand.

    • You could always try nail polish remover. That’s been my go to for decal removal.

  • Is it plastic?

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    Thanks Op, my car was getting dirty & I haven't had time to get a car wash financially.

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      Running a tight ship, need a new tyre but already have the gaffa tape. 18 of these will do..

  • Would it be considered cheating if I used Santa Vittoria water instead?

  • Online only or in store too? Melb CBD anyone?

  • still cheaper than 500ml of mount franklin at Perth Arena

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    Discount appears to be online only. Both shelf and scan price were $5 when I tried buying some bottles at Woolworths Toorak.

  • walk down the creek and scoop it full. I use a $12 50GPD membrane and have "no taste water". Recently added a Magnesium enriching cartridge so no more cramps forgetting them magnesium tablets.
    Most councils now provide better quality water than them not so environmentally friendly imports.

    • Hi, can you tellme more about the magnesium cartridge and the benefits? thanks

  • i thought its normally a sale when its like $2 ? maybe i was dreaming seeing this post before

  • Dropped by my local woolies after work last night and the price was still $5.15? Not happy :(

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