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Novoo USB-C Hub/Adapter w/ 4K HDMI Port, 2x USB 3.0, SD & MicroSD $26.98 Delivered @ Wellmade Brands via Amazon AU


This adapter/hub is actually US27.99 on Amazon US and AU $25.99 on Amazon AU. That's gotta be a first.

It is reviewed really well online. 4.5 stars at Amazon AU (25 reviews) and 4 Stars at Amazon US (106 reviews). It’s actually cheaper than the plastic junk ones sold on eBay, which will take over a month to arrive, if it arrives at all.

It's aluminium and the same colour as the MBP. Personally, going to use mine to use with monitor at work via HDMI as a second display, along with USB keyboard and mouse.

Also eligible for free shipping if bundled with a total order of $49 or over. Can be used with the $20 off promo for new users and those bothered to make a new email address.

Hope it helps someone. Have a great weekend!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $20 off promo code is only for products sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

    • Mine was eligible for the free shipping when bundled with a couple of other things sold by amazon

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        But without the $20 discount? It's fulfilled by Amazon but not sold by them. I saw it when I was looking to buy some things and thought about getting it too but it lacks an ethernet port and there's cheaper HDMI cables about.

        This one for an extra dollar has charging as well.

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          No SD card reader though

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    Good price, but no USB-C passthrough for charging. 😞

    • +3

      Damnit, I knew it was too good to be true!

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        that's the dealbreaker there :(

    • Know of anything that does pass through charging and offers at least a USB A port?
      I have a Nexus 6P and want to plug in a TV tuner dongle and charge at the same time is possible.

      • check out shootingstar's link below, might work?

  • is it 4k 60hz 4:4:4: ?

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    Is this a hardware solution or a hardware/software solution? I notice that many “docks” use a heap of resources to drive the additional monitor.

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    If only it had charging pass-through it would've been the ideal solution.

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    4K UHD ([email protected]) YUK! yeah spend $4k on a laptop cheap out on this, right.


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    For those of you who are willing to forego the card slots for charging pass-through, this also looks good for $1 more -

    • it also claims 60hz on the 4k output - "Supporting HDMI output: The resolution reach [email protected](3840x2160)60Hz"

      • Where are you seeing this? it says 30hz for me.

        • He's not wrong, there's 2 contradictory specs in the description. I think it's safe to say we can assume it'll only do [email protected]

    • +1

      Just want to head up tip anyone purchasing this for their Samsung phones. I found the USB-A fast charging speed inefficent to keep the dex mode from draining my phone while plugged in. Require a USB-C 30 Watt Charger to be able to charge at the same time. Lucky i had a spare USB charger with that feature :)

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    $33.98 - as shipping is $7.99 (if you don't want to buy $50 worth of stuff - which most people do not).

  • if anyone needs one with ethernet jack, the xiaomi one has one, albeit being usb 3.0 (not usb c)

    • Can you link or give the model number please.

      • After a quick google i think i found a better one
        Happy with mine though as i trust xiaomi slightly more

        • But it's not Xiaomi, it's dodocool. 🤔​

        • @O O: should be fine. most xiaomi stuff is just other companies' shit with the xiaomi logo on it

        • +1

          @tomkun01: I mean you're referring to the wrong product. This should be the Xiaomi one you're referring to. 😉

        • @O O: i know because i think there might be better ones, so i posted the thread

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    I bought this from these guys other month because I thought it would arrive quicker than Amazon US. It took a about a month to get me, don't know if they have gotten better or not. Additionally if you plan to use this with an Apple MacBook , the operation can be tricky sometimes for HDMI displays. I am not sure if it is the fault of the dongle, rather how Apple manages the connection.

  • I got this for my Dell XPS 13, I just connect to an external display and I have no complaints at all. Can recommend

  • Anyone suggest something similar for use with a Surface Pro?

    • I picked up one of these mini display port to HDMI adaptors works fine at 4096 × 2160 or 3840x2160 @ 60hz from PLE computers for $25 no issues if you just want to use the 4k display with out the extra USB ports


      • thanks
        probably more so after something slim to expand the usb ports…

        • This goes into the mini display port so you can still get a multi port usb extender, just be cautious only certain active chipsets in the adaptors work at full rate on the video out put unless your prepared to splash for a full dock like the dynadock (not only option) which can run 2 at 4k and the 3rd at full res on surface, which is currently how I use mine, 4k screens for the work and the surface for the extras I find it useful for. the dock gives you an extra 6 USB ports

    • Why would this not be useful for Surface Pro? (Serious question).

      • +1

        Surface pro doesn't have USB C support. You'll need one of these that doesn't exist yet:

        • Thanks

        • It's been so long I'd forgotten they were making these things.
          How long is it supposed to take to design? They are going to design a manned Mars mission quicker than this!

  • Would this work with a Samsung phone?

    • Yes description says S8 and S8+. Going to give it a go with my note 8 for some Samsung Dex goodness. If no work, can always return which is ultra easy with Amazon.

      I'm actually gonna try the 2nd one with charging port linked above.

  • +12

    Don't forget to use code QWRAEAV6 at checkout for further $5 off. Comes down to $26.98 delivered.

    • Nice, $26.98 for me shipped.

  • How do you get this for 25.99 delivered? It's still charging me for delivery. Ta

    • It was only $25.99 Delivered if spending >$49. It's actually $26.98 Delivered with the coupon as explained above, have updated.

      • Gotcha thanks mate!

  • I remember when my old Nokia E7 had an HDMI port built in :(

    • +1

      And a … Keyboard!

  • Why do I feel like getting one, I don't even have any USB-C gear?!

    • +1

      Just hit the buy now button then think about it later. Most of us ozbargainers do.

  • Can anyone suggest a powered usb hub that will support portable hard drives?

    I have a old Zipp (from Big W) powered usb2 hub, but I can't get portable HDD's to work with it. Obviously not got enough power even when plugged into the mains via it's transformer.


    • I've an Orico MH4U, and plug the USB charger to the extra microUSB port. I can copy files between my 4 portable HDDs without any issue.

  • This one on eBay has an Ethernet port:

    Around $33.
    Useful if you need the Ethernet port

    • whats the build quality like mate?

      • Don’t know yet. I just ordered one!

        BTW It also has charging pass-through.

    • BTW this seller's recent feedback doesn't look great

  • Any around with 2 x HDMI?

    I've got an XPS 15 but would like if possible to use 1 x usb-c to to display 2 monitors and use the inbuilt hdmi to display to a 3rd monitor.

    • Contrary to Dell support, you can use a WD15 USB-C dock with the XPS 15. You can usually get one from Grays Online for around $100-$120 delivered. It lets your do 2 monitors, charges, ethernet, audio. (Make sure it's the 180W version though)

      Haven't tried the HDMI port at the same time though.

  • USB 3.0 interferes with 2.4GHz WiFi and other wireless devices due to the similar frequencies.

    Will it interfere with Wifi regardless of whether the USB ports are used or not?

    • Would love to know this too. Never heard of anything like this happening aside from the microwave impacting old school tvs haha

    • No it won't.
      The fact they talk about the interference shows this is made to a price and doesn't have shielding/good design to mitigate the interference… but at least they're honest about it!
      Still, I think this would be more applicable to plugging in a WiFi dongle straight into this rather than any other (eg. built-in WiFi.)

  • anyone has one can test if it will work with nintendo switch for video output to tv?

    • Curious to find out too about Switch compatibility

  • Hi, great price. Was looking for a good one. Thank you.

    • You’re welc Me!

      • Welcome*

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