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10% off Apple Computers from Myer This Saturday and Sunday


Among with other discounts from Myer 2 day Brand Blitz Promo

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    this should work great for anyone who recently got the myer 10% off gift cards

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      have you ever been to a sale anywhere that does this? There is your answer.

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    Check out mac rumour's buyers guide.

    Looks like the laptops are due a refresh soon.
    Don't know about desktops.

  • Or if you qualify for educational pricing, you might be better off with Apple's UNI offer with free iPod Touch and free printer after rebate. Via Apple's online store only

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      From my experience if you go to an Apple retail store and get them to price match the 10% you can get the iPod and printer rebate also.

      • Really? That would be outstanding.

      • If you go to apple and get them to price match…will they do build to order cause 2gb ram on the macbook air doesnt seem enough :/

      • EDU pricing is usually better than most 10% off sales anyway.

        • no its not. It depends on the model you are buying,. Check out their website first

          some examples
          MBook 1199 Ed price 1139 $60 saving vs 120
          mbair 1199 Ed price 1139 $60 saving vs 120
          Mac Mini $899 Ed price 839 $60 saving vs 90

    • yup, pricematch and combine with this:

    • The T&C says "Purchase a qualifying Apple Computer, using Apple’s education pricing, and a qualifying iPod"… Price match = education pricing?

      • Last time I just got them to price match, showed them my student card and got them to give me all the forms for the rebate! This was the Apple Store in Chadstone.

  • Macbook Air is excluded?!

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      Just called Myer Maroochydore who call their sales office in Sydney who confirmed it INCLUDES Macbook Air.

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        Yes it does I just bought one. So I can confirm it does, delivery early next week. Yes I know the sale starts tomorrow, but I got lucky, and I used my Myer gift cards that I had saved just waiting for this.

        BTW thanks again to the OP

  • You have to be stupid if you missed out on the dick smith 15% off sale.

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      Not always if you had bought the myer gift cards at 10% off then this gives 20% Granted with D Smith you can use gift cards that you save a further 5% so they are equal, you just had to know that DS was doing this deal and had the cards ready in advance. Normally you only get 10% at DS

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        Well technically it was more like 19.09% off but close enough :) Since the Myer cards were 10% bonus, not 10% discount.

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      I wanted to buy an Apple laptop last week. DSE had zero stock in all of South Australia. The special was in store only, and the laptop they had listed on their site was a previous generation model.

  • Anyone know of any if itunes cards will be on any specials again soon??

  • how about IPAD

    • Don't bother with the iPad. The update is pretty much all but guaranteed for first half of this year with those dummy models floating around.

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    C2D cpus are soo last decade! Now Apple use Intel they can't bullshit about how there architecture allows performance enhancements in other areas!

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      Theres always one troll, you still waiting for your virus checker to finish scanning…..

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      The last decade finished 14 days ago, so yes, they are sooo last decade. Just like all other computer hardware you're using right now.

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        Technically the new intels coming out now would be last decade tech as well, considering they were designed years ago and probs manufactured up to 3-6 months ago for mass release last week.

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    Seems like a scheduled sale to shift old stock. If Apple's roadmap is to be believed, they'll be updating their main macbook and MBP line in the first half of this year. Core 2 Duo is somewhat outdated at this stage. Price is good, it's just up to us to decide whether we can live with it.

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      I bought the basic Core 2 Duo Macbook last week, knowing full well the update is coming within the next 2 to 3 months. I needed a machine for Xcode development and to be honest, the 2.4Ghz CPU is rather snappy. The only thing that needs upgrading is the RAM as 2Gb just isn't enough (256Mb is eaten by video memory, Flash is a fat [email protected]#k memory hog).

      Apple is usually 6 months away from a refresh, 12 months from a new model, no matter when we buy hardware.

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        I totally agree with you. All those people are buying i5, i7, and so on but they do not realise that the bottleneck is not in the processor. When people are seeing macbook air they'll say "What, 1.4 Ghz? How can that be enough?". But they just don't realise that macbook air components eliminates lags that is present in most other laptops.

        I'm a developer too, and I develop fine with my almost 3 year old machine. I upgraded my own RAM and will probably upgrade to SSD at some point. All the best!

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          The Air still suffers exactly the same lag that afflicts any other laptop with comparable specs. Yes, it's true that the Air's components work particularly well, but that's because they were chosen specifically for their synergy.

          Non-upgradeable 2GB memory is a crime though, considering it's usually so easy and cheap to do it yourself anyway, and it's most most hassle free shot in the arm for laptop performance. Why Apple decided to seal the unit like an ipod is beyond me.

  • is only 10% off the RRP ?

  • If I had to pay the same price, would it be more worth getting a weaker (couldn't think of a better word) MBP or a stronger Air?

    • Just depends on what you want to do. The air is really for those wanting a portable device, its major benefits are its weight and the solid state drive, which increases the battery life, and fast access (vs hard drive spin up etc).

      If you want dvd access large hard drive storage etc then the MBP is probably the way to go.

      This is not meant to be a absolute review, just to give you some indication of what I see the benefits maybe.

    • The Air's not exactly made to be a primary computer. SSD is quicker boot, but ultimlately lower capacity. No optical drive hurts. It's smaller too.

      If you want something to supplement your current computer, then go for the Air. Otherwise, MBP.

    • Well, I used to have a MBP but it got stolen. I mainly just use my iPad to surf, check emails at home these days so the laptop would mainly just be for viewing lectures, typing assignments etc.

      • As Strand says, if its your only computer the major issue would be getting stuff on the MBA. A lot easier with another computer.

        But this can be done on the Air, by accessing the DVD drive on a Mac or a PC, or alternatively by buying the macbook air superdrive (price from Apple store is $99) http://store.apple.com/au/product/MC684ZM/A

        Some details on the drive… from the Apple site

        Everything you need in an optical drive.
        Whether you’re at the office or on the road with your MacBook Air, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs with the MacBook Air SuperDrive. It’s perfect when you want to watch a DVD movie, install software, create backup discs, and more.

        Take it anywhere.
        Only slightly bigger than a CD case, the MacBook Air SuperDrive slips easily into your travel bag when you hit the road and takes up little space on your desk or tray table when you’re working.

        The essence of simplicity.
        You’ll never have to worry about lost cables with the MacBook Air SuperDrive. It connects to your MacBook Air with a single USB cable that’s built into the SuperDrive. There’s no separate power adapter, and it works whether your MacBook Air is plugged in or running on battery power.

        • Or can't he just borrow a drive from one of his computers using remote drive? Has that thing ever worked? Granted in the case of like updating OS it wouldn't work I guess…

  • has anyone actually tried to get a 10% discount and also get Apple’s UNI offer with free iPod Touch and free printer after rebate? cause that would be a great offer

    • tried today at apple doncaster but was told that staff have been informed not to allow this :(

      unlike last year when i bought a macbook pro :)

      • how bout sydney? does anyone knows if it'll work in sydney?

        • how abt chermside store? is the store went under? :( wish to get one

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