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75% off Canningvale Penthouse Suite | Hand Towel $3.24 | Bath Mat $4.99 | Bath Towel $10 | Free Shipping @ Spotlight eBay


Edit: Deal Link has been changed to Koo Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection as the Canningvale Penthouse Suite Towel Collection is out of stock.

Canningvale Penthouse Suite Towel Collection OUT OF STOCK

  • Hand Towel $3.24 (Was $12.99)
  • Bath Mat $4.99 (Was $19.99)
  • Bath Towel $10 (Was $39.99)

Available in Blue, White or Grey (Bath Towel only).


Dry off in style with these soft, snug towels.

Featuring a fashionable multi ridged end border hem.

Made from 100% combed cotton, designed for your comfort and satisfaction making daily bath time more pleasurable.

If spending $30 or more, use code PULL5 for a 5% discount.

Koo Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection as recommended by Scab

Spotlight eBay have a range of other towels also available at up to 60% off with free shipping.

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  • +8

    With free shipping this is awesome.

    I highly recommend Koo Egyptian cotton towels, great quality and really adsorbent.

    Usually $24 but on sale for $10.

    • Do you think think the Koo Egyptian towels are better quality than Canningvale Penthouse ones? I am still looking at their eBay store and not sure which one to get.

      • +3

        The Koo ones are better.

        • +1

          Will get one each. Cheers

    • Going to give these a go, thanks for the recommendation.

    • +2

      Thanks Scab. Thanks also to Putnam who posted this The Checkout video about sheets. They mention Egyptian cotton. Fast forward to the 5:03 minute mark.

      • So where is the best place for decent bit affordable sheets that LAST!

        • +3

          Target 100% cotton sheets have done me well. 500TC and $58 for a fitted and flat sheet ($29ea)

    • +1

      Cheers, bought 2

    • thx Scab! bought 4

    • Heh, 108 sold in last hour.
      Make that 109 now..

  • grabbed 5 canningvale bath towel - 50 inc delivery.

    eta 16 or 17 of may to Sydney.

    • you could have bought 2 more for $16.50 with PULL5
      Edit: as per OP its $30 minimum, not $70

      • +2

        all good. had stacks of vouchers from ebay 10% off sale. wait… can I add pull5 on top of my voucher???

        • +2

          Apparently yes.

        • @sillycattle:

          Are you sure about that?

          I thought there was no way to stack Ebay vouchers…

        • +1

          @UncleRico: I did this several times for the past few weeks, after getting the 10% vouchers. So yes pretty sure you can stack ebay vouchers with one discount code.

        • Yes the eBay voucher is a payment method not a promotional code so you can use it with any offer

  • -2

    designed for your comfort and satisfaction making daily bath time more pleasurable.

    You forgot "ribbed for your pleasure".

  • It's the same prices on the Spotlight web site itself. But obviously can't use that eBay discount coupon through there.

    • +11

      maybe use code from here for $40 off $100 spend? EDIT: confirmed to be working!

      • Yeah that's a great idea. Thanks.

      • +1

        So $6 each

        • why do you need 10 towels

        • @phunkydude: you can buy anything else from spotlight. They have a bed/linen section so you could get some pillows or sheets too.

        • @phunkydude: families would easily use that many. Good to have a second set when first is in wash

  • +1

    Cheers headphonejack.
    Ordered using cashrewards for a extra 1% combined with the pull 5 makes a good bargain.
    Note also available with face washers @ $1.24 through retail.

    • +1

      Not free delivery from their website though.

  • They should put measurements online

  • +8

    Bath towels are kid size. 70cm x 130cm

    Bath sheets are adult size… 100cm x 150cm.

  • +4

    Thanks - ordered through Spotlight website with $40 off $100 voucher - 8 towels and 8 other bits and bobs - total $72 delivered. Thanks!

  • +1

    thanks op

  • How do these compare to Sheridan?

    • from what I recall this should be similar to sheridan entry level. Sheridan mid to high end is pretty damn good, but heavy

  • +1

    Anyone found any good deals on bedding? Doonas / Doona covers / Sheet sets?

  • -1

    What’s bigger bath sheet or bath towel?

    • I answered this question above…

  • What’s bigger bath sheet or bath towel?

    • Sheet is bigger.

  • Everything out of stock…

  • I live in a suburb next to a suburb called Canning Vale.

    Weirds me out there's a towel named after a suburb or a suburb named after a towel.

  • My order got cancelled =(

  • Canningvale towels got cancelled

    • My order is still in limbo at the processing stage. Nfi what's going on

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