expired $13.30 (30% off) New Zealand 2 Degrees Travel SIM - 1.25GB 4G LTE Data + 200 Mins Calls (To NZ + AU) + Unlimited Texts @ So Easy


Hi Ozbargain !

Please don't forget to use Discount Code NZ30 At the checkout to claim your discount!

New Zealand is going to be a blast in winter, so settle your NZ trip before you fly with our Best Selling 2 Degrees Carry Over Travel SIM, now 30% off until Monday

The SIM is Praised by traveller's for its easy connection, no id registration, and is the best for short term travelers entering NZ in the coming months.

We've Sold thousands of these SIM cards, you don't need to take it from us you can ask the many ozbargainers who have used the SIM.

We are also having half price off of our registered signature on delivery service, so if you can guarantee you will receive your SIM within those 4 Busienss Days We highly recommend purchasing this option instead of dealing with the stress of Australia Posts Letter Services which can be hit and miss at times.

We have only 210 SIM cards in stock for this sale - we will not sell any more SIM cards after the Stock is SOLD OUT We aim to deliver our promise so that travelers will receive their SIM cards on time before you depart.

The Deal

//RRP: $19// Discounted Price: $13.30 (free Shipping option)

What It Comes With:

  • 1.25GB of 4G LTE Data for use within New Zealand (Previously 1GB)
  • Unlimited Text messages to Australian and New Zealand mobile phones
  • 200 minutes of calls to standard landline and mobile phones in New Zealand and Australia
  • Unlimited calls to other 2degrees new zealand mobile phones
  • 4G LTE dedicated 2 Degrees Network - 3rd biggest in the nation

Things You Should Know:

  • Bundle expires in 28 days after registration is complete.
  • No shelf life or expiration date (Hold on to the SIM as long as you need)
  • Easy activation - dial and call 200 once you are in New Zealand and follow the Easy prompts to activate your SIM Card, Takes around 5 minutes to activate.
  • Works in Tablets, Dongles, Mi-Fi Devices and Allows Mobile Hotspotting
  • The Travel SIM Card expires in 12 months if no recharge is ever made on it after activation

Activating Your 2 Degrees SIM Card:

1: Pop out the 3-in-1 SIM Pack
2: Insert the SIM into your Mobile Device.
3: Go to your dial pad and Call 200 and follow the prompts to activate your carryover combo
4: SIM activates in about 2 mins. If it doesn't then give it about a 20 mins and you should be on your way.


We are having half price off registered postage - signature on delivery. If you are travelling within 6 Business Days, We strongly recommend purchasing this option at the checkout to guarantee the arrival of your SIM within 1 - 4 Business Days

  • Australia Post Priority Letter Service / 2 - 6 Business Day's / This is our free shipping option
  • Australia Post Registered Signature On Delivery - $1.99 (Was: 3.99 - Limited time only) 1 - 4 Business Days Guaranteed
  • Australia Post Express Postage - 1-2 Business Days - $9.99

New Product Release on Friday!

** We are releasing the 2 degrees 4G - 10Gb Data Carry Over Combo **

this SIM is great if your a heavy data user and need the extra Gbs to use in NZ :) we will keep the community posted on it's release as we will only send out stock we have availble


Please don't hesitate to contact us at help@soeasy.travel and we will help you out with any questions you may have

We will also be introducing whatsapp support next week for any customers that need to reach out to us urgently while traveling.

Feel free to upvote this deal if you or any other ozbargainers have loved using this SIM before, a track record for ease of use of these SIMs really helps the community :)

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