expired Makibes HR3 Wristband w/ Heart Rate Monitor $17.99 US (~$24.14 AU), Tronsmart USB-C 1M 2 Pack $4.99 US (~$6.70 AU) @ GeekBuying


The Makibes HR3 is a smart bracelet with a touchscreen display with features including customisable clock faces, app notifications, continuous heart rate monitoring, distanced walked, calories burned, sleep monitoring and more. It's IP67 water resistant and can be paired with a phone via the app for iOS and Android.

Next on sale is a 2 Pack of 1M Tronsmart USB-A to USB-C cables suitable for charging.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. Free shipping included.

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    how is it compared to xiaomi wrist band?

    Is the software any good?


      is the Xiaomi the best budget wristband?

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      I have a Makibes HR1 that I got for US$15 a while back, which is pretty much the same but without the colour screen. Missus has the Xiaomi.

      The Xiaomi software is definitely more polished than what the Makibes uses
      The sleep tracking is also much better, automatically tracking your sleep whereas the Wearfit software only tracks within a time period you need to set, however I've set a start and finish well outside my normal sleep time to cover it and it seems to record pretty well whether I've actually gone to sleep or not.

      As far as the hardware goes, I actually prefer the Makibes. Firstly, no charging cradles to lose, pull off the band and it has a USB connector built in.
      The bigger screen is also more useful (and sometimes gives a little more info, ie who the sender of a WhatsApp message is, Xiaomi just shows the icon.)
      Makibes also does 24h heart rate monitoring.

      Battery life is a lot less than the Xiaomi, I usually need to recharge every 5 days or so, think the missus gets about 2 weeks out of hers.

      One big annoyance with the software for me is that I can't disable the bluetooth reconnection notification on the band (disconnection I can turn on or off though) so every time I walk out of range of my phone and back again, the band lights up and vibrates to let me know. If I'm just at the range limit and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, gets pretty annoying pretty quickly.


    Use code MAKIBESHR3 bring it down to $16.99


    The coupon isn't working for me. Give me ' Sorry, this coupon code is applicable for some specific items' error

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