expired DOOGEE S60 Rugged IP68 Phone (5.2", 6GB/64GB, NFC, Wireless Charging, 5580mAh Battery) $239 US (~$320.75 AU) @ AliExpress


Good price on this very feature rich rugged phone from DOOGEE, as most rugged phones lack high end specs and 3G/4G support. This is perfect for people who are spending a lot of time outdoors as it's designed to be drop and shock resistant as well as surviving a swim in water!

Besides the IP68 rating making it waterproof, features include the high performance Helio P25 Octa-Core CPU, a massive 6GB of RAM, 64GB inbuilt storage, 21.0 MP rear camera, NFC, Qi Wireless Charging, Heart Rate Monitor and a large 5580mAh battery with 12V/2A fast charge. It's running Android 7 out of the box with a near stock UI.

AU$ based on current Mastercard exchange rate.


  • Android 7.0 w/ OTA
  • 5.2" 1920x1080 FHD IPS Display w/ Gorilla Glass 5
  • MediaTek Helio P25 Octa-Core CPU
  • ARM Mali-T880 MP2 GPU
  • 64GB Samsung eMMC Storage (Supports MicroSD upto 128GB)
  • 21.0 MP Rear Camera (Sony IMX230) / 8.0 MP Front Camera
  • 5580mAh Battery w/ Fast Charge (MTK PumpExpress 5V/7V/9V/12V)
  • Dual Micro SIM Cards (Simulatneous 4G/2G only)
  • NFC / Qi Wireless Charging / Fingerprint Reader
  • WiFI (2.4/5GHz) / Bluetooth / GPS
  • 3G: Band 1/2/5/8
  • 4G: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/19/20/38/39/40/41
  • Metal Body in Black, Gold or Silver
  • 164 x 81 x 15.5mm (L x W x H)

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  • +1 vote

    What a doogee phone…

  • +8 votes

    I love doogee style


    I quite liked my X5 Pro. Great phone for the price back in the day. Any idea what this is like compared to the Blackview?

  • +1 vote

    That's a lot of phone for the price. And that battery is insane.
    For those going 'what's the catch' - the Helio is a fair distance behind the Snapdragon processors in performance.
    But for about 1/4'er the price of something premium, it's a fair compromise.

    • +2 votes

      Yep that's why I had to share. Far too many rugged phones having the low end MTKs, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage etc.

      While that is true in comparison to Snapdragon, I think the combination of the Helio P25 and Mali-T880 still make it a very good performer.

  • -3 votes

    the IP68 rating making it waterproof

    Having an IP rating doesn't make things waterproof. IP68 means it can survive dust and "temporary immersion". The manufacturer is allowed to design the tests to pass this non standard (or in other words it doesn't mean anything).


      To be specific.

      Protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter (manufacturer must specify exact depth)

      3m according to DOOGEE. This phone will work submerged in water making it waterproof and plenty of vids out there showing it.


      IP68 is the standard that it can survive immersion in greater than 1m of water for more than 30 minutes. It has to be fresh water. It's the standard set by the IEC.

      Not sure what you can do to the test to somehow make that easier to pass.

      • +2 votes

        Fresh water prob has too many impurities depending on where you source it from. Pretty sure they test with distilled water. Where are you going to find a pool of that to accidentally drop your phone into?

        More seriously… nobody is going to take an IP68 phone and go swimming with it. It’s for accidents, and those generally last a few mins max, for not only seconds.


          This would be more for people like Tradies I suppose, where they can't afford to have a phone that breaks when it gets dusty and wet.

  • +2 votes

    I guess im the guy saying, no band 28 bummer etc.


      Seriously, it's the only thing missing in this phone. I need band 28 and if this had it, I'd be buying one.

      Also note that battery has to be they large because the processor isn't anywhere near as efficient as say a Snapdragon 625.

      • +1 vote

        Not the only thing missing. It's dual SIM, but the second SIM is 2G only, so it's effectively 1 SIM only.


      Normally a down vote these days but +1 for the way you put that :)

  • +1 vote


    Is that Doweyy's cousin?


    Neil Patrick Harris phone?


    Dual Micro SIM Cards (Simulatneous 4G/2G only)

    Useless in Australia since no 2G networks


    This looks pretty amazing. If the speakers and camera is alright I would consider swapping it for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4gb 64gb for an extra $70.

    I wonder how many drops it can take before the screen gets cracked. Hate having to be super careful with such a delicate phone.

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