expired Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB (Midnight Black, Grey, Direct Import) $876 @ amaysim eBay + 2 Year Warranty (HK)

 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB (Midnight Black, Grey, Direct Import) $876 @ amaysim eBay + 2 Year Warranty (HK)Affiliate

Better than the last Amaysim price
If you want the gold you can get it for $868.
2 Year warranty of grey import

Original 20% Off Amaysim Deal

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  • +1 vote

    Single or dual? eBay description says:

    • Single SIM (Nano-SIM) (N950F - Australian stock)
      Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) (One 3G/4G SIM and One 2G SIM) (N950FD - Direct import)
    • +1 vote

      Dual Sim for Direct import, Single for the Australian stock which is price jacked. just for reference it does state it in the brackets you pasted.
      Hope this clears it :)

    • +1 vote

      they sell both, you pick what you want and price will change accordingly.

  • +2 votes

    they don't have a monthly deal anywhere half decent for these anywhere :(
    $69 for a S9+ 256GB is tempting at the moment for me with Optus…
    Might just go for this as a pen is a must for me, cant go back to a normal phone, can't go back…

  • +5 votes

    I bought my Note 8 Last year at Amaysim eBay for $900. Got it in 2 weeks exactly (Ordered during Christmas, so that could have extended the shipping time). Only negative is that it you can't use Samsung Pay straight out of the box. But you can flash the Australian firmware on the device easily using online tutorials, and have it working fine with Samsung Pay (That's what I did recently). Also the dual sim is an added bonus. I would also recommend the Maple Gold colour, it looks really cool.


      Do you still have warranty after flashing the firmware?

      • -1 vote

        I'm pretty sure that warranty is not voided if you flash "stock firmware". It is only when you flash a custom rom, your warranty will be void.

    • +1 vote

      If you're with commbank you can download their app and use your phone as a card. Not too sure with other banks though.


        Samsung pay is easier to use than a seperate app as it is built into the phone.
        It also does loyalty cards.

      • +1 vote

        Yea that's an alternative. You can also use Android Pay straight out of the box. But I prefer Samsung Pay because of the exclusive MST feature built in. Meaning it will work at some places where NFC card payments are not accepted. It "acts" like your typical swipe cards.


      constructive information, thanks


      I bought it from the last deal too. Samsung Pay works fine, there's just Thai instead of English written in some apps (such as Samsung Pay)


      Hmm, i'm using N950F/DS (Vietnam Stock), Samsung Pay works just great tho. I'm using CommBank (Both Debit and Credit), Citibank, Westpac and my Vietnamese Card.


      This. I am doing this on my note8 bought from ebay seller.

      Also if you want to use WiFi calling and Volte from Telstra or Optus this works great.


    Does amaysim at least pay GST?

  • +1 vote

    Be wary that Samsung Australia will not touch this phone if something goes wrong with it even it is under warranty.


      Chatting to them:

      For Australian stocks, the 2 year warranty is serviceable by any Samsung store.

      For the Direct imports, the warranty will be under Amaysim.


        How good is Amaysim warranty? Anyone with experience willing to share? I wonder if it's worth it. The dilemma I have is if screen broken, Samsung au charge $250+ to replace it if it is au stock. However if it is grey import, the cost for screen replacement is almost $500+ and can't guarantee if it is original parts…

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