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[Pre-Order] AMD PCIE Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Air Retail, 16GB HBC, 483GB/s $651 + $14 Shipping @ I-Tech


its on price hipster
the price went down to $550 in March. Selling for $1599 at Scorptec.
16gb card is quite good

Model Radeon Vega Frontier Edition
Edition Frontier Edition
Platform Desktop
GPU Base Clock (MHz) 1382
GPU Over Clock OC (MHz) 1600
Memory Size (MB) 16000
Memory Type HBC
Memory Interface (Bit) 2048
Memory Clock (MHz) 945
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 483
Display Port Outputs (#) 1x DP-DVI SL (passive)
Warranty 3 YEARS

Just called them. They said they dont have stock atm and it will take around 3 weeks to get the stock (hopefully its not discontinued). other than that the price is legit.

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  • Call them before ordering, they don't update availablity often. I bet they have no stock! If they do, great deal!

  • Surely would have to be a price error?

  • Gaming it is between a 1070 and a 1080 and at that price it is good value imo

    • Yea looks like it sits between those 2, I guess if you wanted something now before next nvida series this would be quite a good deal for the price

  • Just called them. They said they dont have stock atm and it will take around 3 weeks to get the stock (hopefully its not discontinued). other than that the price is legit.

  • These are recommened for mining

    • Lol. You got negged for stating a fact. Ahhh OzB community, you never cease to surprise me.

  • Who would need this honestly? I would buy for Gridcoin computing, as one decent use case scenario.

    • 8k on ultra low

    • 16GB of VRAM seems a bit eccentric. The speed doesn't seem that much faster than boards from a few years ago. Why is the memory so much higher?

      • These are like high end gaming cards that also act as productivity cards that is targeted towards people that do CAD, medical imaging and other tasks that love eating VRAM. It's cheaper than going a Firepro/Quadro card and can perform around the same or even better depending on program and instruction set, saving a lot of money doing so and still having a huge VRAM buffer.

        Vega 64 is the gaming version of the Vega Frontier card in a similar way that the 1080ti is the gaming version of the Titan xP.

        • Alright, but I still don't see people running into problems using their PC productively, even with intensive software with a card that has 8GB, let alone 16GB.

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          There are people that will find 16GB too limiting and will then need to go up to a 24GB Quadro P6000 to run their software.

          Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

        • @StoneSin:

          Software such as video editing, CAD, VFX and medical imaging can all use near infinite amounts of memory. With CAD you can have a near infinite amount of additional components of the overall design that all may all need to be stored in ECC VRAM so that they can be modeled with high accuracy with no tolerance for error. This could be the case if simulating an offshore oil drilling operation. With video editing & VFX, well you might be working on a very long sequence of RAW camera footage with a lot of corrections and need them all being buffered in RAM. An 8K raw file that's 32GB might only be a few minutes of footage. With medical imaging, you can add a near infinite amount of raw data scans that need to be interpreted and meshed into a final model.

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          You aren't sure about much, are you?

          Maybe educate yourself rather than ask vague questions that you seem to know so much about, but actually have no idea of.

          I've given real examples as to why professionals actually need all of those, and you want to talk about why you don't think I should be saying 8K because you don't think recording in 4K is 'saturated'? 4K workflows have been a SOP at post production houses for what, the last half decade? 8K cameras have been the norm for years. You think they are going to turn away a contract because they don't want to deal in 8K footage? You have no idea what you are on about.

          Stay away from the media sector, you won't be welcome if you are going to talk to technicians like that when they try to help you understand the very answer to the questions you ask.

          No Uber driver is going to be in this thread, you have annoyed a lot of people who understand technology, unlike yourself. I was trying to help you and all you have done is be combative.

        • @StoneSin:

          Well now I'm certain you are actually borderline psychotic and I'm not one to enjoy watching mental illnesses manifest.

          Have a nice day.

        • @c0balt: No need to get upset buddy. You answered questions with statements on something that has no relevance here, then you got upset… that's strange psychological behaviour.

          and I'm not one to enjoy watching mental illnesses manifest.

          I can see that, else you'd get your frequent checkups done.

        • @c0balt:

          That's enough now. Time to move on.

        • @StoneSin:

          Some work loads needs hundreds of gb, let alone 16. Hence the pro GPUs they make with SSDs on board. This is a professional card, largely targeted at gaming and software developers.

      • if this were a real deal I would have bought 4 of them just for the vram. application is scientific computing

    • Escape From Tarkov players

  • no one notice & posted when it was $550 ????

  • Thanks, OP. Bought.

    I hope this isn't a scam. Although considering the price, it is for sure.

  • Perfect heater for those cold Winter nights.

  • I don't think it's a price error, AMD cards have been getting price slashed over the last week.

    8GB 580 for less than $400 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/378560

    There must be something happening in Crypto hardware land for a 580 8GB to be cheaper than a 1060 6GB and now a Vega Frontier to be cheaper than a 1080. If ASIC miners are on the way for popular alt-coins then these cards will have to reflect their price against Nvidia in gaming and not in mining anymore. Although with 16GB HBM2 is it really a high end gaming card, and not better called a high end productivity card?

  • looks like its gone.. page is just getting re-directed to contact us and can't find it listed in their products anymore.

  • bought one. Received an email 15 minutes later that the order has been cancelled!

  • This was the real price that I-Tech meant to have it as. This is quoted from Staticice with a price snapshot from 2 days ago. It's no wonder that they aren't honouring that $651 price error that would be a massive price hit to take.

    AMD PCIE Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Air Retail, 16GB HBC, 483GB/s, 1x DP-…
    I-Tech logo I-Tech (NSW) | www.i-tech.com.au | updated: 16-05-2018

  • Received cancellation and refund email.

  • The product was pulled because Australian computer distributors operate an informal cartel. Everyone knows it, no-one does anything about it.

    • you could say that about basically any industry in australia

      • you could but in this case its not only painfully obvious its true but also that all governments have looked the other way, and still do despite the obvious effects on national productivity, and education. tax money wasted on bugger all.