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​​Komodo 45L Portable Fridge/Freezer​ $225 + Delivery @ Kogan


More convenient than an esky that constantly needs to be refilled with ice, the Komodo 45L Portable Fridge and Freezer is a must-have for every journey.
2-in-1 fridge and freezer combination
Impressive 45L capacity
Easy to operate control panel with adjustable temperature control
Durable anti-fingerprint stainless steel shell
DC and AC powered

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  • Hope this is better than the discontinued 42L model that received a lot of poor reviews.

  • Can it run Fridge and Freezer at the same time?

  • I'm buying it, but also paying for 5 years extended warranty. $300 delivered is pretty bloody good.

    Warranty looks to be parts, labour and shipping.

    • Reading the poor reviews for the last model, it seems like a lot of people were using it with small batteries, and it seems like it has a pretty high current draw.
      I'd suggest 100Ah battery would be a good start for 12v use.

  • The 42L was the perfect size to fit 24 beers in.. I had it plugged in next to the lounge, reach over and presto beer.

  • just bought one myself, with 5yrs warranty. can't complain about the price, will be great for upcoming camping trips.

  • $66.27 delivery to Wodonga. No thanks.

  • "Durable anti-fingerprint stainless steel shell"

    Anti-fingerprint!!! Awesome This is such an important feature for a portable fridge!!!

  • Does anyone know what compressor this uses?

    • Any buyers with feedback?

      • Mine arrived damaged today. Looks like a bad refurbishment, covered in scratches, dents and marks. External packaging mint, not damaged during transport.

        Waiting to hear back from Kogan customer support now.

    • This is the compressor.

      Hua Jun

      Model Number:

      Refrigeration Compressor Manufacturer:
      NingBo Anuodan Machinery Co., LTD

      It comes with a ACT-120060 adapter (first Google Image result) 100-240V to 12V 6A. I'm impressed at the size of it and how nice and cold the inside is. The fridge seals shut great too, At first I thought why was it stuck and can't open.

      No long term review from me as I haven't got my 12V battery setup put together and I'm not too sure if over time it will be less noisy once the compressor breaks in. It was a tad noisy at first but I can get use to it.

      When you unbox it, it's all wrapped with white film. The back plastic hinges I think could break easily so better be careful with it. Lastly the LCD is nice as well, but could use more screen protector on it or clear packing tape all over it protecting it from deep scratches just in case.

      • And to add. I don't know how the LCD backlighting turns off. Anyone know how? Or is this normal? Also I'm happy that 1.25L soft drinks can stand upright inside it.

  • got mine today, anyone know an easy way to get the white film off…***k me its a pain.

    first impressions, you get what you pay for so you cant complain too much, ran it for about 10-15mins in my 4x4, cools down extremely quick got down to 4c in that time. got the extended warranty (5yrs) as it wont get used too much anyway, but its good to have.