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1/2 Price Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer - $6 (Was $12) @ Woolworths


This popular item (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/307166) seems to be on sale again.

Product Details:
The Décor Cook® Refillable Oil Sprayer is the ideal cook’s companion for light and healthy cooking. Perfect for baking, dressing salads, frying and more. The unique easy spray action produces a superfine light mist without the use of aerosol gases.
BPA Free
Food Safe

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  • +8 votes

    These are awesome!

    A wide thin spray. Perfect for pans & bbq grill

  • +7 votes

    so handy for swingers parties.

  • I was a skeptic of these but tried one on Ozbargain's suggestion and it's great. Highly recommended.

  • Highly recommend. Great gadget for quickly and evenly oiling pans

  • Anything special on this, rather than the normal garden spray?

    • It's food grade.

    • I imagine the difference in viscosity would mean these have much wider channels. I reckon the garden sprayers would probably not work for this.

    • It's a different system to a garden spray bottle. The oil is held in a bladder and I think the outer container is pressurised with each handle pump, squeezing the bladder and expelling an oil dose under pressure through the fan nozzle atomizer. You can see the bladder collapsing under atmospheric pressure as the oil gets used.

      • It doesn't seem to work that way, on mine anyway. Mine works just like water ones do… the oil is sucked up the tube and the inner bladder closes in more each time you use it. So I don't know why they even use the bladder. I assumed it was so the bladder would split so you'd have to buy a new one.

        And garden sprayers don't work. I bought a new one from Bunnings to try. It would only spray sometimes, was a single straight dribble instead of a mist, and and the rest of the time the trigger was rock hard and no oil came out. Then I tried to wash it back out to reuse it in the garage for something else but once cleaned it refused to work. Into the bin it went.

      • I bought two.

        Inner "bladder" is just a lining. Probably as the plastic outer wall is not stabilised for exposure to oils.

        It performs zero mechanical purpose in pumping.

        These are identical (except for the inner lining) to pump units "Koh" supplied by ECOWERX.


    • Yes - it works. ;-p

      I bought it when it was listed on sale here ages ago. Before that I had a $3 glass one from Coles with a black top which clogged constantly, oil sprayed into the top section and ran down the sides, and the black screw on top quickly cracked. Before that I tried a couple of others that I forget now, but none worked. Another was a laundry sprayer for a test, but it refused to spray oil. I washed that out and it never worked for anything again so I threw it away.

      Now… This thing sprays a narrow (top to bottom) but wide (left to right) spray. It has a outer shell like a softdrink bottle or a little softer, then an inner soft 'bag' that the oil is poured into. Not sure why they do it that way because it doesn't seem to assist the operation any, such as keeping air out. But oh well.

      It doesn't get as oily outside as all others I've used, and when it does, you can smear some dish detergent on it, wash it (upright) under the hot tap, and it doesn't get water inside.

      Last time it was listed here some people said it clogged for them and they washed it out. Mine hasn't but I use it regularly and I think that's probably why - no dried oil.

      I use a light spray in a bread machine pan, where I know the dough always gets stuck. Also to coat a wok and cast iron frypan after cooking. And during wok cooking I often leave the top on the sink (so the drops fall in the sink) and tip a tbsp of oil into the wok. Other main use is spraying oil over sliced meat marinating for stir-fries so it doesn't stick to the wok if I use too much cornflour.

      Anyway it's not perfect but it's been the best type I've owned so far with not dripping badly every time you use it, and due to past experiences, I thought it would have broken months ago but it hasn't.

  • Ah, the feeling of first century :) The sprayer is still going strong after a year for anyone wondering!

  • An excellent item! Use it all the time on the bbq and for frying. Much better than buying spray oils with all the chemicals.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Just bought 1
    ebay still selling 7.49

  • Will this be suitable for spraying butter over popcorn? So I can get a even coating on my popcorn and all.

    • It'll probably get clogged by some remnant butter that cools.

      I just dip my popcorn into a vat of butter now.

      • Hmmm… you've got a point there. I think your right. Thanks for the input! @buckster

  • A question for those who have one… I've got one but am wondering how people refilled it after the first load. How did you get the plastic bag thing that's inside to expand out again?

    • Just squeeze the bottle gently as you refill.

    • ?? I've never had to do anything… I just screw of the top, fill it up, replace top.

      …. I wonder if this is why mine suddenly failed??? Hope wife didn't through it out…

    • It does open a little itself when you remove the top, but mostly opens up again as you pour oil in. But I also blow in it to expand it the last 20% or so because I hate refilling it more often.

      • Or fill as much as possible, seal top with hand, squeeze bottle and bag will expand, release seal, repeat about 3 times.

  • I have one of this for 4 years now. Best oil sprayer!

  • I bought one last time, but after the first use it doesn’t spray evenly anymore, instead it sprays with two wide thin jets. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Exchange it for another one. Faulty goods should be remedied under warranty or ACL.

    • +12 votes

      Ahh the ol' split streams. Men around the world feel your pain.

    • Hot water, dish detergent, and squeeze hard often. IF it clears, refill with oil and spray until only oil comes out. If that doesn't work and you're going to toss it anyway, try poking a pin (or thinner) - in the nozzle.

  • Is it hard to keep clean? What about the residual oil in the bottle going rancid?

    • I haven't had any issues with rancid oil, the oil reservoir is relitively airtight which should limit oxidation.

    • what's the difference between oil in this and oil in the original bottle??

    • It's dead easy to keep clean actually. Well compared to others I've had anyway. It doesn't drip like others, but does start to get oily on the handle after a few uses. So I smear dish detergent on it and wash it (upright) under the hot water tap. Actually mine probably gets oily more than other peoples' because I often remove the lid to pour 1 or 2 tbsp of oil into the wok when I'm in a hurry instead of spraying.

      That might be the reason for the bladder… so it closes up and removes the space for oxygen to make the oil go rancid faster.

      The way you prevent it from going rancid is to use it more often, LOL.

  • I left mine for a while and it did go rancid, so I tried cleaning it by running detergent through it and spraying it out. It got too hard so I just threw it away -lesson learned, don't let it go rancid!

  • I bought 2, used 1 for oil and 1 for vinegar. My wife hates them - she reckons I'm spraying oil everywhere which I don't believe is true. (I thought woolworths was clearing them when I got them??)

    My oil one suddenly stopped working. Worked one day, didn't the next. :(

    Even at $6 I reckon they're too expensive for how long they last.

    • Its good to see another opinion! Do you have any other recommendations for an oil/vinegar sprayer?

      • No I don't, I've never found anything else to use. I figure oil would be a tricky substance for a spray bottle.

        I'm thinking any spray bottle would suffice for vinegar though. So now that you've made me think about it, I reckon I'll get a spray bottle for the vinegar and re-use the one that's still working for oil.

      • I've tried different ones. This has been the best by far (so far). Just over a year I think and still working. (Some didn't last a week.)

    • Didn't work how? The trigger still moved but didn't spray? Trigger stuck fast? The oil dribbled out and ran down the handle instead of sprayed? (Doing research for future maintenance.)

      • Yeah trigger worked fine, just no oil came out.

        I hope it's still around. I'll try emptying it and cleaning it. I'm missing it after this conversation.

  • Great deal. Noticed they were still labelled with full price, but came through as $6 at the register.

  • I lways use butter

  • Anyone have any tips on what it is near in woolies? Staff don't have a clue.

  • Bought one.
    Was the last one at South Melbourne Woolworths.


  • Bought one last night at Brighton Vic, found with all the other cooking implements - had a few, all marked at full price but scanned at half. Washed, dried, and filled with oil this morning. Seems to work fine with rice bran oil - high burning point so good for barbecues and when you need to put oil on non-stick pans. Would be better if could go through the dishwasher, but it is marked 'hand wash only' and as it appears to be very thin plastic I'd believe it.

  • Note - it might be back to full price again. It's gone back up on the website….

  • Sheesh..only on sale for couple of days?! Full price again.

  • Any engineers out there understand how these work??

    I have 2: one with oil, one with vinegar. The oil one stopped working. It's full, the handle pumps normally, but nothing comes out.
    I tried the vinegar, still working. So I tried them both in a cup of water. Neither worked. Now I've broken the vinegar one too :(

    edit: after a day's rest, the vinegar produces a tiny drop now.