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Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Analog Smartwatch With Sapphire Lens, iOS & Android US$22.99 (~AU$29.90) Shipped @ Zapalstyle

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 40mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 11.2mm
  • Weight - 51g
  • Bluetooth Smart Connection
  • Intelligent Time Adjusting
  • Find Your Phone Function
  • Alarm Reminder
  • Incoming Calls and Messages Reminder
  • Gesture Photo Taking
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring
  • Fitness Keeper
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Strap - Silicone
  • Battery - CR2032 with life of 9-12 months (not rechargeable)
  • Water resistant 50 Metres - “Splash-Proof"

Specs thanks to watchnerd

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  • Probably mentioned before but having owned the Black variant for a week now and running on Android app, here are some thoughts to help you with decision making..

    • Pedometer is pretty unreliable. 20% give or take when compared against Fitbit/Apple Watch
    • Black strap is a dust magnet, good thing is that you can wash it since it is silicone, but then it continues attracting dust thereafter
    • Sleep tracking is pretty poor. I've had days where I've tracked 200% (16 hour) sleep goals although I had been active
    • Heart rate monitor is measured using your bluetooth-linked phone camera+flash. Unreliable as well.

    It is a good price for an average/below average performing watch.. But for those who are actually mindful of your data, you're better off with a Fitbit, Huami, or a XiaoMi.

    • 20% … Fitbit/Apple Watch

      But neither of those are accurate devices.

      Sleep tracking is pretty poor.

      People keep pretending that this is a real thing despite having to tell their device when they're going to sleep. From there they pretend it tracks R.E.M. sleep which is done by reading the frequency of the brains electrical signals when people aren't pretending, it's ludicrous.

      Heart rate monitor … Unreliable as well.

      Along with every other wrist mounted optical HRM. The best in class of these device have 30% inaccuracy or in other words it's useless.

        1. Given that people have experimented and found Fitbit and Apple devices to be within 10% accuracy, an additional 20% makes it even more far off.

        2. Have you actually used any of these devices that features sleep tracking? They are usually pretty accurate and definitely does not need you to "tell their device when they're going to sleep". What are you using? A sleep tracking app on your phone?

        3. This watch doesn't even feature a HRM of any sort. It merely uses your phone camera as a guesstimate.

        Thanks for your over-the-top criticism, but I only came in with the intention of informing people before they think they're getting away with a bargain, only to end up in dismal disappointment

        • Honestly i dont think its all that bad, $30 for a sapphire watch, vibrates for messages, its the perfect beater watch.

        • @Mttogo96: That's why I bought it. I don't care about the fitness features.

        • @Mttogo96: Yeap, I agree! But as I mentioned before my comment was targeted at those who were looking towards all the other tracking capabilities of the watch.

          Hope yours has been serving you well!

    • Pedometer is pretty unreliable

      Stopped reading straight away, thanks for saving me $29.90!

  • Can it be used with a Windows phone to get notifications etc?

  • Has anyone used this with an iPhone? If so, is it worth buying?

    • I use it with my iPhone. Works fine. Pairing is easy, you can link it with the Health app, but how reliable it is I have no idea and I haven't really cared. Notifications are limited to certain apps and incoming calls/messages.
      Overall it's ok as a watch, but nothing special. I do like not having to charge it every day, and that it is waterproof for the shower. For $30AUD I would buy it, but I wouldn't spend much more.

  • Damn it… Impulse bought one… :D thanks op!

  • As per last deal, here's the Android app from the official source: http://www.lenovomm.com/appdown/21777159-2

    (Allow app installs from non-store locations, download on device and run).

  • +15 votes

    I've had mine for about a week now.

    My updated thoughts:

    Nice looking. Size is just right. Manual is chinese so I don't know what the button does exactly. Adjusting the time is automatic as it sinks to your phone's clock, though it is slow in adjusting. This gives it the precision of a digital watch while being analog. If you wear an analog watch you probably have to adjust the time by 5 minutes every few months. You shouldn't have to with this. At least I hope not.

    The battery life is one year (if that is to be believed), which is better than any fitness tracker. It's not rechargeable though. To replace the battery you're going to need to go to a watch repair kiosk, unless you have the tools. Getting the lid open isn't hard if you have a knife. Putting it back on will require tools only they have. This is the case with most expensive watches. It's nice not having to worry about recharging it every night, forgetting to charge it, or forgetting to put it back on after charging.

    After the second day wearing it, the pin already came loose and the band fell off. The watch dropped to the ground. I don't think the pin is long enough to sit securely in there. Dropping it did not scratch the screen, so the glass is at least decent.

    The silicone (?) band is a dust magnet.

    The Lenovo app is buggy, make it of very limited use as a fitness tracker. It's the only way to see your steps since you can't read it off the watch. But the recording is bugged. Some days it recorded nothing at all. I think the app crashed, but did not notify you, so you didn't know it had crashed until you opened the app. If you didn't open the app, you wouldn't know. But when you do open it, you realize that the last 5 days since it crashed, it recorded none of your activity. Being a side loaded app, you're never going to get auto updates to it either. Why Lenovo didn't put it on the play store is a mystery to me.

    Before it crashed, one day it recorded me having done 10,000 steps. But when I later checked it that same day, I was down to 3300 steps. How did I lose all those steps?

    In summary, worth it for $30? Yes. If you want a watch, why not. I can tell the time better than I could on my Mi Band 2 which was unreadable much of the time indoors, and all of the time outdoors. Don't expect a good fitness tracker from it though. But for $30, getting a nice looking watch and a reliable fitness tracker is probably too much to ask.

    I will probably not wear it past the year the battery lasts. To replace it will cost me close to the price of a new watch. It's a good experiment for a year and I won't feel cheated out of $30.

    • Thanks for this quite in depth review. I saw a video showing off the app and there seems to be limited options for app notifications, can you confirm how many apps can send notifications to the watch?

      • On the iPhone it is:
        Incoming Calls
        Tencent weibo

      • I don't know what you are trying to get out of your watch as far as notifications. It has no digital screen. It can't ping either. Don't treat it as though it's a smart watch like a Gear or Apple watch. You're not going to be able to see your texts on it or who's calling. I don't think it can even vibrate when you get a notification, though I haven't fully explored the possibility.

        It has an alarm which makes it vibrate softly (not likely to wake you up though) so the potential is there. I'm just not sure if it can. It doesn't do that for me, and I've given it all of the permissions it asked for.

        • It has an alarm which makes it vibrate softly (not likely to wake you up though)

          The app makes my phone make a musical tone (same as the phone locator function) so that wakes me up, even if the vibrate does not.
          Haven't worked out how to silence the phone yet, even with all other sound controls turned down.

        • @froodh: Your phone can already do that without your watch you know..

    • What sort of back does it have that requires special tools to fit?

    • This gives it the precision of a digital watch while being analog. If you wear an analog watch you probably have to adjust the time by 5 minutes every few months. You shouldn't have to with this. At least I hope not.

      UPDATE: I just compared the time on the watch to the phone. It is already off by 5 seconds after a week.. looks like it won't be as accurate as a digital watch after all and will need to be resync'd regularly.

      It goes off by about 1 sec a day, which is standard for a low priced analog watch.

      • Quartz analogue watches have essentially the same accuracy as quartz digital watches:

        Because the time keeping part of the watch is the same in both.

        In fact, the highest accuracy quartz watches tend to be analogue watches. This is because watches with high accuracy movements are quite expensive and people spending lots of money on a watch usually prefer an analogue diplay.

        • I didn't know that. Not a watch expert. I guess it makes sense.

          I'm used to digital watches on my smart watch, phone, computer, console, handheld gaming device, etc. Those are accurate.

  • I ordered one last deal. Looking forward to it

  • The coupon code "ZPSNEW052202" is not valid.

  • Has the coupon expired?

  • expired for me too.

    • +3 votes

      Just checked, coupon is still valid.
      Make sure you register or sign in :)

  • The coupon code "ZPSNEW052202" is not valid.

  • Still trying to decide if I need this for notifications. WeChat, Faceybook, Skype, SMS, Calls and QQ is basically what I use anyway.

  • No1 S8 is a much better buy, around $50.

  • Good deal, mate.

  • does anyone know what those numbers in the middle of the dial are for?

  • I bought one in last deal. After using it for 3 days, strap came out from dial so I think this watch is not durable.

    • What did they say when you complained?

    • Yeah that happened to me on my second day wearing it.

      It also happens to all of the fitness bands I've used, and my Gear S2.

      They just don't make durable bands for fitness devices these days.

      I'm pretty sure a proper watch won't come off that easily.

  • Maybe replace with some cheap nato straps off aliexpress.

  • Is Viber compatible with notifications?

  • why the link is $38.8?

  • Just a heads up for anyone else who didn't notice, but the code is for the new ZapalStyle website, won't work on the zapals site (for anyone trying to see if cashrewards would stack).

    Explains why the code didn't work for me

  • Coupon code ZPSNEW052202 not working

  • can someone recommend a strap that can be used with this watch

  • get a nato strap, however, I would also recommend changing the spring pin to a stronger one.
    You can buy one online or assk your local watch guy to replace them

    Where to good nato Straps from?