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SCA 3000kg Ratchet Car Stands $39.95 Pair (Was $94.95), 1400kg Trolley Jack $26.95 (Was $59.99) [55% off] @ Supercheap Auto


• Working height range: 376 - 520mm
• Ratchet adjustment allows for quick adjustment in the one stand
• Stands come as a pair
• Meets mandatory vehicle support stands standard AS/NZS 2538:2004

SCA 1400kg Trolley Jack

• Working height range: 140 - 335mm
• Meets mandatory trolley jack standard AS/NZS 2615:2004

Colour may vary, online orders will be fulfilled from available stock

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  • Can anyone please comment on these ratchet type stands? I have always been using pin type and looking at the design of this makes me feeling nervous.

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      Did you miss the 41 reviews on the SCA site?

    • I had a cheap Kmart pin type fail on me, I think the flat base ones are more prone to failure. Although not all pin types have a flat base.

      • OMG are you alright?

        • typing hand seems to work


        • @Nugs:

          I hope your other hand is alright too, did the pin fail or it tip over?

      • munted 5 hours 6 min ago
        I had a cheap Kmart pin type fail on me, I think the flat base ones are more prone to failure. Although not all pin types have a flat base.

        username checks out


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      I have these and I haven't been crushed under my car yet.

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    people who has been crushed don't think they be here posting.

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    Please be aware that this jack won't work with the axle stands. The minimum height of the stands is 376mm. The maximum height of the jack is 335mm.

    I have the stands and find them good.

  • Yeah the jack is junk - do not buy. I bought it and regret it.

    It doesn't go high enough to jack the car up from the front cross member to get jackstands underneath. It is therefore near useless.

    The other issue I find it it won't hold the weight of the car - I jack it up and it slowly lowers - this is in the few minutes trying to put jack stands in place.

    • How heavy is your car? I have the 1400kg jack and all my cars weigh less than 1300kg and never had the jack slowly lower. I always turn the release valve closed using low to medium force, not super tight.

      I suggest you get the jack replaced under warranty as it sounds faulty to me.

  • SCA Bottle jack 4000KG on sale: $34.97

    4000kg working load limit
    height range: 200-385mm
    Meets mandatory vehicle jack standard AS/NZS 2693:2007
    Net weight: 3.8kg

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    Costco has the arcan 3000kg stands for $39

    and if anyone interested in the arcan 3000kg jack its $264

    • arcan 3000kg vs this op, which one is better?

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        Arcan and the 'unlimited warranty' Costco offers

    • Have been using Arcan since three years, no issues here. It also lowers gradually - probably due to the nature of the internal hydraulics and the speed you turn the handle for lowering. It has Aluminum alloy body and is thus lighter than other equivalent jacks sold at Repco/Autobarn/SCA etc.

  • That's seriously cheap

  • For Jack stands these are prices so well