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[FREE] [Steam & GOG] Unreal Gold Edition Free for a Limited Time (Was USD $9.99)



Unreal is 20 years old! To celebrate, Steam & http://GOG.com are releasing the Unreal Gold Edition, free for a limited time starting at 10am PST.

GOG Link
Steam Link

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  • Thanks!

  • Yes!

    I give this game a replay every few years. The levels are amazing, the size, scale and detail in them blew my mind at the time and still do. Hello sunspire, mountain passes and massive cliffs. That huge waterfall map when you first escape the prison ship, oof my bones.

    I'll have to resurrect the 3dfx voodoo for the next playthrough for the authentic experience.

    Prisoner four.. seven.. two.. escaping

    • Same here. Memory lane. I think my graphics card back then was a 16mb voodoo banshee

    • Some of us privileged few used their Voodoo2's to play.

    • The feeling of having this big canyon open up and being able to wander around after having trudged up and down Doom and Quake's narrow corridors for however many years, it really was this fantastic sensation of freedom.

  • Thanks for sharing.

    weird, typically says free for limited time on steam by the install game button, but apparently not this time

  • I used to play the hell out of unreal tournament back in the day, the soundtrack really geys you going!

    • Cue intro In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners, the New Earth Government legalized no-holds-bared fighting. Liandri Mining Corporation, working with the NEG, established a series of leagues and bloody public exhibitions. The fights' popularity grew with their brutality. Soon, Liandri discovered that the public matches were their most profitable enterprise.

    • Haha even your username sounds close enough to Liandri

  • Thanks! ALready had it on Steam but grabbed it on Gog too.

  • Thanks for sharing man! Absolutely loved this game! If you were a fan of the opening sequence on the alien planet I did a remix - dusk horizon (gary afterlife remix). Hit it up in google if anyones interested. :)
    My tribute to the game and sound track :)

    Cheers again for this post!

  • When I first played this game around 20 years ago the game was amazing. When I tried replaying this game 5 years ago I just didn't get too far, had to put it down.

    There may have been a graphics pack upgrade for this game by a group of fans.

    • If it's too much effort, try the Unreal Tourism Mod.

      lets you mosey around peacefully, enjoying the world.
      any unfriendly monsters that show up will be killed instantly.
      worry not, their death is painless. this is completely ethical.

  • Classic game. The graphics were groundbreaking back in 1998. Our P233mhz computer couldn't even run this game!

    • Ah the days when video cards came with 8mb/12mb/16mb of vram. The world of difference it made compared to software graphics.

      Didn't even run that well on a P2 266 until I doubled the ram in it to 128mb and added a second hdd to install it on. It amazes me to think I had a hard time filling up an 8gb drive…

    • the graphics must still be pretty good as i can't run it smoothly at 640x480 on my work laptop regardless of it's i7 cpu (but crappy intel 530 graphics). Still - woulda thought that 20 years later, a basic gpu would be able to run it ok.

      • Even an older raspberry pi can run Unreal. I think even a software rasterizer can run it OK.

        • you got me thinking some more so mucked around with all the graphics settings until i got it running smoothly at max res! 32bit colour depth was the silver bullet

  • I remember being floored by how smart the skaarj (sp?) were, and the water and particle fx being spectacular!

    This is probably a great grab for older laptops for some hearty single place gameplay.

  • I rented this from Blockbuster in 1999 lol

    Good thing my mate had a beast PC to run it on

  • Flak Cannon for the win!

    Loved the little smiley face on the shells :)

  • Quake 2 showed up as a suggestion when I went to the Steam page. How is Quake 2 still $4.95? That shit should be free.

  • My favourite in the series is Unreal 2: The Awakening. Was my goto game before Half-Life 2 & Crysis were released.

  • I was just playing this last week for a bit of nostalgia. Great game, I remember going to a friends house and he had the game. My PC could barely run Duke 3D but he had a much better PC at the time and I was blown away by how good it looked and played. Even the enemy AI was a step above everything I'd seen at that time. I remember playing the Deathmatch a few times too and being astounded by how good the bots were.

  • I just watched a video on this from LGR gaming's YouTube channel and was thinking of buyiung Gold. Perfect timing.

  • Saw the demo running, the day it came out, and bought it on the spot. That moment when you exit the crashed vessel and the world opens up before you and the music kicks in… magical. Played it (and screenshotted the heck out of it) several times - and I don't replay games.

  • That huge canyon with the giant guy chasing you, before the spaceship. That was intense!

  • This deal is Unreal

  • I never finished playing this game(I'm a bit ADD), I but I really enjoyed bot-matches in Unreal Tournament, particularly with all the mods, maps and mutators (I have no idea if there are any working mirrors now though).

    Recently I was listening to a lot of music from the Unreal games, some from official CD releases, and other tracks converted from the 'occult' Tracker format used in the games. Much better than 8/16 bit console chiptunes.

    There's a decent amount of gaming music on deezer, if you nabbed the 3 months free offer, like this: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/14288326
    Unfortunately, Japanese publishers are largely missing on Deezer, so you'll have to do with remixed by Westerners for most japanese titles, rather than the official OSTs.